The Dos And Don’ts Of Instagram: A Guide For New Users


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Did you know engaged customers help grow a business? Begin engaging with customers on Instagram and reach a larger pool of consumers. If you want some business dos and don’ts of Instagram, we can help.

This guide will go over some social media marketing tips to build your online presence. Learn how to create an Instagram marketing strategy and share relevant content.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

Do Work With Reputable Influencers

New businesses can improve their credibility by working with a well-known influencer. Influencers tend to have thousands of followers who look for advice on products.

Hire an influencer to showcase an upcoming product. The influencer will tell their followers about the new product.

You may end up seeing an increase in traffic to your website and posts. You might even notice an increase in likes on your posts. Learn more about how to get automatic Instagram likes.

Don’t Forget To Use The Save Post Feature

Are you wondering how to build your Instagram marketing strategy? Gather inspiration and ideas by using the save post feature.

Instagram gives you the chance to save your posts and sort them into a collection. It isn’t necessary to create a collection, but it’s helpful.

You can set up a collection of photo inspiration ideas. Save excellent captions you saw on different accounts. You can brainstorm ideas for future posts here and save customer reviews.

You might also want to keep both unhappy and happy customer posts. The save post feature will help you research and keep building your brand identity.

Do Consider Making A Guide

In a Guide, you can put together your favorite posts into a featured content piece.

It’s editorial in format and will look like you’re reading an article. Include posts or images from your feed. You can add more information about the location or product you’re featuring.

Guides are also excellent to compile a list of recommendations locally. You can recommend local businesses and introduce your city to interested consumers.

Don’t Get Intimidated By Instagram Carousels

Are you not sure how to increase engagement? Carousels are helpful for Instagram engagement and tell a story.

People have become selective with the brands they choose to interact with today. They aren’t passive consumers of the past. Today, you need to try and make an emotional connection with your customers.

Do Remember To Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram hashtags will help digital marketers reach their intended audience. Hashtags can help improve customer engagement as well. Try testing out how industry-specific hashtags will work for different posts.

You could also research competitors. What hashtags do your competitors use in their Instagram posts? Complete a competitive analysis. Try comparing what hashtags seem to be popular amongst your competitors.

Where do the brands put the hashtags? Are they showing up in the comments or captions?

Spend time researching the different strategies. You can improve your method by learning more about what works and what doesn’t.

Some businesses will use a branded hashtag. The branded hashtag will help increase visibility. But people will also have an easier time finding content with those hashtags.

When creating a branded hashtag for Instagram, choose something catchy and short.

Don’t Forget To Add A Link

Instagram has now made it possible for everyone to add a link to their Instagram Stories. Use this feature to increase the traffic to your website. You can also boost engagement on your Instagram.

You could personalize the link sticker with custom text.

Do Create Video Content

You could also create engaging video content for your audience. Some people will go live with another leader in their industry. You could open up an FAQ period where your audience gets to ask all kinds of questions.

You don’t have to delete the video afterward. Consider adding it to your IGTV so other followers can check it out later.

Some businesses will provide customers with a glimpse into the company culture. You can share short video clips of what you’re doing at the office that day.

Try adding short video content on your Instagram Stories. This is a slideshow format where viewers can check out what you’re up to on a special occasion.

If you want to share an upcoming new product or service, post videos. You can also tell customers to reply to the video and ask questions. You can answer their questions and share them with others.

Don’t Forget About Highlights

If you have super helpful posts or video content, you could save it to your Highlights on your profile. If customers have questions about a product, refer them to the appropriate Highlight.

Do Engage With Your Followers

You want to check your Instagram account each day to make sure you don’t miss questions or comments.

Followers love to connect with businesses. They tend to make a deeper connection with a company that responds back fast.

Remember These Dos And Don’ts Of Instagram

We hope this guide on the dos and don’ts of Instagram was helpful.

You can improve your social media presence by building your business Instagram account. Add a link to your Stories, and engage with your customers. You should also add relevant hashtags to your posts.

Test and compare to see what works and what don’t.

Ready to learn more marketing tips? Check out our other business resources on the blog today.

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