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Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tenkeyless compact mechanical:

Dustproof Mechanical Red-Switched Tenkeyless Compact Gaming Keyboard, Redragon K552 TKL Linear switches are characterized by a quick movement, little resistance, and no tactile bump feeling. They also emit a slightly audible click when engaged.

RGB backlight:

Mechanical USB gaming keyboard with rainbow LED RGB illumination and 19 lighting effects. Specifically, there are two modes that the user can select. Backlighting is uniformly bright and visible thanks to precisely engineered keycaps in a spectrum of six colors, various brightness levels, and breathing rates.

Economic design:

Because of their durable metal-abs construction and plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches, Steel series mechanical game keyboards are designed to withstand even the longest, most intense gaming marathons.


To stop ghosting. This multimedia keyboard is perfect for use in any setting thanks to its gold-plated, high-speed, corrosion-free USB connector, non-slip ergonomic design, splash-proof construction, and 87 keys with conflict-free key rollover.


The keyboard works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP and is somewhat compatible with mac OS X. All major computer manufacturers and gaming PCs are also supported.



Product Dimensions 1.46 x 13.94 x 4.86 inches
Item Weight 1.93 pounds
Manufacturer Redragon
Item model number K552-KR
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Pros Cons
  • Mac and Windows-compatible.
  • Type quietly.
  • RGB rainbows.
  • 19 light effects.
  • The RGB lighting is uncustomizable.
  • Untravelable.
  • Mac only.

One of the best gaming keyboards for World of Warcraft is the Redragon K552, a mechanical keyboard with programmable RGB lighting. Two of this keyboard's distinguishing characteristics are its Tenkeyless design and Cherry MX Mechanism switches. Because of its cozy design and thoughtful layout, this keyboard is excellent for typing, programming, and gaming. Although there are few customization possibilities, users report feeling haptic when tapping the keys. 

The ergonomic design offers complete comfort and a favorable environment for gaming. For gamers who prefer to play in a dark room at night, keyboards with RGB illumination, various lighting effects, and adjustable brightness are ideal.

You also get splash-proof anti-ghosting keys in the top row of your keyboard, which radically changes the way you type. The keyboard also supports the USB connection, offering more options for attaching devices. The application is compatible with every other OS, despite occasional issues using it on a Mac. All Windows versions, including ten and XP, are consistent with the keyboard.


Amazon Reviews ()

Glorious and epic

Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2018

So I was hesitant to purchase this at first.I had read some review somewhere on another redragon product, claiming that it was not true mechanical switches, blah blah blah.I gotta say, this is probably one of the best keyboards I have owned so far.I don't usually spend a lot on keyboards with the exception of a Razer DeathStalker Ultimate that I had bought one day to use for work (and it worked out perfectly, it literally did like 30% of my job for me lol, but it was $300 so .. IT BETTER :D ).Back to the keyboard...I was how they say. FLUUSSSHH WITTHHH CASHHH.And thought what the hell I'll try one of their "Mechanical" keyboards, and if its a flop, then lesson learned...Once I had the box in my hand I was already impressed.The box it comes in is nice, and I can tell the product was heavy, which is usually a good sign.Once I pulled it out, I knew that it was meant to be (that's what she said...)It is pretty thick (doesn't bother me one bit)It is heavy, (also doesn't bother me).And because its heavy, it doesn't go sliding around the desk when I type at my nutty typing speeds.The build quality is excellent, honestly, I don't know how they are making money because this thing is solid, and I bet I can weaponize it..There is no bend or give to this thing, its literally like a rock, its a thing of beauty and brings a tear to my eye.The red glow is intense and clearly visible even under the high-intensity interrogation style lighting they use at my office.And the ominous red glow looks amazing, it fits my offensive IT role perfectly (I deal mostly in heartbreak, and "Like A Boss" situations)The flip tabs on the bottom are heavy duty, and are super solid, like crazy solid, you flip them back and they sound like someone cocking a gun.They literally SNAP! into place, I love it, I have been known to break these things off.. That is just not happening with this keyboard..I think I might just snap them back and forth now if someone comes to bother me in the middle of an intense keyboard bonding session.The keys themselves are beautifully designed, I love the font, it's not your typical boring look.This thing says I break all the rules,And its the type of font you want to send an email with, but know you can't because you will get fired when someone realizes that you've gone beyond their realm of times of new roman, and into a whole new dimension of professionalism...They are crystal clear, no blemishes, and the glow comes through the keys perfectly, the glow underneath the keys makes it look that much cooler.The mechanical keys are solid and work exactly as you expect, whether the actuation force is exactly what it should be, I don't know.But they do the damn job, and I like to use my keyboards, not measure them in a full-on anal manner.The click is fairly loud and obvious, and there is no volume knob on it, so that is something to consider if you buy a mechanical keyboard for the office.I feel like this really does give me confidence in my high-speed typing ability as I am no longer wondering if I hit the key I wanted or if my keyboard had a derp moment (cause I don't make mistakes! YOU HEARD ME! {ok sometimes I do}).I really do blast through my typing though, with ease and a sense of accomplishment ( cause I feel accomplished when I hammer out a memo and it literally feels like I hammered it out... That is mission accomplished right there!)I am sure there are going to be moments when someone asks me questions whilst I am typing, and I am just going to keep slamming away while staring at them as I give them the look of "I know what I am doing", while confident clicking noises radiate from the dominion that is my office.My boss came in and just immediately went wow mode on it, he loves it and stated that it makes him want to get rid of his laptop and switch to a desktop just to have a badass keyboard like this one.I didn't mention that he could just hook it up to his laptop (MUAHAHAHA)And thus my reign over awesome keyboards stays unchallenged (as planned).Overall this thing is solid, and it makes a statement.It says, now mechanical keyboards can now be owned by anyone and not just those who are less impulsive with their money.I love it and I am going to buy 2 more, one for home (or should I call it my lair o.0) and one for my coming Mad (IT) Scientist Lab.To the manufacture: good job on an excellent product!I honestly didn't have confidence in your brand when I first made this purchase, I have never used your products but now I am a believer.And don't change the price, I am still a cheap impulsive bastard and will have to panhandle if you do.

Do not pass this up

Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2016

The media could not be loaded.  I didn't buy this keyboard for gaming. I am a college student and I enjoy typing on a mechanical keyboard. I have been using this Keyboard for around a week with my MacBook Pro.Once I opened the box I was enlightened by the weight of it. Its not too heavy and it's not too light. Seems like the right amount. The build quality is great at this price point. The plastic seems strong and sturdy. I did a flex test and little to no flexing. I haven't taken it apart but it feels like they have a metal plate inside for structural support and what gives this little guy that extra needed weight.The plastic for the key caps seem a little thin to me. When typing on the keyboard you can feel the quality of the caps. Slightly thicker keys would make this product perfect for me.The switches are great! I am no expert at all but from what I have read they compare to Cherry MX Blues. These switches are very loud. I live alone so I don't have to worry about disturbing anyone. This switches are of great quality in my opinion. They feels sturdy and they do not seem cheap.The led lights are great and it makes this keyboard look sexy. Each key has its own led and they are bright enough for everyday use. I do like how you can adjust the brightness of the light or you can just turn them off. I have noticed the LEDs will not stay at your setting once you turn your computer on. You will need to adjust it every time.Overall I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking to save a few dollars.

Affordable and very nice, a little noisy but can be modded

Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2018

My daughter uses this keyboard, we both love it, but it's indeed loud. We've tested other keyboards including Razer, Logitech, Cosair, as well as some varieties of Chery Brown and Red, but in the end still love this Cherry-Blue clone.Tried some dampening O-rings, didn't help much, so I decided to open it up and experiment (need to remove the keycaps to access the screws holding the top plate down). Here's what I found.The noises come from:- the click of the switch itself. It is what we like over the other switches, but the keycap amplifies this click quite a lot.- the bottom-out noise when the keycap hits the switch's box. The O-ring can dampen this sound a bit, but the boxy plastic base amplifies it multiple times. Coupling with an IKEA tabletop, it sounds like hitting a drum.- the sound of the switch hitting the switch's box on the way up. You can hear this sound when you hold a key down and lift your finger up quickly (like when typing fast). Again, this sound is also amplified by the keycap.The good news is, if you take the circuit board out of its boxy plastic base, all the noises are reduced to around 25-35% (my rough estimation), the only noticeable sound is the faint click of the switch itself. If you like a really quiet keyboard, you can just make a custom base/footing (a block of foam for example). You just need to cover the exposed circuit board on the underside, the top metal plate is pretty solid and won't bend. I'm pretty sure it's even quieter than the typical Dell keyboards at my office.However, my daughter prefers the keyboard with its base, so I tried to stuff the inside with foams, hoping to muffle it, and it seemed to work. But upon tightening the screws back in, it's noisy again. So, the noise is transmitted through the screw poles to the plastic base, then the base amplifies it. Stuffing might have helped a bit, but not noticeable.To decouple the keyboard from the screw poles, I cut pieces of foam to the same height as the screw poles and double-sided taped them to the base. The poles are of different heights, shorter near the space bar, and taller near the Function keys. When putting the keyboard back, the circuit board and top plate sit on the foams, I tightened the screws very lightly, basically the screws keep the top from jumping out rather than holding it down. This significantly reduces the noise. I also filled the base with thinner foam rods, to reduce the void space in case it does act like a speaker enclosure.The keycaps were still problematic, with the switch's click, the bottoming-out, and coming-back noise. Instead of using O-rings, I stuffed cotton ball in the keycaps, just little enough to muffle the sound, and acts as a thin layer of O-ring. The more cotton, the muffler the sound, but also shorten the travel distance. I didn't want it to interfere with the great feeling of the switch so I didn't use much. I was lazy and didn't stuff the function keys as they're rarely used, also to serve as a comparison. You'll have to experiment a bit to find the right amount to your liking. The cotton does block the backlight a bit, but not much (and don't look straight into the backlights after removing the keycaps, they're blinding).One last thing, whatever the small amount of noise left, transmitted to the tabletop and got amplified. So I rolled a thin foam bag into little feet and taped them to the keyboard, no noise from the tabletop at all.Overall, I'd definitely call it a success. She was ready to compromise for a quieter keyboard, but now more than happy to keep it. I used to be able to hear her "smashing" the keyboard in her room from the living room, now I can barely hear the "light" click if I really pay attention. She wanted the RGB version, so I'll buy one to trade with her, and probably will experiment with a custom base instead. See a need, fill a need!

An ACTUAL Mechanical Keyboard.

Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2016

Lets keep this review short and simple, You want a mechanical Keyboard, you can't really afford a mechanical keyboard, but hey this one is only a few bucks more than a similar membrane keyboard? why not this one?Pros :It's cheap AF. seriously, $30? that's like 6 pumpkin spice lattes.It's actually mechanical, not like mechanical feel keyboards, you do actually get that sweet sweet clickity clack!Backlit! Not only is it mechanical it's actually backlit too! and it's not too bright, just right, easy to see even with the monitor right infront of it.Raised keys, a simple little touch, but makes the keyboard look that much better.Now onto the cons:There aren't that many cons really, at this price point it's bettery tactile wise than literally every keyboard out there, due to the fact it is an actual mechanical keyboard.But the only real Con that I can find is that it says the switches used are a Cherry Green Equivalent, but they're not. They're a Cherry MX Blue clone if even that, a real cherry MX Green has about 70grams of actuation force, this keyboard has 55grams. I measured using quarters, it took 10 quarters to make the switch depress. But more on these switches, they say that they're Greetech switches, however I can't find the same or similar switches anywhere online! These switches might be a knock off of a knock off.....but lets be honest, it's a $40 mechanical keyboard. that's actually mechanical. The only thing that would make this better, would be, slightly larger keys, I don't have little child hands. and possibly a wrist rest, but honestly? This keyboard is an incredible value and I would highly recommend it!

YMMV! Quality control issues.

Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2018

I tried many different brands of under $50 mechanical keyboards. Here’s what I found.They all look nearly identical in design. It appears that most of these are using the same generic circuit boards. The only difference is that some are not backlit, some are single-color LED, while others have multi-color backlight options. The font on letters and number are also different.Given that these are nearly identical in design, the only thing that really differentiates them is the quality of the material. Some brands have really shiny packaging while others are plain dull boxes. This one came in the shiniest box that makes you think that the product itself might be as good. But then you open the box and REALLY inspect the product and realize that you really do get what you pay for and should never judge a book by its cover.I really liked the red LEDs on this keyboard. I almost kept it until I found the really bad quality of the keycaps. The cheap plastic that the keys are made of was missing a big chunk from the front side of the spacebar key. I am uploading a picture with this review so you can see what I am referring to. This kind of shows that if they had any quality control whatsoever, someone would have just taken a look at the keycaps before they were putting the keyboard into a box to ship to their customers. If not before shipping, someone should have noticed this clearly defective keycap during the manufacturing process. I would not have noticed it if the key was one of the middle keys and this defect was not so obviously visible.Now I wonder if others who gave raving reviews here may also have received bad keycaps that they never noticed until it was too late to return/exchange. Going forward, I would be removing all keycaps from these cheaper keyboards and checking every single one of them - basically doing their quality control myself. I highly recommend you do the same within that 30-day return period.I was wondering how many stars I should give this. My review is my personal experience with this product. I don’t think a product with such a gaping quality-control issue deserves more than one star. Of course, my purchase decision was highly influenced by the hundreds of 5-star reviews so it’s possible that this quality issue was just a rare occurrence.In summary, you should totally order this keyboard given the low price, but you should thoroughly inspect it and rigorously test every single key as much as you can as soon as you receive it. That is because that shiny box it comes in does not mention anything about “warranty” anywhere. There is an “email address” for support and a physical address for their factory in Guangdong, China. I also went to their website and nowhere on the product page or FAQ do they mention anything about warranty. Since I noticed this issue right after opening the box, I am glad that I bought it from Amazon that offers 30-day returns so I can shop confidently knowing that Amazon will back me up if the manufacturer or the seller does not deliver. This particular keyboard that I received is going back to Amazon for a full refund.

Key chatter kills an otherwisse nice keyboard

Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2017

There are about 10 keys that constantly chatter on this keyboard. Makes it incredibly diffffficult to type.Here's an example paragraaph that I'mm not goingg to correct to show youu howw bad the key chatter is. Now imaggine youu're typingg away, and every other word you have to delete in order to correct the ouutput of the keyboard. Dropss my typing speed to a really disappointingg level, and interrupts my train off thougght.

I really enjoy typing on this keyboard so I ordered another for work.

Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2018

I'm a software engineer and can type anywhere from 85 - 110 WPM and those who code know the challenge of hitting special characters frequently; I should never miss a ; end line now :). I use to use an apple wireless keyboard with the chiclet style keys extensively the past several years and didn't realize that was slowing down my typing. I actually purchased this keyboard for gaming at home but then bought another for work since I noticed a huge improvement in my typing speed. The reason I didn't purchase a mechanical keyboard is due to the windows vs command key. The only mechanical keyboard I've found that has the command key is a das keyboard that is > $100 which is way over budget; can get 3 of these awesome keyboards for the price of one das. I've gotten use to using the windows key as the command with my pinky rather than the left thumb on command. I use both windows and mac so the switch has been great and it took a couple days to get use to replacing the thumb for command and using pinky for it but it has also made my windows typing much better since I use my pinky for windows anyway. For those who can't give up their mac specific keyboard should look into buying one of these since you will make it work due to how awesome the keys feel. It's identical to the more expensive cherry ones. I won't feel bad if this keyboard breaks a year later since it's only $30 and the ones that have the common cherry switches cost > $50. The apple wireless keyboard is double the price of this...# Pros- Identical to cherry switch that other more expensive keyboards use such as Das.- Increased my typing speed by at least 15 WPM.- Tactile feedback you do not get with chiclet style keyboards.- Solid and quality made. It's heavy so it won't move around the desk. Has nice grippy rubber pads too.- Don't have to switch between the apple wireless keyboard and the windows keyboard since I use the same one off the KVM now.- I don't have to recharge and replace the batteries in the wireless apple keyboard since this is corded. Got so sick of replacing batteries just to have wireless when it's going to sit on the desk anyway so it was pointless. The apple keyboard would lose connection with the bluetooth too so again, it was pointless.- Compact size is better than a full size keyboard. Removing the number pad provides a better ergonomic experience which prevent strains due to widening the arms with the mouse. Research this if you don't believe me. Some ergonomic keyboards put the number pad on the left side of the keyboard.- Best bang for the buck. Amazing value so I purchased 2 of them. Perhaps all the big brands such as Das will lower their price since this one seems to own the Amazon market right now. It's 2018, people who are sane know that a mechanical keyboard shouldn't cost > $100. C'mon, the IBM Model M in the 1980's original price was around $250 but that's some dated technology! It's like paying the same price for an OLED TV for a tube tv. Who they trying to fool and that is why Redragon is here. They know the other manufacturers are price gouging.# Cons- None so far.# Neutral- My coworkers find it distracting since it's loud but they can put headphones on. A mechanical keyboard is... loud.- Noticed some sound interference with my Logitech speaker setup at home. It sounds kind of cool because the breathing effect will also output in the speaker. Breathing will make it sound like a badass intro to a sci-fi action scene (think star wars lightsaber) and the solid light will make an ongoing high pitch noise. This is probably an issue with the KVM I use to switch between mac and pc. I don't have this issue with the pc but when I switch it over to the mac the interference occurs.

Great Keyboard for a Kid

Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2020

The keyboard is great for my little brother. I wanted to get him a keyboard for his birthday that offered both quality and Red Switches. The switches in this keyboard are great. He likes them a lot, and he likes that the layout of the keyboard makes it easier to reach all keys, as he was using a $10 Logitech membrane keyboard before.The RGB can be changed on the fly with the keyboard changing it's color options. You use the FN key and the various other keys to change colors and lighting options.I'm very impressed that this keyboard comes with a hefty metal construction in it's base. It makes the keyboard feel heavier and higher quality as a result.The keyboard punches well above it's $34 price tag. Keyboards from Corsair and Logitech or even Razer that come in Tenkeyless designs and RGB cost about $99 - $129. Maybe $80 on a day where there's a good sale going.The keys are Cherry-Clones from Outemu, which means they are very similar to Cherry MX Reds. They are rated for 50 Million keystrokes, so this keyboard should be able to stand up to many years of gaming.This keyboard is a big upgrade over cheap membrane keyboards. It's not top quality in any one category, but it's solid for the money. The best value keyboard you can get at just $34 it's a steal.

great budget keeb (w/mods)

Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2021

The media could not be loaded.  mods: light switch lubing, thin packing foam, lessened pressure on screws, erase logo-i very lightly lubed these switches and there’s a pretty big difference in person. there’s a weird ticking rattle on the right side of the space bar that i can’t fix (too lazy to try & put something in the key cap lol). other then the things in the disclaimers below, this is a pretty solid keyboard. it had a soft metal echo whenever i typed moderately hard near the space bar, but i just made the screws less tight, and that problem was mainly solved. i also used an eraser to erase off the redragon logo. there aren’t designated media keys but pressing fn+f# is volume, calculator, pause, etc buttons. honestly you know what ur getting for a $35-40 mechanical keyboard. if you can, lube it to get less rattling sounds.disclaimer:- these are hotswappable outemu switches, meaning u can’t put cherry switches/other brand switches in.- outemu switches can also be pretty tough to take out (so some of my keys are not lubed because i couldn’t take them out)- the pcb doesnt separate from the plate holding the switches (not sure if this is thing with all of them) so i couldn’t lube the stabilizers.conclusion: 4.5 stars; this is a pretty good keyboard, not the most quiet, and can have a light metal echo when heavily typing on the spacebar, but there are many lighting options, it sounds okay, and it works good for a budget keyboard.

Good Keyboard

Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2021

The media could not be loaded.  Specifically I purchased this keyboard to practice playing on keyboard and mouse before I got a PC. It works great I use it to play on my PS4 and I’ve had it for awhile now and nothing has gone wrong with it or broken. I have pretty small hands and short fingers and I’m able to reach keys just fine. The keys are clicky and not super loud. The only thing I don’t like about it are the LED colors. This keyboard is great for gaming I even connected it to my school laptop and it works just fine on that as well. I loved this purchase and would recommend if you’re looking for a budget keyboard that works well.

Source: Amazon

Question: Please give me details about the Reddragon K552 KUMARA mechanical keyboard, build / feel / overall performance? Thanks!

Answer: It is as robust as they come and is heavy enough to prevent rolling about your desk. I haven't experienced any issues with mine after several months. It looks terrific when typing and is a delight to use. Blue switches have a pleasing click when pressed, making them pleasurable to use. I had no such problems playing various games, including first-person shooters, although the other answerer may have felt some pain using this terrific keyboard. My coworkers have told me that besides being a speedy typist, I can also be somewhat harsh with the keyboard. If you write swiftly and carelessly with your fingertips, this KB will produce a lot of noise. The RGB is brilliant, and I had fun experimenting with the many lighting settings and the single memory slot for each keycap's illumination. The various pre-installed color and animation options make up for the fact that you cannot independently set the behavior of the light for each key. For instance, the "rain" animation in the matrix style can be set to "all colors," so the energy continues to play out. Still, each drop changes color as it travels down the keys, and the lingering/fading trails also cycle through the RGB color model. The "rain" animation can also be left in its default green or one of several other colors. It can also be set to "green" in several different colors.

Question: What is the exact USB cable length?

Answer: It measures 6 feet, 3 inches in total.

Question: I went to my orders, and the one I ordered says RGB in the title but not on the box, and I haven’t managed to change the colors. Anyone?

Answer: I'm hoping Redragon would remove the RGB from the title to clarify misunderstandings. You cannot customize the color of each key because this is not an RGB keyboard. The RGB (red, green, and blue)-colored rows on this keyboard are static. The six rows of the keyboard each have a specific color. You may enable or disable effects like the chase, breath, brightness, etc. but not the row color. With the use of macro-style settings, you may deactivate all keys save for a few chosen ones. No, we're not referring to the RGB version, which allows color customization for each key.

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