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KBEST High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair

KBEST High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair Specification:

customer_reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #23,429 in Office Products ( See Top 100 in Office Products ) #60 in Managerial Chairs & Executive Chairs
date_first_available December 1, 2020
color ‎Black
brand ‎KBest
product_dimensions ‎32.3 x 27.6 x 48.8 inches
style ‎Fine
material ‎Leather
pattern ‎Solid
recommended_uses_for_product ‎Office, Gaming
room_type ‎Office, Game Recreation Room
age_range_(description) ‎Adult
back_style ‎Solid Back
unit_count ‎1 Count
maximum_weight_recommendation ‎400 Pounds
seat_material_type ‎Foam
furniture_base_movement ‎Swivel
manufacturer ‎KBEST
item_weight ‎39.9 pounds
material_type ‎Leather
manufacturer_part_number ‎KBEST

Take the Fuss Out of Working:

Employing a KBEST ergonomic office chair, the most recent and greatest! The KBEST is your best option if you're looking for an executive chair. By twisting the lumbar knob on the support, you can adjust the pressure on your lower back. Because this model has an extra broad seating cushion, those who are worried that their height or weight will prevent them from finding an appropriate executive office chair should relax.

Rock Back & Relax:

In contrast to other standard office chairs, yours allows you to sit back comfortably. The user can modify the amount of push-back they experience thanks to the high-tech mechanism in the new high-back executive chair. To suit your tastes, you can raise or lower the tilt tension. The height of the 400lbs KBEST enormous and tall office chair can be adjusted as desired. By altering the height of your chair, you can unwind after a long day.

Get Your Chair to Do All the Heavy Lifting: 

The KBEST high-back chair was created with your comfort and security in mind. Our roomy and comfy office chair is designed to withstand heavy loads. Its durable metal frame and plate seat can withstand whatever abuse you dole out. A trouble-free workplace is guaranteed by its sturdy construction. Weight restriction of 400 lbs.

Pamper Yourself With High-end Materials:

Our ergonomic chair is very useful and aesthetically beautiful because we used only the best materials in its creation. Our lumbar support office chair was cushioned with premium high-density foam comparable to that found in only the finest furniture. Your skin will always feel amazing since the cushions are covered in bonded leather, soft to the touch and permeable to air.

Order Your Best Office Chair Today. Risk-free:

Each chair is painstakingly made with you in mind to guarantee your utmost satisfaction. Although we're sure you'll love our large & tall chair, if there's ever a time you don't, our kind and knowledgeable Customer Service representatives are here to help. Additionally, please contact us if you experience any problems with our products within a year of purchase.


Pros Cons
  • Warranty.
  • Bonded leather.
  • Metal base.
  • Rocking 90–110 degrees.
  • Heavy-duty chairs are hard to move.

Finding a huge, tall office chair of good quality is challenging for less than $300. Fortunately, we did some research and found this one; it comes highly recommended. We discovered the KBEST executive desk chair to be the best option for huge and tall persons looking for an affordable chair because it can support up to 400 pounds and is both taller and broader than most other office chairs on the market. Thanks to its complex mechanism, you may customise the tilt tension and the resistance you feel while pushing the chair's back. In this relaxing office chair, you may unwind.

The KBEST office chair is made of materials of the such good calibre that we are envious of other, more expensive chairs, but it still costs less than $300, which is fantastic. High-density foam has been used to cushion the back and seat of this chair for comfort and durability, making it the best choice for prolonged sitting. Although it looks like a high-end executive office chair, it offers more durability and support. This ergonomic computer chair's bonded leather upholstery promotes airflow while offering a plush, comfortable surface to sit on. Any office decor will go well with this type of executive chair's traditional black or brown leather upholstery.


Amazon Reviews (1160)

My 2 year experience with this chair.

Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Pros after 2 years and weighing between 350-400lbs and using chair "heavily". - Still feels almost as sturdy as the day I assembled it. - Hasn't done the "frontward droop" that EVERY chair I owned before it did. - Other than cosmetic wear, nothing mechanically or ergonomically has changed in the chair. I mean 'NOTHING'. - Armwrests, despite being abused almost non-stop, have little-to-no signs of wear or weakness in the supports. - Absolutely no discomfort after incredibly long sitting sessions, and you don't feel like you're on a carnival ride when you lean back. Cons - Absolutely none. Full-stop. Overall The chair still feels virtually no different than the day I put it together, and shows zero signs that will change. Ended up recommending the chair to another heavier friend of mine (well over 400lbs) who had the same issues with lesser chairs just wearing out within a year or two and not being comfortable, and this was a silver bullet. If you've made it to this part, take my advice: pay that price and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Glad I bought it!!

Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

This chair is very comfortable. It's pretty firm but not enough to be uncomfortable but more so supportive. I work from home and sit at my desk easily 8hrs+ a day and this chair has been great so far. I have a lot of lower back issues which this chair has made it feel like a breeze to sit at the computer. The seat is fairly wide but not quite enough for me to cross both of my legs. Putting it together was fairly easy, the only thing I had a hiccup with was the chair arms but it was due to not seeing the L/R on them to be able to figure out which went on what side. The instructions suggest you have 2 people to assemble the chair but it's possible with one. The hardest part is holding the back of the chair up and getting the screws in. All in all, assembly took maybe 20 minutes, including the time it took to unbox everything. My only real complaint is that the chair was sent through FedEx and FedEx SUCKS! They had delay after delay with little communication and no response to inquiring as to where my package is. I live in an apartment on the second floor and have back issues so having the chair delivered to my door was a huge deal for me. FedEx SO kindly delivered the chair in a beat up box (thankfully the manufacturer packaged it well so no damages) to the wrong apartment... the apartment they delivered it to was on the second floor of a DIFFERENT apartment complex.

Hubby loves this chair!

Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Hubby weighs around 260 pounds and loves his new chair. 4 stars for assembly as he had a tough time aligning the arms. It probably took him 30 minutes to assemble it but so worth it. Beautiful and gives ample support. Stays up at the height he likes. His previous chair was thin and would go down whenever it felt like it; thinks it’s possessed… I would definitely recommend this beautiful and sturdy chair.

Source: Amazon

Question: How has the chair helped with long-term use?

Answer: The seat seemed uncomfortable and did not appear to offer much support. I struck rock bottom when I sat down because I weighed 310 pounds and was 6 feet 3 inches tall. Sitting on planks with a thin mattress on top of it gave that impression. Thicker seat cushions are required; memory foam is the best material.

Question: What is the seat adjustment height in inches from the floor; High? Low?

Answer: The seat rises to a maximum height of 22 inches from the floor and a minimum height of 20 inches.

Question: How does the seat cushion hold up over time? Does it feel like it's flattening out too much?

Answer: The chair's cushion still feels wonderful after a few months of use, just like it did when I first bought it. Despite being surprisingly soft and lovely, it is nonetheless sturdy. The idea makes my heart race. I sincerely hope you find this information useful.

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