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Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair Specification:

customer_reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #114,025 in Home & Kitchen ( See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen ) #226 in Home Office Desk Chairs
date_first_available October 26, 2018
brand ‎Ticova
color ‎Dark
material ‎Plastic
product_dimensions ‎27.17 x 9.84 x 20.87 inches
size ‎USUAL
item_weight ‎39 pounds
back_style ‎Solid Back
frame_material ‎Polypropylene, Nylon
special_feature ‎Adjustable Lumbar
unit_count ‎1.0 Count
seat_material_type ‎Foam
recommended_uses_for_product ‎Office
maximum_weight_recommendation ‎280 Pounds
manufacturer ‎Ticova
item_model_number ‎C9
is_discontinued_by_manufacturer ‎No
shape ‎Rectangular
material_type ‎Plastic
number_of_items ‎1
manufacturer_part_number ‎M8

Adjustable Office Chair:

The chair's tilt angle (up to 140 degrees) and rocking resilience may be modified, as can the height of the back and lumbar support, the height and angle of the headrest, the height of the armrests, and the height and hardness of the seat cushion.

Ergonomic Backrest & Headres:

Our spring backrest can alleviate your back strain. It offers very elastic lumbar support and can be adjusted to fit your spinal shape precisely. With our big, rounded foam headrest, the neck and head can be more comfortably supported.

Comfortable Seat & Armrest:

Unlike the seats of rival ergonomic desk chairs, which are comprised of thin, shredded foam, our seat is constructed of 3 inches of high-density foam with a W-shaped and waterfall-edge design to provide a larger support area and distribute tension on the hips and thighs. Our strong metal-core armrest is padded with bigger, thicker, and softer concave padding to give your arms the comfort they deserve.

Metal Back & Unique Mesh:

The back of our office chair comprises aluminium and PA nylon, which has a far better bearing capacity than ergonomic mesh chairs made of PP plastic. Additionally, the elastic and pleasant back support provided by our extremely elastic and breathable mesh enables you to sit comfortably for long periods without being too hot.


Our high back office chair is covered by a 12-month warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and professional customer service. The clear instructions with this ergonomic computer chair eliminate the need to worry about broken or jumbled packaging. If there is an issue with the product's quality, kindly let us know, and we will do our best to fix it.


Pros Cons
  • 30-day refund and 1-year warranty.
  • Elastic backrest.
  • Metal armrest.
  • Foam headrest.
  • The seat cushion may first be overly hard.

Our top choice is Ticova, a company that never ceases to astonish us. They take great efforts to adapt to individual interests to ensure that their office chairs are suited for the widest range of consumers. Here is a great alternative for an office chair under $300 that still fulfils all your requirements. 

The Ticova ergonomic desk chair is a premium, versatile alternative for office chairs that you should pay attention to. It was obvious which office chair was the best under $300. The fact that the 3D armrests from Ticova are constructed of stainless electroplated metal is excellent news if you intend to use them frequently. They are larger and have PU padding that is both thicker and softer for longer durability.

In contrast to other swivel chairs with a small headrest, the Ticova office chair has a big, curved foam headrest that provides great neck and head support. You can nap whenever you like, but avoid falling asleep during a video chat. If you appreciate a high degree of personalization in your office chair, take a closer look at the Ticova ergonomic desk chair. Although you might find it challenging at first, the seat is made of 3-inches of high-density foam to last a very long time.


Amazon Reviews (2662)

Amazingbchair at an amazing price point!

Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I started having problems with my back this past summer. I knew my office chair at home and at the office needed to be updated as I sit for long hours. Then, I went down the wormhole of office chair reviews, YouTube videos, etc. There is a TON of information out there and is overwhelming. After my research, I determined the main features I needed were an adjustable lumbar support (not only in and out but up and down as I'm 6'2") and a swivel head rest. I took my search to Amazon and that is when I found this chair and purchased one for my home office to test it out. Well, about a week later, I bought one for my office. Amazing chair at an amazing price point! I soon discovered that I needed armrests that turn inwards which this chair has. My back problems have subsided and I'm super happy with my purchase decision.

Diamond in the rough!

Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Amazon can be such a sketchy place to get chairs on and after a lot of digging and research I came across this one. It was on sale at the time so I figured I would bite the bullet and confidently take my chance. Had to wait a few weeks to get it but it was well worth the wait. Took maybe ~45 minutes max to put it together (if you have someone to help hold the bottom up while you place the back on that's a big help) and was super satisfied with it. Cushion is the perfect firmness. Coming from a garbage chair with no lumbar support I can't believe I have been missing this its wonderful. Everything feels very high quality and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is sat in an office chair for several hours at a time!

Overall great

Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

For the money, probably the best ergo chair on the market. Plenty of adjustments, comfy seat, solid lumbar, and clean look. If you're looking to improve your posture while at your desk, locking the back (upright) with the lumbar and headrest adjusted to your form really helps "lock" you into a comfortable and proper position. My only critique is the headrest. I typically remove it during long days in seat, as it's just a bit too much when fully upright. While it is adjustable, it can be annoying to put back in place when shifting around in your seat (like a normal human does). To be fair, the seat is great and ergonomic without it altogether. However, if you're leaning back a bunch (using it more as a gaming chair, etc), the headrest is great to have, as it cradles your head and neck very comfortably. Very happy with the chair overall, esp for the price.

Source: Amazon

Question: I bought this chair a few months ago, which is super comfortable. The current armrest has been changed to a 3D armrest. How is it?

Answer: This is a real steel armrest with three dimensions. Unlike the cheap plastic armrests sold by other companies, this one seems to last a long time and be fashionable. The cushions also have soft padding.

Question: How is the customer service?

Answer: They provided amazing customer service with their prompt response and helpful answer.

Question: Can the chair hold seat height and gas lift? Have the noise, parts breakage or missing thin seat, and back angle issues been corrected?

Answer: The permanent height decrease continues. It must be prevented at all costs. You receive a refund and are instructed to disassemble the chair and put it back together yourself rather than receiving a replacement part. You can return the defective item for a complete refund plus $100, but they won't give you a return shipping label. I have some doubts.

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