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Social media video content is fast becoming one of the greatest resources for businesses to convey their brand message. This is the right time to start making top-quality videos.

There’s huge potential for businesses to capture the attention of their target viewers through videos. Starting from 3D animations and bright neon color videos to cinemagraph and drone clips, you can create almost anything to narrate your brand story.

No, you need not be James Cameron for making stunning brand videos, but you do need to edit videos like a pro if you want them to grab attention. Just use the right online video editor, and with a few tips, it will be very easy for you to create amazing videos within minutes.

Let’s have a look at the video editing tips that can help you out:

Grow Your Brand Using Square Videos

Your main objective behind creating videos is for more and more people to watch them so that you get brand exposure on a huge level. If people do not have a good time watching your videos, they will not connect with you.

In these present times, when there’s a smartphone in every hand, you can create videos in the best possible quality so people can watch them on their phones. You must create more vertical or square videos to adapt to varied screen sizes. That’s because the landscape is not the desired viewpoint anymore.

Square videos do well on all social media platforms, especially when people watch them on their smartphones. Take good advantage of the in-built square camera of your phone for making such videos. This way, you do not need to worry about cropping important sections of the frame.

Include Subtitles 

It is crucial to add subtitles during the video editing procedure. Of course, it is a tedious job, but it brings in several advantages. Go by the trends, and you will find that viewers generally watch videos while working or traveling from one place to another.

So, they generally watch the videos on mute because they do not want to disturb the public in their surroundings. Hence, adding subtitles to videos makes them easier to watch even when the sound is off. The use of subtitles also makes the videos easily accessible to deaf individuals.

Adding subtitles to videos also has a positive impact on SEO. Videos with captions have higher chances of ranking at the top in the Google search results. They are also good at increasing engagement and boosting search traffic.

Remember, subtitles are to videos what keywords and meta-descriptions are to websites. So, do not forget to add them to your videos.

Get The Tone Right

Your video needs to have that special feature that captures the audience’s attention right from the beginning. If you can do it correctly, they will be interested in watching your video right until the end. Through this, you can even leave them with an impactful brand message they will remember for a long time.

Your marketing video should have the right mood and tone to be successful. A good way of meeting this expectation is through the use of color graphics, sound effects, and background music. These elements will inject life into your video and engage viewers.

There’s no use making a video that keeps on talking and talking till the end. If you do this, your video will seem dull. Good video editing means adding dialogue snippets and background music that add a breeze of life to your video while making it more relatable to the audience at the same time.

Hook The Viewers In The First Five Seconds

Hooking the audience in the first five seconds is difficult but not impossible. Offer the users something catchy and informative, and you will have their attention.

This video editing tip is important to consider the huge competition online. Social media platforms have become crowded, with brands scrambling for viewers’ attention. Because the viewers have complete control over what they watch online, brands need to communicate and connect with them as fast as possible.

If you fail to catch their attention in the first few seconds, viewers will easily scroll through to the other videos, specifically those that catch their attention quicker.

Use the best possible ways to capture the attention of viewers. Human eyes get attracted to moving screens instantly. In addition to attractive visuals, like animations or people with good aesthetic appeal, movement is good at making viewers stop their scrolling and click on a specific video.

You can hook the viewers’ attention by bringing the most interesting section of your content to the beginning and inspiring curiosity in the viewers’ minds. If you are making an advertisement, open the video with a CTA, which sets the scene for everything that the viewers can expect from the visual.

Experiment A Lot

Since you are using an online video editing tool for editing your video, you have a good scope of experimenting with the process. Experimenting involves using the fun factor in your video in different ways.

Remember, there are no rules for making engaging and amusing videos. The whole concept revolves around creating something interesting and entertaining. So, it works to use a lot of attractive graphics in your video to hold the audience’s attention.

Playing around with different transitions and design elements available in your video editor will also help you achieve desired results.

The Bottom Line

Enjoy the video editing process! Do not hesitate to use different frames, fonts, and special effects. Giving an exclusive touch to your video and showcasing your creativity at its best will help your video gain great success on social media platforms.

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