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X Rocker Falcon Pedestal PC Office Gaming Chair, 32" x 25" x 42", Black/Red

X Rocker Falcon Pedestal PC Office Gaming Chair, 32" x 25" x 42", Black/Red Specification:

Color ‎Black/Red
Special Feature ‎Wireless, Foldable
Item Weight ‎39.36 Pounds
Compatibility Options ‎Office
Brand ‎X Rocker
Model Name ‎5152501
Model Number ‎5152501
Furniture base movement ‎Swivel
Product Dimensions ‎32"D x 25"W x 42"H
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎27.17 x 22.44 x 19.29 inches
Package Weight ‎21.1 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎32 x 25 x 42 inches
Brand Name ‎X Rocker
Material ‎Plastic
Suggested Users ‎Unisex-adult
Number of Items ‎1
Manufacturer ‎X Rocker
Part Number ‎5152501
Style ‎Modern
Size ‎32"D x 25"W x 42"H

High Tech Gaming Chair:

Advanced technology gaming chair with built-in subwoofer and speakers in the backrest for an enveloping audio experience.

Compatible With Most Gaming Systems:

Wireless transmitter lets you easily connect to various gaming consoles and other wireless devices for listening to and watching media.

Pedestal Swivel Base:

This ergonomically designed chair's pedestal swivel base, padded armrests, and headrest will keep you comfortable and mobile even throughout the longest gaming sessions.

Modern Design: 

The sleek red and black design is modern and will look great in any space, including your office, living room, game room, bedroom, or dorm.

Convenient Foldable Size:

Sized at 32 by 25 by 42 inches while open, it folds down for easy storage when not in use.

With the X Rocker Falcon Gaming Chair, players of all skill levels can do more than just listen to their games—they can feel the action. This state-of-the-art seat can transport you into the action with its built-in 2.1 Wireless Audio System, with speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer in the back. Thanks to its wireless transmitter, which works with various gaming systems and wireless gadgets, you may use the chair to watch TV, listen to music, play video games, and more. You'll be comfortable and mobile even during the longest gaming sessions because of the padded armrests, ergonomic design, and stable pedestal swivel base. The contemporary red and black color scheme is perfect for any space in your home or apartment. In its folded state, this chair has dimensions of 32 inches by 25 inches by 42 inches, making it ideal for stowing away when not in use. Since its founding in 1992, Ace Casual Furniture has provided customers with high-quality, affordable furniture that complements their tastes and needs. Their high-end, made-to-order furniture is reasonably priced. They employ materials from all over the world, making the finished goods unique. You won't find a perfect blend of form and function anywhere else in their products.


Amazon Reviews ()

This chair had alot of issues but xrockers customer service more than exceeded my expectations

Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

I purchased this for my twin boys 9th birthday as their number 1 gift they wanted towards the end of july and after assembling it. It broke in a matter of days with screws not holding in place. The base of the chair is not secured you just have to set the chair on it and it wobbles every which away to where you almost fall when sitting on it. I thought per reading description that this was a bluetooth wireless chair and from reading faqs their were a ton from customers stating it was bluetooth compatible for PS4’s. After trying to link it to ps4 bluetooth It did not work so had to set it up as wired (I found out it That PS4 will not support A2DP, including Bluetooth audio devices. ... The lag with A2DP is as much as 100 to 200ms leading to a poor gaming experience. The speaker sounds muffled and isn’t loud enough to sound like surround quality you can hardly feel the bass or hear the game that loud at its max volume. The wires are too short and the jack slip cover broke off in the plug after unplugging it. Other ways to connect are thru transmitter hanging from the tv or using the aux plugs from tv to chair or using the wires to the controller however you can’t use a headset. My boys were so disappointed as they had been waiting for 2 years for me to agree to buying them a gaming chairs. I thought after doing my research on it reviews at many websites etc this being xrockers 1# chair I did not anticipate that. Poor quality and cheaply made the stitching at the seems already have separated in several places and the leather is peeling. Their was a small hole on the seat of the chair amongst many other places as well. The chair all over you can see so many defects on it warping or bubbling up from the inside out like at the top of the chair in last pic I posted. I purchased this and was delivered late july of this year It wasn’t assembled until 2 weeks later and in the 2 months of use it completely fell apart the screws fell put at base and spring broke even when I attempted to fix it by rescrewing the chair to the base the part of chair you lean against wont sit upright is laid flat out reclined so even if I could have screwed it back together the springs were broke and chair back wont sit up so hopes of using just as a regular chair no working features it was beyond repair. Due to unforeseen circumstances i wasnt able to contact amazon in time so had no option for refund or exchange thru amazon. so contacted xrocker hoping for repair or exchange and I was beyond amazed!! They were So friendly, caring and empathetic to my experience they upgraded my exchange to a higher model or any model Of my choosing. It quickly arrived the rep who assisted me from start to finish was in constant communication with me and she went above and beyond. Seemless and made the whole process stress free I didn’t have to bother with trying to find someone to help me carry it to ship back xrocker just did everything beyond right!!!!! I was just gonna bite the bullet In 10 plus years as a amazon shopper I have only ever returned 2 items due to being wrong size and a wrong item shipped. I read amazon reviews many saying their service was horrible Just goes to show you don’t trust every review you read!!! Thank you xrocker for everything you have made a fan out of me and I will definitely use your company for all of my kids gaming accessories and purchases!!!!

It's very wide which is PERFECT!

Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

For someone who's a bit on the heavy/thicc side it's a very cozy and comfy chair. The arms don't squeeze my thighs while I'm sitting in it or anything so I find that awesome! The reason it's 4/5 stars though is because it doesn't seem to have any way to rise the chair up or down and it seems a bit low to the ground. Another problem I'm seeming to have with it is the chair has a high pitch squeal that pretty much plays at any moment there's noise coming from the speakers which is something that definitely deters me from using the built in gaming stuff. It's a good chair but that seems the only problems I've encountered for now.

Great looking chair with lots of Audio connection options BUT VERY BAD CHAIR BUILD QUALITY!!! AVOID.

Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

Before i get into the Pros, i will first start with the major CONS about this chair because this is the major reason why i came here to write the review in the first place!I really dont know how somehow most of the reviews here are talking about how good the chair is without ever mentioning the one bad and easily noticeable thing about this chair within minutes of sitting on it!I'm very much inclined to believe at this point that either these are misplaced reviews meant for another product or these are just paid reviews meant to falsely promote this product.At any rate, i'm going to just say, i found them very misleading! So my advice to new/prospective buyers, pls beware.I used this chair for a couple of days just to be sure, even though i noticed the lack of proper and adequate cushioning right from day1 after i assembled the chair.CONS:-Hex tool that came with the package to tighten screws is very flimsy and difficult to grip and this will cost you a much longer time to assemble this chair, a painful experience no less..., pls have a power screw driver on standby to assemble this.-This chair does not tilt, it only swivels.. but yeah a least they were honest enough to mention this in their description.-THE MAJOR PROBLEM why i am returning this chair: It has ZERO FOAM/PADDING/CUSHION, this is very disappointing considering the price! Sitting on this chair is like literally sitting on a steel frame!!! NO PADDING WHATSOEVER ON THE BACK REST, NO PADDING ON THE SEAT IT ITSELF!! The edge of the seat where my thighs rest on has ZERO CUSHION! I could literally feel pain in my thighs cos they rest on the steel (or maybe its wood?) frame that was built into the very edge of the seat. I could feel pain in my spine and parts of my upper & lower back from serious discomfort after spending just about 1hr of sitting in this chair to game or watch TV!The frame in the edges of the chair in back support section and the very edge of the seat itself are nearly obvious and you can literally feel them when you touch them. So when you sit down, there's no cushion supporting your back and you will start to feel the pain in your back when you sit in for an amount of time.Regular gaming chairs that i once bought for $80 had at least near 2-4 inches of foam/cushion and i could sit in them for several hours literally without any serious discomfort!This here is just a VERY huge disappointment because all the manufacturer could care about was just selling their product, while the build quality of the chair itself is just horrendous!Value for Money = ZEROCOMFORT LEVEL = ZERO-Wireless audio quality gets very degraded occasionally due to either some mysterious signal interference or the transmitter is just generally bad. I tried switching the audio channels between 1,2,3 on both the chair and the transmitter but no difference. Just go with wired connection for best experience.Pros:-cosmetic design of the chair is quite aesthetically appealing.-This chair was easy to assemble.-neat & detailed setup guide. noob friendly.-plethora of audio connection ports/options.-nice sub-woofer.-the wireless transmitter also has an option to power it with an adapter so you wont really have to be worried about replacing weak batteries periodically ( a major plus this is).-VERY intuitive volume control knob.Summary: This chair could have easily been a very worthwhile purchase considering the awesome audio feature that came with it and the overall lovely pedestal design of the chair, but i am very dissapointed that this chair lacked adequate cushioning necessary to give an overall comfort during use and a generally pleasant experience altogether!This is a chair i would have so much loved to keep and bought a second one even. If Only....PLS SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!! but if you're buying this just for the audio feature alone and also have plans to spend extra money to buy cushion accessory/ies to supplement the lack thereof? for the back and seat sections? then by all means pls go ahead.But as for me, i will not be using this anymore. It can hardly provide 1hr of comfort to game or watch TV.Its quite a price to pay for a gaming chair to not have a decent amount of cushion built around the frame of the chair to give good comfort during use!Cheaper gaming chairs without this much hype in advertisements and whatnot, are actually not this horrible in overall build quality, i was only convinced to buy this based on their product showcase videos i had watched and the reviews i read here.. APPARENTLY, i was wrong to believe in them..I am rating this chair 2-STARS! and i will not be buying any x-rocker products again, going forward.I will also be making a review to youtube in case amazon decides to NOT post this.

So far great

Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought this for my 10 year old son for his Bday which hasn't come yet so I can only comment on initial impressions. Out of the box the chair seems excellent. Assembly was straightforward and extremely easy. Everything seems solid after assembly and it feels plenty strong enough for my 225 lb body. Very comfortable and love the fact that it spins and rocks, or you can tighten it up so it won't rock. Visually the chair looks just like the pictures. Haven't had a chance to hook up sound yet or see how well it holds up over time but from initial impressions I think it will last quite a while, especially with a child who's under 100 lbs using it. I will update my review if I come across any issues once it starts to get some use but as of now I'd say it was a great buy.

Good looking chair But!

Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

A great adult gaming chair but hard on the body for a long period of time and it needs to have a way to hook up a mic.

Comfortable gaming chair

Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Chair was delivered and was missing an arm. Quick email to customer service and received the missing arm in no time. Chair seems to be really comfortable as it is used for not only gaming but somewhere to just sit and read

This is a great chair. Putting it together was easy and the quality of the chair is great.

Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The chair is comfortable and will be used for gaming and watching tv. The sound is great also.


Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

There is no where near enough padding in this seat. Within a week of buying this chair I had to start adding pillows to prevent pain for simply sitting in this chair. Great idea. Poor execution.

Nice chair

Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought this chair for my 9 yr old son who loves to game. He chair is very comfortable and well made. I like how it’s stationary because I was concerned about one of my kids rolling themselves down the stairs. I can’t comment on the speakers as we haven’t tried them yet.

Great chair...but

Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Pros: The chair looked great when we first installed it. My daughter uses it in her dorm room, and loved it. perfect height on the pedestal to watch TV or lounge.Customer service was responsiveCon: The chair tilted significantly to one side within just 2 weeks of gentle use! My daughter (140 lbs) is the only one uses it. I'm told the pedestal rod may have bent. It appears this is a commonly occuring problem with this chair.Contacted customer service and they put me on the waitlist for the replacement pedestal. I would prefer to return the chair, but my daughter cannot dis-assemble the chair and pack it up for return by herself, so I'm stuck with it.

Source: Amazon

Question: Is there a weight limit?

Answer: A chair's recommended weight limit should not be considered a sliding scale. To either support or not support up to 300 pounds. I weigh little more than 250 pounds, so it's not something that can be shrugged off if the chair won't hold me.

Question: What can you connect to wireless?

Answer: Use Bluetooth and your video game system.

Question: Is this chair set lower than an office chair?

Answer: In contrast to standard office chairs, this product does not allow for height change. There would be a height differential of 18 inches between the floor and this item.

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