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Homall Gaming Chair Computer Office High Back

Homall Gaming Chair Computer Office High Back Specification:

Color Black
Brand Homall
Product Dimensions 14.5 x 19.8 x 52 inches
Style Modern
Special Feature Adjustable
Material Leather
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Room Type Living Room
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Age Range (Description) Adult
Back Style Solid Back
Unit Count 1 Count
Included Components Chair
Item Weight 39 pounds
Shape Rectangular
Model Name Height Swivel Chair Ergonomic Executive Chair with Headrest for Adults
Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds
Seat Material Type Faux Leather
Furniture base movement Swivel
Manufacturer Homall
Item model number 1
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No

Unique design:

This office chair's black PU leather upholstery features a stylish and robust carbon fiber pattern, and its steel frame and five-star base give it a rock-solid basis.

Ergonomic design:

This office chair's ergonomic design and strong metal frame make long periods spent in front of a computer much more comfortable.


Any location, including the office, living room, conference room, or gaming rig, is the perfect spot to use this SGS, UL, and BIFMA-approved gaming chair.


The chair can be adjusted in height, reclines to a degree between 90 and 170 degrees, and swivels a full 360 degrees. It rolls effortlessly on rubber wheels and can be moved in any direction. Both the headrest pillow and the lumbar support are removable. When utilizing this, don't use more than 300 pounds of weight. 

Applicable Places:

Not just for a gaming room, this Homall chair is excellent for usage in the living room, bedroom, office, study, and other areas as well. The finished product will be a room that is more upscale and modern.


Pros Cons
  • Constructible.
  • Armrests long.
  • Gas-powered pneumatic lift.
  • Disconnected seat.

If you want to give your home entertainment system a dash of elegance and sophistication, a racer gaming chair from homall is perfect. The chair enhances the attractiveness of any space it is in a while serving several useful purposes.


The ergonomic shape of the chair was created in response to the customer's need for a chair that supports spinal alignment.


Sitting for extended periods, whether at work or playing video games, can result in back pain. The ergonomic designs of the seats, which imitate how people normally sit, provide relief for those with back trouble.


The 18.6-inch padded armrests are a comfortable place to put your hands down. It is considerably simpler to rest a hand on the armrests while reading or watching TV because this is longer than a human forearm. The pneumatic gas lift feature is fantastic since it makes the chair comfortable for people of different heights.


Amazon Reviews ()

Difficult to do by yourself

Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The back was incredibly annoying/difficult to screw on by myself, but great overall look.

Simply amazing. Easy to assemble and is made of high quality materials.

Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I personally love the material quality and how easily adjustable it is. I have a back injury and the back supports are extremely comfortable. I love this product. 5 Stars all day.

Good chair for the price

Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Good first step gaming chair for the price. Needed something study and comfortable and this is the right fit for that.

5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE -- 4 star product

Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2018

rating rating rating rating rating

REVIEW OF THE BLACK-S1 Carbon FiberBought this chair to replace a worn out chair at my office while staying on a budget. Overall, is a good chair for the price.PROS:- Good build quality for the price- Assembly is just as easy as other similar but more expensive chairs- Should be comfortable to sit in for extended periods with a decent neck pillow- Reclines way back (but I don't think it's balanced properly to lay back in completely flat)CONS:- The lumbar pillow is too big in my opinion (and I'm a skinny guy), it pushes you way too far forward in the seat and I would never use it had I kept the chair- The most noteworthy compromise in this chair is in the base of the seat. First off, if you are a wide set person, this chair will likely be far too narrow and it felt narrow even to both me and my wife (both tall and thin people). Finally, the most glaring issue with is was the side pad areas of the base of the seat. The angled side pads that make up the edges of the base of the seat are not really part of the seat at all, but purely cosmetic. They appear to be angled extensions of the seat base but are actually just empty airspace with PU leather wrapped around a foam padded bar on each side. Feels VERY strange on the sides of your thighs when the sides of the chair don't give normal resistance to your legs if you're used to a full and supportive bucket seat style. This is the only reason it's not a 5-star chair for me.It appears that the Black-s5 does not have this seat base issue, and it sells for a reasonably higher price, this is likely the model to be choosing!So if you're like me and are coming from your personal gaming/office chair in the $400+ price range, you will definitely notice immediately how they are able to sell this chair in the $100 range. While it is perfectly functional, it is not up to par with the $400-600 chairs on the market, but I don't think it's trying to be.I think if they improved the seat base and sold this chair for $150-175, it would be an outstanding value product.For the current price, it is a good value and a perfectly functional chair and likely a very major upgrade for someone using an uncomfortable office chair that hurts their back while gaming or whatever.In the end, my colleagues rejected the chair simply because they didn't like the high back design vs the medium back height chairs they were used to.The seller was very accommodating with quick customer service to help solve the unfortunate issue of having an unpacked & assembled, but unwanted chair. Very high regards to the seller!

Just no.

Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Ive ordered two different styles of this chair. The 1st one lasted 4 years, im a big dude (275lbs) so expected. This model is about a foot taller than any other chair ive owned. Im 6'4" you think this wouldnt bother me. The issue is my knees will no longer go under my desk. Im a foot higher than my monitors. The weather is nice up here but i cant see the dang screens.

Decent Chair, Great Value

Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2018

rating rating rating rating rating

This is a great chair for its price, and I am more than willing to overlook its problems, which it is not without. This is my first gaming chair, though I've sat in some nice ones belonging to my friends, so I can compare this to those.Pros:- Much cheaper than a typical high-end gaming chair, which can cost $300+.- Despite the price, it looks and feels nearly as good as those chairs, which means it feels great to sit in for any period of time.- I didn't have any tools on me (I just moved), but assembling the chair with the included tools was quick and easy.Cons:- The screw-holes aren't the best, some were a bit tight and required a lot of effort to get the screws into, especially for top halves of the plastic covers for the sides. Once they're in, though, they're quite sturdy, so this isn't much of a problem. I believe at least some of the complaints about wobbliness come from people who assumed the screws were in all the way when they got tight and stopped tightening them; so for anyone setting up the chair, those screws may (or may not) still have a few millimeters to go.- The gas cylinder used to adjust the chair's height isn't quite as powerful as the ones used in fancier gaming chairs, so you might have to fiddle with it a bit more than you might be used to (in my case, every now and then I have to pull the lever twice, or get up). Coming from an office chair, it shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.Unknown:- I live in a carpeted apartment, so I'm not sure how true the complaints about noise are for this chair, especially when it comes to shifting it around. The chair doesn't creak or crack or anything when I lean back or fiddle with the armrests, so I'd say it's fine.- The chair seems fine, so I have yet to need support from Homall/Furniwell for anything so far. Regardless, this is a decent chair and I am happy with it.

Pretty good cheap chair.

Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

Really good chair. I got it on prime day for about 90$ i think. Really Sturdy. Reason i gave it 4 stars is because the back sometimes pops, and im pretty sure its just the back 3 bolts holding the back of the chair just creaks and pops. It doesnt budge, but it makes me wonder whats happening. I have a blanket over the chair because usually im not wearing a shirt and dont want to sweat on the leather, as im pretty sure would stain it in the long run. Ive had it for a few months and havnt noticed any sag, and the cushion is still nice and comfortable. Only other real gripe is the head rest. Im 6'1 and its more of a shoulder rest, but it's still comfortable. Ita my first real chair that ive used for my computer and id give it an overall 9/10


Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Ok . I found it a bit tall with casters so I immediately got flat 11mm nylon slides and that sorted that I recommend keeping the lumbar support and removing the neck rest and attaching it just above. This will give you proper back support. I wish the seat sides were a bit wider but for 80 dollars it is a terrific buy. These are the proper slides for this chair if you are short legged like me

Love it

Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Was a gift Love it easy to assemble , comfortable

If the price is right?

Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020

rating rating rating rating rating

I have had this chair for a little over a year now, and I am shopping for a new one. I think for the price I paid I got a decent chair. Lots of people have already stated the good parts so let me just type out the things that I did not like initially as well as the things that have now prompted me to get a new chair.First, the lumbar support cushion has a tendency to slip into the crack between the back and seat of the chair, this causes malformation of the cushion as well as of course not providing the proper support, this is a problem i have been having from day 1.Second, when assembling the chair the back and seat are connected by a metal plate which is screwed in. When screwing the plate into the back not all of the premade holes were properly aligned leading to not being able to use all the given screws.Third, the armrests have always been a bit wobbly even after going in and tightening the bolts several times.Fourth, after about 4-6 months the cushion was fairly compressed and flat compared to when i bought the chair leading to some amount of discomfortAnd fifth, the reason of replacement. Recently whenever I lean back in the chair in order to relax or stretch (without using the tilting mechanism, I am literally just putting my weight into it) it skips gears causing me to momentarily fall backwards a few inches. I weigh 155 pounds and am 5'7, the reclining gear on the chair should not have worn out this fast even on a cheap chair. This flaw means I can never truly relax on the chair otherwise I fall backwards, you can see how that is fairly unacceptable for something that might be used for 4-8 hours a day

Source: Amazon

Question: Between this chair and Merax, which is better?

Answer: Even though I've never heard of Merax, I had to give Hornall the most uncomfortable chair I've ever sat in.

Question: I am 5' 3". Can you adjust the head pillow?

Answer: You can customize the pillow's strap to match your needs. You can move and use this pillow in several positions. Yes, it will take place.

Question: Does the chair recline to any degree between 90 and 150? Or is it just 90, 120, and 150? Thanks.

Answer: For this reason, the foundation already has holes that the bar may slot into. By depressing a button on the side of your chair, you can change how far back it reclines.

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