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SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair

SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair Specification:

brand SAMOFU
color Black
material Aluminum
product_dimensions 18 x 16 x 23 inches
size Large
back_style Mesh Back
frame_material Aluminum
unit_count 1.0 Count
recommended_uses_for_product Office
maximum_weight_recommendation 300 Pounds
item_weight 67.9 pounds
department Womens
manufacturer SAMOFU
country_of_origin China
item_model_number SAM-71109S
customer_reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #55,753 in Office Products ( See Top 100 in Office Products ) #149 in Managerial Chairs & Executive Chairs
date_first_available December 22, 2020

Customised Ergonomic Chair- 3D Backrest, 5D Armrest & Footrest:

It's important to look after one's health, especially for those who work at computers all day. SAMOFU High back office chairs are the pinnacle of ergonomic elegance with features like a height- and tilt-adjustable backrest, lumbar support, a headrest, a height- and depth-adjustable seat, a mesh seat with a waterfall edge, and a retractable footrest.

Dynamic Back Support - Back Pains Go Away:

The three-part backrest of the SAMOFU chair is made to reduce tension in the neck and lower back efficiently. The backrest adjusts to match any frame and provides immediate comfort. The computer chair's backrest height is adjustable by 2.4 inches, and you may lock it in any position while reclining it from 90 to 135 degrees. The best lumbar support for easing stress and back pain can be adjusted from the front or the rear.

Optimal Comfort - Adjustable Armrest & Seat and 3D Lumbar Support:

The SAMOFU chairs have an angle range of 90 to 135 degrees. The user can adjust the front-to-back sliding mechanism of the seat to a comfortable depth for their upper leg length. The tightness of the 3D lumbar support that encircles your back can be adjusted. The 5D arms allow for all common changes, including altering the height, width, depth, and pivot. The headrest may be easily moved across several axes to guarantee that your head and neck are always comfortable and supportive.

Move Easily and Freely:

Features like the swivel base and the quiet wheels should be considered. The aluminium alloy construction is more durable for bigger guys and can support more weight. The casters are wrapped in soundproof polyurethane and have a silent rollerblade design. Each office chair should have a swivel feature to make movement around the desk easier. However, if you exert too much, you run the risk of arm fatigue.

Long Warranty Policy:

After making it, you want to keep your new investment for as long as possible. Due to this, we offer a 5-year warranty on all of our products, during which any required repairs or replacements will be made without additional cost. Including but not restricted to malfunction, broken components, or tampered packing.

Eliminate Hip Pressure - Premium Elastic Mesh:

The waterfall-edged seat of the SAMOFU office chair is curved and slightly inclined to give the back of the knees and thighs additional support and relaxation. The elastic mesh will be a wonderful addition to your life if you frequently experience back pain when sitting. Additionally, it will stop the body from warming, which can obstruct blood flow and worsen back pain.


Pros Cons
  • Waterfall-edged seats.
  • SGS-BIFMA certified.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • High-density breathable mesh.
  • Assembly takes time.

Finding a proper chair for your office may be challenging, especially if you suffer from back problems and have firsthand experience with the misery of sitting for eight hours on a chair that doesn't support your spine. You no longer have to endure uncomfortable chairs.

If you want to spend less than $300 on a unique and incredibly comfortable sitting experience, the SAMOFU ergonomic office chair is made for you. This ergonomic office chair offers a 360-degree rotating, sloping, and tilting headrest with a height adjustment range of up to 2.4 inches. The shape of this chair supports the spine in its natural s-curve, aiding in the relaxation and relieving any lower back pain.

The high-elastic and sweat-proof mesh fabric of the SAMOFU office chair is intended to prevent you from experiencing the "sauna sensation" from prolonged sitting, even on the hottest summer days. However, due to its sophisticated design and several specialised features, this high-tech ergonomic office chair will require some time to assemble properly.


Amazon Reviews (223)

So far I'm loving it

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 16, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The Samofu chair, what a name. I decided to give this chair a try because my old chair, while very nice, didn't have any upper back or head support. I tried using my fiancees secretlabs omega for a couple of weeks and found that I really preferred the high back, but the seat itself was not going to work for me. The pad is a bit too thin, and when I sat on it I could feel the support bar under the seat. For reference I'm 5'10" and 240lbs. So I knew I wanted to stick to an all mesh chair with high back support and preferably a foot rest. Well this is one of like 2 chairs that fits that bill, so I decided to try it out. I've used this chair for 3 days at the time of writing this review. I will update the review after 6 months. Assembly was quick and easy. While it did take me about 35 minutes (and I have a background in assembly) I found it to be fairly simple. Read other reviews for notes on quirks. I had no problems putting it together and all parts were included. I also got a free set of upgraded casters with this chair, thanks Samofu! Quality is mid range. It's by no means a cheap feeling chair, but I wouldn't call it premium either. There are semi-sharp edges where the mold came together on the armrest pads. The controls are not a snug fit, they have play to them. The arm rests don't hold their position side to side if you put more than a few pounds of pressure on them in any direction other than straight down. However, the mesh is nearly perfect and I can't feel even the slightest bit of the frame when I sit in the chair. The polish on the aluminum frame and armrests are very good. The controls (while a bit loose) do exactly what they are supposed to and with consistency. The air piston has not dropped me at all over 3 days ( which isn't something that should stand out in a new chair, but I've seen that happen with new chairs). Overall I think if you're not a super super picky person about fit and finish I think the quality is quite good. Comfort I would give an 8 out of 10. It's very nice and gives me the upper back support I was really craving. The headrest is quite comfortable, having just enough give to not feel hard but also my head doesn't sink into it. The mesh breathes very nicely, and I've actually found myself a bit chilly a couple times just from the excellent ventilation. There is a great range of adjustment in the arms, decent range in the seat depth. The recline only has 3 positions other than straight up, which is a bit disappointing compared to the secretlabs chair. However those 3 positions are probably fine so again, only an issue if you're really picky. The seat on this is firm compared to other mesh chairs. If you don't like a firm seat you won't like this chair. It's a bit less firm than the secretlabs chair (not by much) and about twice as firm as most mesh chairs. This chair will put you in a structured position for great support. The adjustable lumbar support has a few settings, and I'm still playing with it, but it does provide excellent support if you want it. Height adjustment has been tricky, see other reviews. I'll just say that if you're over 6 foot tall this chair will likely be a struggle for you unless you're willing to modify the height adjust system. The footrest looked a bit cheap to me in the video, but honestly I love it. It's way more sturdy than it looks and it's nicely padded so your legs don't get sore. I've found myself using the footrest about 75% of the work day and my feet are never cold now! They used to always get cold without one. I do want to make a note about the back rest position though. I prefer to sit perfectly upright while I work. This chair does not have a setting that will put you there by default. They say it has a 90deg setting, but it will lean you back a few degrees once you're sitting in it. This was not acceptable for me. I ended up removing two of the screws holding the backrest on, loosening the other, and shimming the space between with a standard sheet of paper folded 6 times. After replacing the bolts this tilted the backrest to a perfect true 90 deg sitting position. If you're like me just do this during assembly, I'm sure that would have been easier. I would have liked to see a tilt setting that allows forward tilt as well, but that is a rare setting on just about any chair. If this review sounds good to you and you're struggling to decide if you really want to spend this much money, just go for it. There are chairs that cost nearly double what this one does that are not as nice. If you're less certain I will update in 6 months (early December 2022). Now to nap in my chair while I wait for windows 11 to install

Pretty good

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 25, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought the Realm of Thrones Admiral and the SAMOFU chair. They are very similar, many parts identical, except the SAMOFU has leg rests and a less adjustable head rest, although not a significantly worse headrest. About the SAMOFU: Some positives: The lumbar support tension is adjustable. The back rest height is adjustable. I like the adjustable tension reclining function. The fabric is breathable and comfortable. The leg rests are a unique feature. They are comfortable. Some negatives: 1) The armrests can be moved easily and unintentionally. It would be nice if I could lock them in place once I have positioned them where I want them. 2) It would be nice if the armrest were longer, like reaching to the back of the chair. If I use the reclining position, my elbows can barely get onto the arm rests. 3) If you want to put your head back so that it is in a straight line with your spine, you can't do that with the headrest installed, but you can uninstall the headset. The headrest keeps your head too far forward to be in line with your spine. That head positioning is good if you need to look at something in front of you while reclining, but not good if you want to nap or just not have your head forward. It would be better if you could adjust how far forward the headrest is similar to how you can adjust how high it is. It should be able to be in the same plane as the back of the chair or maybe even slightly behind the back of the chair. That way you can not contact the headrest at all when working but have one if you recline. 4) There was an unpleasant chemical type smell on the chair for maybe a week after assembly. This smell was stronger than the smell of the other chair I got. 5) The chair came with two sets of wheels, one caster type set and one roller blade type set. I used the roller blade type. Those roll much easier than my other chair which came with caster type only. You could say the two sets are a positive because they gave me the choice. But I view it as a negative because now I have a set of wheels I have no use for, which just seems like a waste. Also, I wanted to try switching and trying the caster ones but it seemed pretty difficult to try to get the roller blade ones out. They're pretty tight in there. So I decided it wasn't worth trying to switch them. Overall, I give the SAMOFU chair 4 stars. It gets a good amount right but could be better.

The most comfortable office chair with back support!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 8, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I rarely write reviews, but I decided others needed to know how comfortable this chair is…especially if you’re a big tall guy like me. I stand 6’1 and weigh 235 pounds. I work in offices where I’m sitting for 9 hours a day, so having good back support is crucial for me. The problem with most average office chairs is they never go high enough for tall people, and they rarely offer proper back & lumbar support…I have specific needs with office chairs, and instead of being at the mercy of someone else’s budget, I decided to just purchase my own. Therefore it’s all MINE, and no matter what job or office I’m at, it comes with ME wherever I go! After doing a lot of research and reading the reviews, I settled on this one because it had EVERYTHING and then some I wanted & needed. I prefer mesh chairs because I hate being hot while working, I wanted to customize everything and this chair almost allows that. It also needed to accommodate my tall body and bigger frame, as well as give great back & lumbar support, which it does!! I’ve had this chair for over a month now, it was easy to assemble with the help of my spouse. It’s heavy, but still manageable to get in the car and bring to work. It looks great in the office and I no longer come home with back pain. All my coworkers compliment the chair. They love the feature of the foot rest, as well as do I during my lunch breaks. All and all, I’m very happy with this purchase. If I wasn’t using it at work, I’d definitely be using it at home as a gaming/movie chair. It’s just THAT comfortable.

Source: Amazon

Question: How do you lock back height?!? Mine won’t stay up and keeps sliding down

Answer: You may change the height by adjusting the rear a few inches between the three or four detents. It will revert to its initial position at the bottom if you lift it.

Question: Can anyone direct me to the actual dimensions of the parts - specifically, I'd like to know the width of the seat.

Answer: I value your response. Although the image makes it appear comfy, the seat's narrow 15-inch width kept me from ordering.

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