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HK GAMING GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gateron and Actuation Point optoswitches:

If you're looking for a dependable keyboard, a Gateron optical switch is your best option. Quick optical system makes bidding point 1.5mm high. Gateron optical switches distribute infrared light horizontally across the keys.

RGB backlight:

RGB backlighting's 16.8 million colour possibilities enable Aurora, Gradient, Ripple, Music, Rainbow, Waves, Windmill, Single Light, and Spectrum effects. The RGB Backlit option may also illuminate your game background in different colours.

Macs and PCs both work:

The best World of Warcraft keyboard has a 60-inch USB Type-A to Type-C connection for Windows 7 and Mac OS. This keyboard is suitable for the business or home. TKL may have the greatest keyboard and mouse for gaming.

ABS Doubleshot Keycaps and Macros:

Doubleshot ABS keycaps are durable and resistant. Ergonomic keyboards make typing comfortable. Developers can record VBA code whenever it's handy. These hats never lose quality. Macro recorders utilise specialised software.



Product Dimensions 11.5 x 4.02 x 1.57 inches
Item Weight 1.18 pounds
Manufacturer Hong Kong Keyboards
Item model number GK61
Pros Cons
  • Gateron optical switches.
  • RGB backlight.
  • Second-layer arrow keys are accessible.
  • NKRO USB-C cable.
  • Switchable.
  • Excellent tech support.
  • ABS keys.
  • Unadjustable kickstand.

The GK61 mechanical keyboard distinguishes out from other manufacturers of mechanical keyboards due to its large proportion of mechanical parts and special features like a microphone concealed beneath the space bar and programmable RGB lighting with several effects.

The GK61 is the only mechanical keyboard you need if you want lots of customising options. Its design makes it simple to change out keycaps, switches, and even case silencers. In addition to being affordable, the GK61 includes a lot of practical functions and is quite configurable.

If you're searching for an inexpensive, readily customisable mechanical keyboard with 60% of the functions of a regular keyboard plus the capacity to record audio, the GK61 is a fantastic choice.


Amazon Reviews ()

Fell like tfue

Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2019

I really like this thing great for fortnite I fell like I’m tfue

Good keyboard for a great price

Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2019

I've had 4 keyboards, starting with the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, then the Corsair Strafe RGB, then the Logitech G Pro, and now the GK61. After researching about custom keyboards, I figured this would be a good base to get started. This board is made using the GK61 PCB from ePathBuy, which means you can customize to your liking beyond just the keycaps. For example, I found another case for this PCB that I will be placing this board into. I have yet to try out the hot swappable switch feature, but you can find Gateron Optical switches in 70 packs for less than $20. The software for this keyboard is garbage. If you can read Chinese you might be able to figure it out, but I still don't know how to change the static lights from green to another color (I keep the lights off anyway). All in all, this keyboard is fantastic for the aspiring custom keyboard junkie like myself.

A fully hot swappable optical mechanical keyboard with RGB for only $50!

Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2019

Wow! For $50, finding a hot swappable 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard is just mind boggling! I’ve had this keyboard for a few weeks now, and I must say I’m very impressed with it. The first thing that stood out to me when I used this keyboard was that the Gateron Optical Switches are SOOO SMOOTH. Seriously though, they’re smoother than the regular Gateron Switches (Non-optical) and they put Cherry Mx Switches in the dirt. This keyboard also comes with software to add macros, change lighting, etc. However, I’ve been told that it is complete garbage. The features that this keyboard provides for the price highly outweighs it’s garbage software, which is why I’m giving this 5 stars. The keyboard is only hot swappable with Gateron Optical Switches that you can purchase on epathbuy.The build quality of this keyboard is solid as well, having a backplate made entirely out plastic, it still feels like a premium product. The keyboard comes with feet rests on the back and this allows the keyboard to not move around at all when you’re typing or gaming.My only con is that it only comes with 2 switch options and doesn’t come with more switch options such as the Gateron Optical Reds, Blacks, Yellows, Silvers, etc.Overall, this keyboard destroys any other on this website for the price and I recommend it to anyone trying to find a good quality 60% optical mechanical hot swappable keyboard with RGB backlights for a cheap price.


Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2019

The media could not be loaded.  The GK61 is honestly the greatest deal for what you get.In my photos i’ve swapped the keys for NKPC PBC Miami keycaps and i’ve spray painted the case to white. There are several other cases available on epathbuy for pre-made black and white cases, aluminum, wooden, and more cases.Priced at only $50 you get a great keyboard with lots of customization. The switches are hot-swappable with optical switches giving u the flexibility to change your switches overtime finding the sweetspot for yourself.Pros:- the switches feel great. i’m using the gateron browns.- build quality is great for price. heavy and sturdy even though it is out of plastic.- comes prelubed so no need to lube when receiving the package.- stock keycaps are decent but i’d reccomend swapping them if you have the money- individual lit rgb keys for customizationCons:- one of stabilizer stabs came broken- can feel a tiny bit mushy at times- not compatible with standard 60% cases, but it has its own small selection. you can always spraypaint like I did.- program is confusing if you’re into rgb settingstldr: buy it. you won’t regret it

You do not need any more than this. (Brown Switch) (Gamer perspective)

Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2020

Why i bought this keybaord:1. I wanted a smaller foot print on my desk2. I like new tech and wanted optical switches3. The value proposition here was very intriguing.Potential deal breakers:1. Lighting - If you are an RGB crazed mad man, you might not want this for VERY picky reasons. The rgb used in this keyboard has two leds for each key. I have no idea why they thought this was a good idea or what they were going for but the downside to it is that you can see both leds depending on what color the board is trying to show.2. Glossy sides of key caps if you are super picky3. No media or volume control. (Can be remedied if you download and run auto hotkey on startup of windows. this is more of an advanced thing for someone to do, but anyone can do it, even with your keyboard you are probably using now)Pros (in order):1. Typing experience (Brown switch, this is my second mechanical keyboard) - For those who dont know, the brown mechanical switches have a tactile bump which is felt as a sort of wall on the key press that you break through. Brown switches are not clicky and the sound they make is muted and low tone which I absolutely love. I came from a logitech 810 that has the G Romer switch, which is Logitech's proprietary mechanical key switch. These switches are very similar but I would say that the Gateron optical browns in this keybaord have a slightly more present tactile bump.I was excited to try out these switches and I love them. I have been playing type racer for a couple of hours today just because of the amazing typing experience and the pleasing low bassy sound that comes from these keys. they are also a big reason why have taken the time to write out such a lengthy review for this product because i just enjoy typing on these switches so much.Truly a pleasure.2. Gaming (again, this is the brown switch) - I am a gamer so this point is either going to be a pro or a con in this review and obviously its in the pro list. As for the optical switches, i think the lack of input delay actually got me confused when i started playing. I read that input on other keyboards are like 30 ms while optical is bassically no input delay at all. I felt weird at first but i got used to it in a couple minutes and use the keyboard as normally would my G 810. I played first person shooter with this today and the tactile bump was a bit more of a hindrance than the G Romer switch on the 810 but i dont really mind it because i will eventually get used to it and wont notice it anymore. It is different but not different enough to were i wont get over it. If you are into linear switches than obviously you wont want anything to do with the brown switches in the first place.3. stabilizers - the large keys like space, shift, backspace and enter all feel really solid. the space bar in particular on my G 810 along with the other keys was really lousy and am glad to be rid of it. that space bar was ridiculously clacky where the space bar on this keyboard makes a satisfying THUMP.4. Lighting - it works. im not that picky or an rgb freak. I like a nice per key back lighting and this makes me happy. The double color you get from the weird leds is odd but its not a big deal. The instructions for how to change the lighting effects with the function + (whatever key) is all in the manual you get with the keyboard. (you can do more with the software but its not easily found and do not think most people will download it because of how you go about finding it)Conclusion and take ways for me:I will never buy a high name brand keyboard ever again. For what is 50 dollars, i got everything i could ever need out of a keyboard where high end brands like logitech would charge 100 to 120 or more for similar offerings. For me, spending extra money on anything else would be a 100 percent waste. I would gain nothing meaningful to me or my setup at all.Regardless of price, these switches awesome (ive only had this and the G Romer switch by the way)

Says it comes with USB-C cord, not entirely true.

Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2019

I bought this to use with a Macbook Pro (USB-C), and this says it comes with a USB-C cord.That's technically true, but the USB-C part plugs into the keyboard and it has a regular USB head on the side you want to plug into your computer.

Exactly what you get for the price.

Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2019

The media could not be loaded.  I will start this review saying that overall I like this keyboard, this is my first mechanical keyboard and I will keep for a while, the thing is that I have tried in stores more of the high-end keyboard and this is not perfect. So it need's some improvement's so it could be perfect, this will be based on the typing and gaming experience.The box includes the keyboard, USB to Type C cable, key popper, switch popper and a manual.The Type C cable is braided and looks nice with the gold ends, nice for the price.The keyboard has a plastic case that even that when I ordered I thought it was going to be cheap, surprisingly I like how it looks and doesn't look cheap at all, having the option of the removable Type C connection is good, but talking about the exterior the little thing that it could have is a adjustable feet because it just makes it more adaptable for all people .The PBT keycaps let the RGB through and the font isn't terrible as some others keys so the are good and showing all the functions that the keyboard has.Now the typing experience is great but not more than that because of the stabilizers (that I will talk about them in a moment) they are glued to the plate and keys like shift and enter feels different and not that smooth, it could be mine in specific.In gaming is not that important as typing because writing you will need almost all keys but the features for games are great, press as much keys at the same time as you want, fast response time and then the switches that you pick, great for gaming.I don't have anything bad to say about the switches, I ordered the blue switches and work as expected. Even that it says hot swappable, they only work with optical switches, this could be a bummer for some but I would say to give it a trie to the gaterons.The RGB is just not good, if you expect to use anything out of the basic colors like red, blue, green, etc. They will just look horrible and some cases will not be that color at all.The software has a lot of customization like breathing, wave effects and could set each key as the color you like even creating your own. All the functions that you can set in it surprised me adding to the ones that you can see in the picture of the key caps, you can change them all and set each key for something different including with the function key excluding the ñ or any other funcions from the spanish keyboard. You have three profiles that you can change with the in board memory of the keyboard and one with the software open. But you will need to know some chinese or pass a lot of time trying the options like I did, look for the link putting in google GK61 software and you will find it.So the stabilizers for some reason are glued to the board as you can see in the pictures and it feels cheap and looks gross, this is my most big complaint having aesthetically and feeling downsides with overall the experience of typing and gaming.So this 50$ keyboard being the first one that I own with the pros and cons that it has, I could say that I recommend it if you only have a 50$ budget for this, of you have more than 80$ just look for another option, it isn't terrible just that it could be better with little details.

Great sound, colors and response time

Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2020

The media could not be loaded.  We bought this for our 11 year old son with a birthday gift card from family. He loves it, please watch his detailed video review!

Great keyboard, Software is an absolute joke/disaster

Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2019

The keyboard has a fantastic build quality for its price. It's got exactly the 61% shape with the addition of my Home/pageup+down/arrow keys etc.The software.. oh dear. You have to google how to find the software, They don't even tell you about the software besides one leaflet in the box saying "compatible with example.exe"It's all dominatnly Chinese, they didn't even both doing a a full English translation of everything. There JUST enough english to scrape by, but the learning is all on you.Try to change a color? good luck, you have to figure out how to make a profile, then try to choose a color. HOPE that when you press save (if you find that button) that the color actually saves. In order to get a color of Aqua blue, no effects, I had to 'trick' the software, but making multiple 'frames' of that one color, do the hokey pokey with it, save and hope it stayed put.Once I figured out how to apply it... No aqua blue, just black. and now shift doesn't work.So I gave up for today and stuck with its default colors (the whole reason I got this and not another was because it included RGB to match my desk.)Get it for the keyboard, don't get it for customizing. You are going to be at the mercy of some poor team of programmers who were given a day to create it.

Impressive for the price.

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2020

I just received this keyboard and am coming the perspective of a havit 104 blue switch keyboard.Pros:Small - I wanted to downsize from a 104 key layout to free up my space and it is exactly what i was looking for.Hot swap switches. - I accidentally ordered the brown switch model and I am actually satisfied with them so I will be keeping this model, but if i do ever get tired of the brown switches I at least am able to easily swap between switches instead of having to buy a new keyboard.Build quality - The board was surprisingly heavier than I expected and feels more sturdy with almost no flex to the board.Switches: The brown switches provide a tactile feedback that I find satisfied and the keys produce enough noise to produce an audio feedback that I feel boosts the overall experience of using this product.Cons:Keycaps - When you look at this board you feel like this purchase was worth it except for when you start to look at the keycaps. They look and feel cheap with glossy edges so I would recommend buying aftermarket keycaps to improve this.Neutral:RGB settings - It is better than a havit keyboard but not as good as the keychron K2. Some of the presets are appealing but I feel like more solid color options could be added. As seen in other reviews the software could use some work but as a Mac user I am not able to use it at all. This leaves me with the standard presets only.Overall for the price I am happy with the initial presentation of the keyboard and would highly recommend it

Source: Amazon

Question: Are you going to update to pbt keycaps? dierya's 60% has pbt for the exact same price.

Answer: All that is required is for you to modify them as needed to meet your needs. Simply watch the accompanying instructions to discover how to achieve this. Whenever you become tired of the switches, you may replace them. Switches range in price depending on the kind. If you value silence and have the additional money to invest, purchase the keyboard that allows for hot swapping holy pandas. I want to view a tutorial video. Using the provided tool, the keycaps may be taken off.

Question: can you use this for ps4?

Answer: It is 100% compatible with your PS4.

Question: Can I use the wireless mode for pc?

Answer: Instead of being wireless, the keyboard is corded.

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