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Razer Iskur Fabric Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Lumbar Support System

Razer Iskur Fabric Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Lumbar Support System Specification:

Color ‎Dark Gray Fabric
Brand ‎Razer
Product Dimensions ‎26.2 x 29.35 x 55.1 inches
Style ‎Iskur
Special Feature ‎Adjustable
Material ‎Textile
Pattern ‎Chair
Recommended Uses For Product ‎Gaming
Room Type ‎Game Recreation Room
Age Range (Description) ‎Adult
Back Style ‎Solid Back
Unit Count ‎1 Count
Included Components ‎Chair
Item Weight ‎66.1 pounds
Shape ‎Rectangular
Model Name ‎Iskur Fabric
Arm Style ‎Adjustable Armrests
Maximum Weight Recommendation ‎300 Pounds
Seat Material Type ‎Foam
Item model number ‎RZ38-02770300-R3U1

Ergonomic Lumbar Support System:

Support your lower back in complete comfort with the ergonomic lumbar support system's built-in, completely adjustable lumbar curve that conforms to your spine for the best possible posture while gaming for extended periods. The densely woven yarn gives the chair a luxuriously soft feel while still resistant to spills and stains from food, drink, and other common household substances.

Ultra-Soft, Spill-Resistant Fabric:

These are more comfortable than standard foam cushions because they conform to your body and distribute your weight evenly.

High-density foam cushions: 

With 4D Armrests, you may customize the armrests to your height, angle, and forward/backward movement.

Engineered to Carry:

Its body structure, armrests, wheelbase, and sloped seat edges combine to handle a weight of up to 300 lbs, making it suitable for users between the heights of 5'6" and 6'2".

Pros Cons
  • Incredibly.
  • Razer is stylish.
  • Four-dimensional armrests.
  • Lumbar support improvement.
  • Fabric attracts hair.
  • Still pricey.
  • Arduous to clean.

The Razer Iskur Fabric is our first gaming chair made specifically for excellent posture while playing video games at a high level of difficulty. We've got your back to keep you in top gaming shape with our ergonomic, fully-adjustable lumbar support system.

Amazon Reviews ()

Width adjustable armrest! Small office chair. Ergonomic

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 27, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I have been looking for an office chair with specific ergonomic features that fits me perfectly for over 2 years. I'm 5'4 and 170 lbs. I have neck and lower back soft tissue damage and after years of working on a computer I have mouse shoulder (repetitive strain injury) from moving between the keyboard and mouse. Things I've tried so far: keyboard with roller bar mouse (hated it) roller ball mouse, Mobodesk from ErgoGuys (it's like a highchair tray that sits on your armrests and has a mouse pad. Love this, still use it).So I've purchased accessories that work but still had pain in my lower back and shoulder. I needed a chair that would bring my elbows closer to my body. I never knew it would be this hard to find one, at a price I was willing to pay.After a year of searching I realized I was going to have to pay more than I wanted to do I did a bunch of research on ergonomics to find the size & feature requirements that fit me. If I was going to spend a bunch of money on a chair it had to be perfect.Here are my requirements:Seat depth 18-20 inSeat width 18-20 inSeat hight 18inAdjustable lumbar supportAdjustable back restArmrest adjustable width, height & angleForward tilt capabilityNow the chair that topped my search results was the HermanMiller Aeron but there's no way I was going to spend $1200 on a chair! After about a year and a half of searching I got pretty close though. I told myself that if I didn't find a chair during Prime Day sales I was going to bite the bullet and get it (requiring some serious financial creativity). Luckily I found this chair before Prime day and added it to a wish list so when it went on sale I got a notification (do this, seriously. On anything you're considering. Save money!) I hesitated to pull the trigger on the purchase though because of the price. At 11:45pm, 15 minutes before the end of Prime Day deals I reminded myself of how much pain I'm in everyday and hit checkout. I panicked of course, was I really spending that much on a chair?! Out of everything I have to fit into my budget was this really a sensible purchase? So I started looking into the return policy and reading reviews about returns on assembled office chairs. I found that, while not the easiest thing to do, it is possible. So I felt better about the purchase and waited for it to arrive.I heard the Amazon delivery guy pull the dolly out of the truck and watched as he struggled with this gigantic box. With a thud I could feel through the floor the box was placed at my doorstep. My excitement over it's arrival overshadowed common sense as I went to retrieve the box. The fact that I could feel the sound the box made when it was set outside should have been an indicator that it was heavy. I was the only one home though so I made it work, paid for it later but success, my chair was here.I've attached pictures of opening the box. The warnings are hilarious! I seriously recommend you take the time to review each one.The instructions are HUGE! I included a picture of that too, lol.The chair was really easy to put together. Make sure to maneuver the tube connected to the top part of the chair to the back before connecting to the seat.Everything in the box has its own little compartment. Even the screws.I tried out all of the settings after I put it together and they all worked perfectly. I will update this review if for any reason this chair didn't meet my needs. If not updated then everything worked out and it was money well spent! Totally worth every penny.

Great for bigger people or anyone looking for ultimate support

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 16, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

You might be looking at this price tag thinking to yourself, "$500+ for a chair? That's outrageous!" Well I'm here to tell you, this isn't just any chair. This is THE chair.When I was looking for a home office chair to use for gaming and work from home, I narrowed my search to the secret labs Titan XL and this chair. This chair won and so far I do not regret my decision.I'm a bigger guy, 6'0" about 300 lbs with a wide frame. I need a chair that will support my full weight and not start to wear out. This chair is rated for a maximum of 400 lbs.I've had this chair for about a month and wanted to share some pros and cons.Pros:Usually after about a month or two, your average office chair will start to become loose or degrade in quality if you're on the bigger side. This chair has not.This chair has a couple of noteworthy features, such as height adjustable/tiltable armrests and a reclining seat back.When I recline the seat back, it fully supports my weight with no problem.This chair also has excellent lumbar support and overall support in general. I don't feel like any part of my body is unsupported and I can sit in this chair for long periods of time without getting fatigue or back pain.When I say that this chair is sturdy I mean sturdy. I don't think that there's any plastic on this chair anywhere.This chair comes with a pillow that you put on the headrest which I find makes a big difference if I'm sitting back watching a video or something.Cons:Sometimes I find myself squirming in this chair because it is built to correct your posture. I don't know if this is really a con so much as me not having good posture. But it can get a little bit uncomfortable if you're not used to it.I wish that this chair had come with a foot rest.I wish that the arm rests had a little bit of extra padding. The armrest material isn't like hard plastic or anything but I wish there was a bit more cushion.Summary:This is genuinely the most supportive chair I've ever sat in, and it better be for the price. If you're on the fence due to the price, just remember this is a huge investment in your comfort and health, especially if you work from home. I anticipate this chair is going to last me for years. So while it may be a pretty penny upfront, you won't have to go buy another one in a year or two. My recommendation: just get the chair. You will not regret it.

A great chair, as long as you check your enthusiasm :) .

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 23, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

After a week of sitting in the Iskur Fabric I'm happy to recommend this chair, as long as you can balance the strong advertising hype surrounding gaming chairs with the reality :). At 38, 5'10" and 230lbs, I'm within specs of the standard size chair but also probably not the typical user. Not sure there is any chair out there that can fit everyone's needs. Teens and twenty-somethings are most likely the target market, but also may not fully appreciate one of the main features of this chair: the adjustable lumbar support. I was looking for a chair that was solid and supportive, but also had a little gaming flair and this chair is a great fit for that.Assembly was very easy, although some pieces are quite heavy (in a good way). The full metal legs feel very strong. The wheels seem like the typical office variety but might be a little slow considering the weight of the chair. I'm considering adding some rollerblade wheels. The tops of the armrests feel just a little wobbly, but also they can be adjusted in every direction.The lumbar support is great and just what I was looking for. The support is not a weak pillow, but very solid and is completely adjustable thanks to a gas piston inside the chair. The whole chair hugs the body and for better or worse kind of forces the user to sit in an ergonomic position. I don't think someone much larger than me would be comfortable in the chair though as the sides of the seat do press in on my legs just a bit as is. However, again this was just what I was looking for as it helps me sit up straight and not slouch or tilt to the side like in my previous chair.For my height the headrest and neck pillow fit me just right. If I was much shorter, the head pillow would hit the back of my head and not my neck. As is it is very comfortable and a nice change from my short-backed chair. The foam in the chair is somewhat rigid, and may not be suitable for someone who is using their chair in a full-time job. However, for a few hours of gaming this level of hardness keeps me from sinking into a bad posture.The muted styling of the fabric chair is just what I was looking for. I wanted something that looked fun but also wasn't childish, and Razer struck a great balance with this one. The fabric is very breathable but also feels very sturdy. The Razer logo is on the chair in several places, but doesn't jump out like in other styles.To recap, as a part-time gamer/most-time adult, this chair does a great job of balancing my needs. If you're trying to find a chair that says "Don't worry buddy, you're still cool" while also supporting your aging back, this might be the one for you :) .

Very Good quality chair - good for tall people

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 9, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

WOW - I just assembled this chair and I am very impressed. Full Disclosure, I purchased with my own money and have no affiliation with Razer and am NOT being compensated.I am 6'3 and weigh 180 pounds, so fairly skinny. I have had several chairs over the last years, office chairs, gaming chairs, $100-150 range. They all are basically cheap quality and after a few months or a year, you need to look for a new chair. I wanted to get something that is going to last and most importantly be good quality and have good back support.THIS is the KILLER chair. I got the Iskur XL, because I am tall. It was on sale on Black Friday. I have included pictures of the components, that I believe demonstrate quality. You can see plenty of other pictures of the chair itself. You will notice details like the bolts have a threadlocker (green for Razer) on them. This detail is important. Once you tighten these bolts, they should not work themselves loose. Cheap chairs the bolts constantly come loose. Razer includes a T handle allen wrench. This is a good wrench and makes the assembly so much more enjoyable. The chair lifts is Class 4, most cheaper chairs use a Class 3 lift, which if you haven't found out, they fail easily and then your chair will not maintain its vertical height. I weighed the lift and it was 2.6 pounds. This is a quality lift! The main chair bracket is heavy and durable as well.The total weight of this chair delivered is OVER 75 pounds. There are a few pounds packaging, but the chair itself is quality and heavy. The base spider is metal and good quality. The arm wrests are beefy and strong.Being 6'3, most chairs do not raise high enough for me. This chair can actually go HIGHER than I need it. I have it about 70% of the way up. So if you are taller, you can still raise it more. If I have it all the way up my toes can touch the ground, but I can not sit with flat feet.The assembly of the chair is pretty easy. About 7 bolts and fitting a few pieces. It took roughly 20 minutes and I think anyone can do it. Only tool needed is the T handle wrench included. They have a GIANT instruction page (3 foot by 3 foot) which is very good. PRO TIP for assembly: Not in the instructions - You should put grease in both holes where the lift goes (spider and bottom of chair). That way if you ever need to remove the lift, it will come out much easier. This grease will also prevent any squeaking from that area.The lumbar support on this chair is adjustable, and let me tell you it is AWESOME. I generally have it pushed all the way out, then sit in the chair and release the lever and lean back to a comfortable spot and lock the position of the lumbar support. My wife tried this chair as well and was very impressed with the back support.Arm wrests adjust up/down/front/back/in/out/twist. Incredible adjustments.The only thing I don't like about the chair is the lever to recline the back. In my opinion, that lever should be a bit longer, for more leverage. It is usable and works, but I found myself struggling at first. You need to pull the lever all the way to release. If you pull only half way it does not release. Anyone can do this, even those with small arms, just a minor improvement they could make to extend the lever and give more leverage.The head pillow is nice and is in a good position for me. When I sit in the chair I have about 1.5 inches space on each outside of my legs where the edges of the chair rise up. My legs do not touch those sides. So I feel that if you are heavier, you would still be able to comfortable fit. As a rough guide, my thigh measurement (circumfrance 1 leg) is 24 inches at the middle of the seat position. I have large thighs from biking.I love this quality chair and I think other tall people will as well. I did look at Secret Labs chairs, but I wanted to be able to return the chair for free and without hassle if I did not like, and Secret Labs does not have that option. Amazon for the win here. I will not return THIS chair. Very fair price for a VERY good quality chair!

Great gaming/office chair

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 30, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I got this on sale for $350 and at that price it can't be beat. You get the features and performance of a chair 3 times the price (cough. Herman Miller. cough).Some quick thoughts below (not going to repeat official specs you can find elsewhere)(1) Very well put together. I have had 2 other gaming chairs and both used to creak or otherwise protest under routine usage (swiveling/leaning back/wheeling etc) but this doesn't (or at least not much)(2) The color is muted, not much bling (unlike most Razer products - no LEDs or neon accents). Lettering on the chair fades into the color scheme as well. All of that to say - other than the silhouette/profile, this can pass for an office chair on Zoom calls.(3) The adjustable lumbar support is a game changer. One of my favorite features of this chair.(4) The seat is a bit firm. I would have like slightly softer cushioning or a way to adjust that ;-) but maybe I am asking for too much.(5) The box is BIG and HEAVY. A definite 2 people lift. I had to get this down to my basement down a narrow and steep set of stairs, ended up unboxing the chair upstairs and carrying the parts down.(6) Easy to setup alone - actually a fair bit is pre-assembled, just a matter of throwing things together and tightening a few bolts. On that front, some of it seems over-engineered or a bit "extra". For instance, the small caps that go on top of the bolts to cover them up are different for the left and the right side. I don't understand what purpose that serves, wouldn't it have been easier to make them interchangeable.All in all, if you are looking for a great office/gaming chair with excellent lumbar support and all the features you may need, look no further.(7)

My lumbar pain is gone

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 19, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Best chair I have ever sat on.To make a long story short, I work in software, so hours of sitting in (usually) bad posture, has given me back pain that was on some days normal and on other days unbearable.I was hesitant to buy any decent chair I saw because they were all above my budget. When I asked one of my best friends for a chair he could recommend he sent me a $1500 saying it was good. (I bet it had to be in that price range).I know Razer products have excellent quality, but $800 for a chair was too much for me. I waited and got this one on a seasonal deal at $450 and boy it's worth every cent. So much that if I knew I could work without back pain, I would have paid the $800 a long time ago.Pro: Quality and materials are top-notch, design is comfortable for long sessions and even though it feels weird to sit right after so long sitting in bad posture, you get used to sitting properly quickly.Cons: Some people complain that the chair will make you sweat and will hold bad odors if you (pardon my french) fart on it or do gross stuff. Honestly I haven't tried that, but it seems to me that as long as you are on a mildly cool environment the chair it's not too hot, and in regards to the smells (don't be gross and try not to fart on it) and now and then clean with a decent product and the chair will be as new.Material: It is synthetic leather but not the bad one that peels, it is the top-of-the-line synthetic option that feels like real leather although I suspect it's a type of plastic. But the texture is amazing and looks cool.I got the dark version (no green highlights) because I use it for work and wanted to keep it serious. But it is a wonderful chair, much better built than anything else I tried.To consider: This chair is heavy, when I mean heavy I mean it's the heaviest office chair I have ever lifted. But the silver lining is that the extra weight comes from the quality of the build and materials, you feel like sitting in a throne or a spaceship cockpit. Awesome chair. Recommend 100% Try to get it on sale, if not it is still worth the full price.

It would be a five-star chair but for one glaring issue...

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 22, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I really wanted to like this chair, but a few things keep it from getting a five-star review.I'll start with the good: it has the best lumbar support of any chair I've had, and that includes a $1k Criterion Leap chair. The fabric is great; I don't get hot sitting in it, and it feels durable. Assembly was easy, and I love having the tall back to lean against. The casters are also awesome, keeping the chair in place and not easily drifting.The bad: that great back support comes with a cost, and that is seat depth. The seat depth is not adjustable, and every inch of lumbar support you use is taken away from the depth of the seating area. So I can only use a little of the lumbar support before I feel like I'm falling out of the chair. The seat does not feel very cushion-y, but my butt does not get sore in longer sessions in it. I like the head cushion, but it's too thick; it would be better if it came in layers so you could decide how much headrest you want.But the BIG drawback is those awful, unadjustable side wings to the seat, something many reviews have pointed out. I guess Razer thought race seat appearance was more important than ergonomics. Well, they were wrong. Combined with the seat depth issue, this results in those wings digging into the sides of my thighs. No mansplaying in this thing. I found adding a footrest helps keep me in the proper position.Doing it over, I would definitely have gotten the bigger size seat even thought I don't consider myself a "big and tall" person. If you are 5'9"+ and 180lbs+ definitely get the bigger version, something else the reviews advised.So I'm keeping it, since the hassle of sending something this heavy back is a logistical nightmare, but I do plan on contacting Razer about options for swapping the seat out, angling the seat sides more, and for other headrest cushion options.

Super comfortable and supportive chair. Some Initial hydraulic lever issues during assembly.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 5, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

This has got to be one of the most supportive chairs i have ever sat in. While the seat can seam firm at first, it is one of the most comfortable chairs I have sat in for a while when it comes to using it for a computer chair. The only issue I had was during installation. The hydraulic lever that goes to the hydraulics for the lumbar support didn't initially work since the lever wouldn't even move. I had to play around with the cabling, loosen the screws a bit, and twist the lever some turns to loosen it up a bit to even allow the lever to move. It caused the metal cabling to birdcage a bit since the twisting unwound the hydraulic cabling. It was a bit concerning and I thought I was going to have to send it back for a return / warranty. In the end i was able to fix the issue and get it working as intended. I'm glad I stuck to playing around with it till it worked right since this seat is amazingly comfortable.

Wished I had a chair this nice when I was younger...

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 5, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

First off, I don't use this chair, I bought it for my daughter who spends a typical amount of time on her PC either doing graphic arts or playing video games. This is an upgrade from a $60 Amazon basic chair that did it's job for about 3 years but was starting to wear down and was no longer suitable for a growing child. Let me tell you what, every time I sit down on this chair to do something on her PC, I find every excuse not to get up, it feels that nice. The lumbar support is amazing, I wished it came standard in every automobile sold. This chair was well packaged, like the manufacturer was delivering a fragile piece of equipment. The assembly instruction, which consisted of a huge poster, made putting this together a breeze. This thing is built like a tank. Everyone deserves a comfortable and well built chair. If you're willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on a mattress for a good night's rest, then you should look at your computer chair the same way...

Almost perfect

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 13, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The best support if you like an option for an aggressive lumbar. I’ve had back surgery and need some serious lower back support so I tried secret lab 2022 and the iskur. I still own both chairs but my main is the iskur XL in the cloth and the wife loves the secret lab titan 2022 in cloth.Overall both are great. Secret lab had a more premium feel, but the iskur could get me in that perfect spot with the unique lumbar support. The titan has lumbar support but nothing compared to the iskur.My main advice if your looking at both chairs. if you really like sitting upright at all times and play keyboard and mouse then the iskur 10/10 because of that lumbar support will cradle your back for hours with no pain and the way the chair contours to your shoulders.If you lounge more and maybe watch TV or lean back and play with controller in an office chair then go secret lab 2022. The titan has a better neck pillow and tilt making it a better lounger.2 complaints about the iskur that are very minor after using it for 3-4 months1) the neck pillow still uses an elastic band so it’s difficult to find the perfect stop and it’s made of the same material as the chair. It’s really not too conformable. ( I just don’t use it )2) the tilt mechanism feels a little cheap, but still totally functional. It can still lock in place where you want it to. A little tricky to have tilt back and rock back and forth when using lumbar support due to you soothing more upright.Still highly recommend this chair to any keyboard and mouse user who keep their feet planted to the ground and play in the same position for hours.If you move around a lot in your chair and swap between positions, leaning back and watching tv then back to their keyboard or controller then go with the titan 2022.Hopes this helps!

Source: Amazon

Question: The lumbar support lever is too tight; does anyone have problems adjusting it? Is this a major problem?

Answer: The lever on my first chair was broken, so I had to send it back. Initially, the chair was damaged in transit, but Amazon promptly sent a replacement. However, after sitting in the new chair for 40 minutes, I realized it was not worth the $500 price tag. Instead, it is flimsily constructed and merely a razor label, and there are superior office chairs available for $100. Quick, before you lose your chance, send it back.

Question: What is the highest the seat can extend upwards?

Answer: To be clear, Razer's replies for dimensions are incorrect only if the company did not increase the size dimensions of the actual product to rise for the "XL" of the XL; otherwise, they are only stating the dimensions for the Regular "X" version.

Question: What's the legit reason to put wings on a seat? All they do is dig into my legs. Is there some benefit I'm not thinking about having seat wings?

Answer: Aside from the wings, this gaming chair is well-designed. The distance between the standard and the extra-large wings is the same. The advantages are nothing; in fact, they are foolish and pointless. This chair would be more comfortable if it had a bigger seat or no wings. My wife now has it in its original form. True gentlemen would be unable to relax in this chair for very long.

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