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When it comes to powering up our smartphones or other electronic devices we need a charger adapter and a charging cable to deliver amperes from the energy source to the battery’s stomach. Like other charging cables, the USB Type C cable also works as a conduit supplying charging power and keeping your phone topped up.

A semi-squashed circle-shaped steel connector is the latest entry in the tech world and has achieved huge acceptance and appreciation by mobile phone manufacturers as well as users. The USB C connecter is going to lead the race in the future.

Nowadays, almost all smartphone companies are making their models compatible with the USB Type C Cable. The cable is heading towards gaining universal compatibility with all the smartphones of all makes.

As the USB Type C cable has become the main talk of the town. The reason behind its popularity is that the cable possesses the following features;

  • Super-Fast charging speed
  • Fast data transfer and synch rate
  • Compatible with a number of devices
  • delivers maximum amperes

The quality and material of the cable matter the most when it comes to the user’s comfort of use. The cable must withstand the harsh conditions for quite long use.

Types Of USB C Cable

USB Type-C is available in two textures having the best-conducting metal inside covered with a sturdy Nylon or PVC material outside.

  • USB-A to Type C cable
  • Type-C to lightning cable

USB-A To Type-C Cable

USB Type-C cable is a very trendy and user-friendly charging cable. the cable, along with its durable and sturdy material, provides fast-speed charging to its users as it is manufactured to support up to 3.0 A current. Such a high current delivery offered by the cable saves the user’s precious time.

USB-A to USB Type C Cable

The reversible connector has made our plugging in very easy. Now, do not inspect the right side before connecting to your smartphone. Just hold the connecter and insert it into the charging port of the mobile phone. You can plug it in with even closed eyes. You can insert either side of the USB Type C Cable to the charging port of your phone.

The cable is offered in two materials

  • Braided
  • PVC

A braided USB C cable is the most demanded and tried charging cable with safe charging capacity. It is built with high-quality super-flexible nylon braided material that is why it has a shielding coating of interwoven compact threads. This USB Type-C cable becomes the most durable and fray-proof.

This covering increases the cable’s life, durability and brings its chances of melting down. Braided textured cables are also resistant to fraying when the cables come in contact with the hard wall, concreted surface, or floor.

The PVC type-C cable also constitutes great features while using it for Android and Samsung mobiles. A smooth and sleek PVC texture also provides an elegant and stylish look. It provides you with sturdiness, sleekness, and smoothness.

How Much Durability The Cable Has?

USB Type-C cable has a track record of the highest capacity of connectivity. These are more bend-able and have been tested multiple times. The cable can withstand 30000+ bends.

The cable also shows pull-resistant qualities that enable the cable to last for a long time. The cable charges your phone at a fast speed while keeping your phone protected. It charges your phone providing you with the maximum number of amperes.

A variety of colors is available in our store for you. You have the opportunity now to choose between attractive colors black, rose gold, and red.

USB C cable has the following features that set it apart from the other cables.

  • Reversible connector
  • Premium chipset technology
  • High-quality material
  • Faster charging capability
  • Quicker data transfer rate
  • Faster data sync speed
  • Wide compatibility


Type-C To Lightning Cable

Type-C to lightning cable is a very beautiful and fast charging cable for Apple iPhone devices. The cable is a perfect addition to your Apple collection. Along with the effective charging and data synchronization cable is also responsible for an extra addition to your style.

Type-C to lightning cable

The pure copper core is stationed at the central area of the structure. As copper is one of the best conductors of current, so it delivers the maximum number of amperes. The current flows streamline without facing any impedance in its way that may be the cause for overheating and even exploding.

This stable transmission of current not only supplies greater charging power in a short time but also makes the cable safe for use. Because the outer covering of the cable remains intact and do not be exposed.

Moreover, USB-C to Lightning Cable, being small and slim, occupies lesser space and fits perfectly in the brand-new iPhone smartphone box. In this way, it also allows manufacturers to make compact boxes. If you are wishful to enjoy an improved iPhone experience without low battery hassles then you should buy this incredibly fast and reliable USB-C to lightning cable.


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