What Is the Best Place to Sell Your Electronics?


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Do you have a drawer or cabinet full of old gadgets just lying there either broken or outdated? Why not sell them at a decent price online and make some money out of junk. You can totally turn those unused gadgets into some cash in an easy way. We have a list of online sites that do a trade-in for your used electronics.

There are plenty of sites and companies that will take any old or broken device you have and give you money base on its value. You will only have to worry about shipping when you are going to send your item to the company. The places we have listed here are trustworthy and give you the money that you deserve base on the condition of the equipment.

The best place to sell your electronics are:


Amazon Trade-In program

The best place to sell your used electronics is the Amazon Trade-In program. It works just like a retailer where you take your stuff and based on the condition, they pay you and take the electronics from you. On the Amazon website, you have to enter all the necessary details including size, storage, and related, and describe its condition and attach a picture.

Amazon if needs your electronics they will make you a deal and provide the shipping label so you can send the device to them. Amazon accepts a wide range of electronics and therefore your used gadgets have a chance of getting sold here.

Once Amazon receives the shipment of your equipment, they will inspect the item to assure it matches the description and worth the money. Amazon will offer you payment via Amazon gift cards and if the condition of the device is better, you will be paid higher too.

If you like to trad-in in person then you can visit the Amazon warehouse location in your city if there is any. One drawback of Amazon trade-in is that you get paid only via gift cards and money is locked into your Amazon account and can be used to buy Amazon products only.

Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy trade-in

Another best place to sell your used electronics is on the Best Buy Trade-in site. Using Best Buy Trade-in is quite easy as you have to fill out a questionnaire to get a quote. Fill out the necessary information such as product category, company, model, and overall condition. Once you submit, the smart tool will estimate the value of your device and offer you a deal.

If you like the price you can accept and you will be awarded the Best Buy gift card. You then have to mail your item to the location they asked and the whole transaction takes almost seven to nine working days.

Its services might be slow and not available in all stores for a face-to-face trade-in but they accept quite a wide variety of electronics with a suitable amount. You can trade-in electronics like smartphones, smartwatches, digital cameras, gaming consoles and systems, PCs, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and much more.

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Apple Trade-In

Apple Trade-In

Just like the Amazon trade-in program, Apple also has a similar service for the people. Instead of taking just their own devices, Apple trade-in also takes devices from a wide range of electronics companies. They accept smartphones, PCs, tablets, smartwatches, and other related devices. If you want to recycle your damaged product like iPods or EarPods the company will take it from you and do it for free.

You can send your devices to them online and it will take them approx three weeks to complete the trade-in process. Once it is completed, you will be paid in terms of the Apple store gift card which you can use to buy Apple products. If you want it credited then go to your nearest Apple store and get instant credit for your trade-in.

If you want to instantly do the trade-in with Apple then go to any store and get it done quickly instead of waiting for weeks. It is a good option for people who want to buy Apple products because you cannot use Apple store gift cards anywhere else or get them cashed.



BuyBackWorld buys a wide range of electronics including smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, cameras, and other accessories, from you at a reasonable price. If you have a device that isn’t mentioned on the categories of the website then you can get a custom quote and if they are interested in buying, they will make an offer.

After getting a quote, select your payment mentos and ship your item to their location. They will inspect your device upon receiving and you will get paid after satisfaction. If you adjust your quote after your device inspection, you have an option of getting a new offer or return the device to you. You will get paid after 48 hours via PayPal, ByBackWorld gift card, direct deposit, check, or debit card.

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Craigslist is a popular website to sell your stuff online to people. You can sell any kind of used electronics on the website by posting an ad. Tell about your device, attach a picture, and make an offer. When someone sees your ad and wants to buy, they will contact you. You cannot send the item by shipping and expect others to transfer the amount.

In order to sell, you have to meet the buyer in person and do the exchange. One thing to keep in mind, getting the trust of the buyer because you cannot sell your stuff if there is no promising evidence that what you are selling is genuine. You have to communicate with the buyer in person, in fact to multiple buyers to make a good deal with one.



It is another trade-in option for your used electronics, and they make deals within 72 hours and if you pay more you can sell in 24 hours. Unlike other trade-in services you saw above who pay with only their store gift card, ItsWorthMore pays you via PayPal, Zelle, or check.

They have a relatively easy selling procedure. You have to fill out some questions about your used smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or computer. They will give you an offer depending on the value of the device and when you accept, you will be provided a shipping label to ship the device to them. At the checkout section, you can choose your method via you want to get paid.

If you want things to process within 24 hours then pay $15 for shipping and extra processing time. otherwise, standard shipping is free and takes around 72 hours to five days. Once your device is received, it will be inspected to check its condition and working. Lastly, you can also ask for your device back if you change your mind about selling it, before getting paid.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Last but not least, sell your used electronics on Facebook Marketplace. It has become quite a competitive platform for selling stuff as more and more sellers are bringing their products t millions of users of Facebook and selling successfully.

You just need to make a post on buy-and-sell groups about your device. Provide complete information along with a clear picture. Those who are interested will contact you and you can make a deal with them in private. One of the best advantages of selling on Facebook Marketplace is that there is no selling fee and you can do it any time you want quickly.


Where Is The Best Place To Sell Used Electronics?

The best place to sell used electronics is the Amazon Trade-In program. It works just like a retailer where you take your stuff and based on the condition, they pay you and take the electronics from you.

Where Can I Get The Most Money For Old Electronics?

There are plenty of sites that take your electronics and buy you based on the value of the equipment. You can try, Amazon Trade-In, Apple Trad-In, Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, ItsWorthMore, and many more.

What Is The Best Place To Sell Your Electronics For Money?

There are great sites where you can trade your old electronics for money such as Amazon, Gazelle, Decluttr, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Apple Trade-In, and many more.

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