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Office Chair Computer High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair

Office Chair Computer High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair Specification:

customer_reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #1,515 in Office Products ( See Top 100 in Office Products ) #4 in Managerial Chairs & Executive Chairs
date_first_available September 18, 2020
color ‎Black
brand ‎FDW
frame_material ‎Alloy Steel
product_dimensions ‎29.5 x 26.4 x 48 inches
furniture_base_movement ‎Swivel
seat_material_type ‎Leather
item_weight ‎36 pounds
model_number ‎Office Chair
model_name ‎Computer High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair Executive
maximum_weight_recommendation ‎250 Pounds
pattern ‎Solid
country_of_origin ‎China
item_model_number ‎Office Chair
weight ‎36 Pounds

Easy to Install:

The office chair comes with the parts and tools needed for assembly. Following the instructions should take 10 to 20 minutes to put the executive chair together. The chair for the executive office is the chair for the executive office, the chair for the executive office, etc.

Soft and Comfort:

Forget about finding it difficult to concentrate on your job due to how uncomfortably your workplace chair is positioned. The executive chair is designed to support extended periods of work. This chair offers outstanding lumbar support thanks to its high back.

Good Material:

The executive chair's high-density sponge padding and waterproof, stain-resistant PU upholstery give it an upscale, leather-like look, and its unique form makes it a great addition to any office.

High Quality:

A BIMFA-certified gas lift, a solid chassis, a five-star foot design with a high weight capacity, and a strengthened steel frame construction all contribute to the executive chair's improved load-bearing capacity.

Applicable Places:

This chair is suitable for use in various settings, including the office, living room, bedroom, and study. It will give your decor a dash of elegance and sophistication.


Pros Cons
  • Elegant and modern.
  • 10-to-20-minute assembly.
  • Plush armrests.
  • Wider seat.
  • Upholstery isn't breathable.

Setting up a professional office at home or in a business space doesn't require taking on debt. We have looked for chair models that are cost-effective for a variety of budgets without sacrificing quality. Therefore, if you want a decent executive chair but want to spend less on it, the FDW high-back office chair is an easy selection for our best office chairs for under $300.

This ergonomic office chair's padded back and high-density sponge seat was created with your lower back in mind. The headrest's substantial padding also protects your cervical and thoracic regions. Therefore, this chair is for you if you want to give your office a more upscale vibe.

The faux-leather office chair's padded, rounded armrests are another appealing feature. The armrests are intended to provide a comfortable and healthy sitting experience by maintaining your arms in a natural posture, even though they are not adjustable. It is difficult to find executive chairs of this calibre that can compete in terms of comfort and aesthetics with more expensive models at this price point.

The inability of PU leather to breathe, however, limits its applicability. Because of this, if your workplace lacks air conditioning, you might start to sweat in this chair after a long day.


Amazon Reviews (5704)

Nine, but not for short people

Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Overall I am happy, but not deliriously so. Pros: It is well built and solid. It's easy to assemble. It is very comfortable. It was well packaged and comes with extra parts, which is nice. It comes with the best Allen wrench ever! I used a drill attachment, but the wrench they provide is awesome, and everything uses the same size! Cons: I'm 5'11", so technically above average, and at its lowest setting it is the perfect height. When you rock back it's a little tall and my feet dangle. My wife is 5'6 and thinks it's too high. The instructions are poor, but I didn't find them until I was almost done and I'd done everything intuitively, because it's that easy. (The instructions are inside the packaging for the seat back) The height piston on mine does not work, so it does not go up, not that I'd want it to do so often. I need to contact support to get a new piston. If that goes well I'll probably move to 5 stars, but 5 means perfect, and this was only close.

It worth the price

Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

If you need a good desk chair, I would buy this again. What I like. Its comfortable and the quality of the parts when assembly were good for the amount I paid for it. What you need to know. Its a bit tall, I'm almost 6ft tall and my legs just barely lie flat on the ground when I set down in it. So if you're shorter, you might need something to prop your feet up on in front of you. I'm carrying a few extra pounds at 250 pounds so my hips are decently wide. I fit into it pretty nicely with enough space I don't feel uncomfortable at all, not squeezed at all, but its not too wide either. What I don't like. Oh its nothing really, like I said the parts are very well stamped but the way it was made the chair base has to be screwed together, not a real big deal but I would pay an 18 year old an extra 5 bucks for the chair which would make his salary 20 bucks an hour to put together the base for me doing 4 chairs an hour. I knew when I looked at the instructions for putting the thing together I should have ignored them. After you put the base together it tells you to put the seat on it, don't. Its much easier to put the arms on the chair if you don't have to be dealing with the base hampering your progress. Its a pain either way to do but in my opinion the base gets in the way. After the seat is together than put it on the base. I wanted to curse myself for listening to them when my mind questioned it.

Mostly a quality chair for a good price

Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Only two concerns. One of the screws - it holds the back to the frame and I assume takes most of the weight when one leans back - was quite difficult to thread in and would not tighten securely. After working with it for quite a while I think I have it. But I will need to pay more attention to that than I think I should have to. Besides a periodic check for tightness, that is. Second concern - 4 of the little plastic pieces that cover the holes over the screws fell out as soon as I sat down for the first time. This is the third chair of this model I have purchased. I have been mostly satisfied with each chair. I would buy another if I need to.

Source: Amazon

Question: I weigh more the 250. Is it going to break?

Answer: I was over 300 pounds, but I've lost weight and am now only 265 inches tall. Your terrifying 250 pounds shouldn't be an issue because the chair is still usable until your backside is seated comfortably. Take it from me; if you sit on the chair like you're not trying to break eggs, it will last much longer. Have fun without compromising your safety.

Question: Help! How do you tilt the chair forward? With the chair lowered, my feet dangle bc it’s tilted too far back- I’m tall!

Answer: The chair seems to need a forward tilt. There are two main kinds of habitats. The device can be kept upright by pulling the bottom control lever. The release is made active by taking the lever out of its housing. This makes it easier to adopt the second posture, which is a reclined one. Everywhere I look, the second position appears to be unlocked. The chair should always return to its original, upright position when no one is sitting on it. I've thought about drilling a few keyhole slits in the control arm plate.

Question: Several screws came loose because our youngest decided the chair would make a good jungle gym. Is there a way to get replacements?

Answer: If you need to contact the company that processed your order, feel free to do so.

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