Best Zooqle Proxy/Mirror Sites List Tested With 100% Working

Best Zooqle Proxy-Mirror Sites List

Zooqle is a Torrent Indexing Website with a Huge Database of Torrents – was born from the closed doors of Zooqle is currently one of the most popular torrent sites. This is because almost all of the files on this torrent website have been tested. This means you have a shallow risk of getting a virus into your computer or mobile device.

However, after several attempts to shut it down, it now has a more user-friendly GUI. It is virtually impossible to build an account or log in to this website at the time of writing. Zooqle is a younger rival to its rivals, but it has quickly established itself in the Torrent Market, owing to its large range.

Zooqle isn’t the prettiest site on the block, but it does an outstanding job of organizing torrents, making it simple to browse an entire TV show/web series, search movies by video quality, or subscribe via RSS. As a result, it is the best place to get software, apps, games, audiobooks, TV shows, PDFs, web series, and, of course, a lot of movies!

Zooqle’s Proxies and Mirrors

SR# Zooqe Mirror/Proxy Sites Status Speed
1 Active Normal
2 Active Fast
3 Active Very Fast
4 Active Normal
5 Active Normal
6 Active Fast
7 Active Fast
8 Active Fast
9 Active Normal
10 Active Very Fast
11 Active Very Fast
12 Active Very Fast
13 Active Slow
14 Active Slow
15 Active Fast
16 Active Fast
17 Active Very Fast
18 Active Fast
19 Active Normal

NOTE: The Zooqle Proxy list is revised once a week. Check back later if the proxy server isn’t running… The new connection will be updated as soon as possible.

NOTE: I also strongly advise you to use a VPN before accessing Zooqle to download movies and TV shows, as it will allow you to unblock Zooqle quickly…

You only need a Torrent client, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, installed on your device to download your preferred things from Zooqle. However, because of copyright and internet piracy laws, many Internet service providers block access to Zooqle.

Therefore, you must use the proxy/mirror sites of Zooqle to access the Zooqle Website’s unlimited content. These sites are clones of and can be used to release the official site of Zooqle Torrent quickly.

Click any of the proxy/Mirror links mentioned below to unblock your Internet connection from the Zooqle torrent website.

1. Official Website 1. is a current website of the most popular torrent. This is because all the torrents on this platform are virtually checked. This means a torrent consumer/user is 0% likely to download a virus from their computers or phones.

However, there has been a change in its interface after several attempts to ban it. It is nearly impossible to create an account or log in to this torrent website when writing and posting this article. Because login is required for the use of, some of its proxy and mirror sites are equally useful below.

2. Zooqle.

The international piracy torrent site of allows its users to illegally download movies, TV shows/web series and video games. It is an enormous torrent website, renowned for its wide variety of intellectual property rights.

To download Hollywood films, most people use the However, its online website contains an enormous collection of full-text books, anime and applications.

3. Zooqle.

Another leading Zooqle proxy/mirror website on the internet is It is a great torrent source for users who need the latest movies and TV shows/web series. Why? Why? It updates its directory more frequently than other torrent websites.

4. Zooqle. Kim Zooqle. represents a new addition to a family of Zooqle proxy and mirage sites and the Google Search Engine interface. You can easily browse the file you are searching for by searching for a particular title, providing various verticals (just like Google or any other search engine).

5. Zooqle.immune.Kim 5. is one of Zooqle’s most frequently visited proxies or mirrors. After an initial shutdown, it was able to come back with a newly improvised URL. Despite its unfortunate URL changes, it has proven to be a handy source with a full list of movies, eBooks, and software.


We would like to thank you for reading our article about the best proxy and mirror websites of Zooqle. Keep this article bookmarked so that whenever Zooqle is blocked, you can access the proxy/mirror sites and download your favorite movies, TV shows, or web series without difficulty.

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