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Furniwell Leather Gaming Chair Office Desk Chair

Furniwell Leather Gaming Chair Office Desk Chair Specification:

Color Black
Brand Furniwell
Product Dimensions 19.7 x 19.7 x 43.6 inches
Special Feature Adjustable
Material Leather
Recommended Uses For Product Office, Gaming
Room Type Office
Back Style Solid Back
Unit Count 1 Count
Included Components Chair Seat,Chair Back,Base,Wheels,Armrests
Item Weight 31 pounds
Shape Rectangular
Model Name Furniwell Gaming Chair Computer Desk Chair Adjustable Racing Swivel Executive Task Chair
Seat Material Type Leather
Furniture base movement Swivel
Manufacturer Furniwell
Item model number VCD-FDP

Thicker seat and backres:

The thicker seat and backrest of our office gaming chair are stuffed with a high-density sponge, making a comfortable sitting experience ideal for those who sit for long periods, whether at work or when playing a video game.

Ergonomic design:

Consideration was given to the wide range of users sitting in this chair, and ergonomic principles were used in its development. A good example is an emphasis placed on the user's lumbar and back support, which helps to prevent muscular strain even after hours of use.

Controlled rocking function:

When you're feeling fatigued, you can rock back and forth in your office chair with the help of a convenient lever. Simply push the lever inward to close it after you're done with it; it's as simple as that.

Mixed surface materials:

Unlike standard office chairs, our gaming chairs' surfaces are upholstered in a combination of PU leather and mesh fabric. The chair's design makes it less likely to slip or wear out quickly and allows plenty of airflow.

Easy installation process:

Our office chair's straightforward and functional design facilitates a speedier assembly process. In a short time, you can install and start using the product with the help of the instructions.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable.
  • Breathable and durable upholstery.
  • Comfy and supportive high-density sponge, seat.
  • Tough to put together.
  • Poor transit times.
  • The armrests aren't very comfortable.

The high-density sponge used in this chair's seat cushions contributes to the chair's comfort and low price. It includes a rocking motion that can be locked and is made specifically for lumbar and back support. The upholstery can withstand wear and tear while being more breathable than standard PU leather. Additionally, it may be lowered to a comfortable 15.7 inches for those on the shorter side.

Amazon Reviews ()

Avoid if tall

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 20, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Since I go through these gaming chairs fast I bought this one that was abit cheaper. First 2 I bought were name brand for like $400 but they each lasted about 2 years . Then I bought one for like $200 and it lasted another 2 years. This one had a different style and I bought it so its probably my fault.. but im 6'3 and this chair is designed for people maybe 5'4 TOPS. Ill prob use it for a month or two and see if I can get used to it, but not only is the back of it alot shorter it sits alot closer to the ground so I cannot fully extend my legs. I will probably have to look for a similar one to the last one I had.

Good basic chair

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 7, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

I was in need of an office chair for work-at-home duties, and decided to look for something other than the standard gamer-y fare that is everywhere. This was relatively cheap, has a little gamer flare look but still not wild colors or anything.Assembly was standard as all these chairs go, and despite people commenting that holes didn't line up properly, I only found one bolt that needed more effort than others. I probably could've chased the threads with a tap but it was fine doing it by hand. The biggest issue I had was more along the lines of just holding the back in place while putting the bolts in. A little tricky by yourself, but doable.While I question how much breathability the mesh portions are (I think the description really oversells that more than it should), the fake leather and everything does feel fine. I had no blemishes out of the box, and no rips. Time will tell how the stitches hold up, but I do like that the front most section is a cross-sectional piece. I have another much more expensive chair that ripped the seams under the thighs within a month just due to stress in that direction, so I expect this might hold up a little better due to the direction. I do wish there was just a little more throw in the reclining action, it seems to only be a few inches worth, but enough that it's nice to have. Likewise with the lift mechanism, there's only 4 inches of up/down distance give or take. The only other thing that would be nice is if the arms were maybe a half inch to an inch taller. There's no adjustment, but for me it's just the slightest bit too low to rest on comfortably. It's not a major issue, as my arms are usually against my desk anyway, but wanted to point it out.Overall, I think it's hard to beat for the price. The cheapest leather-like office chair at a certain box store runs 10 more than this one, and this one does give you a little more of the upbeat design over just a flat back chair. The issues I mentioned are also only specific to this model - other 'gamer' oriented chairs usually have those addressed but you do pay a little more to get those, so all in all, I'm pretty pleased with how this holds up.

Doesn't sit very high

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 14, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The chair is nice but not comfortable at all. It doesn't sit very high and I am only 5'1 and it's too low. Very small percent of adjustability and the cushion is practically flat. Pretty but not practical or comfortable.

Not a bad chair for the price

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 15, 2020

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought two of these as my wife and I both needed new chairs. They were easy to assemble with only the included tool needed to put it together. Some of the holes were hard to line up but once you got them going they were fine.The pleather covering is alright. I don't seem to sweat as much in this chair as I did my old one.It seems to favor leaning forward a bit but I think this has to do with the design being good for postureMy only personal con with this chair is that I cant rock back. Even the slightestBuild quality is alright although I feel that if I were to put my full weight on the arms they give and would break,Overall, for the price, not bad chairs.

Decent chair kinda snail though

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 7, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

It’s pretty sturdy and comfortable but I’m only about 5’9 or 5’10 on a good day and my head is over the top of the head rest. I also might’ve built it with error but the rubber stoppers on the side arm rest sometimes pop off other than those things this a great chair.

Good chair, took forever to get here

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 10, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

It's an alright chair, good for the money. My only issue is I tried to have this chair delivered 3 times and it finally got to me now after about a month of waiting despite having prime. Amazon should have a system to reimburse people at least part of their purchase if it arrives extremely late, I had to buy another chair to use while I waited for this one

Comfy but difficult to build

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 10, 2020

rating rating rating rating rating

Super comfy - I love it.However - it was SO HARD to put together. I couldn’t screw in the arms by myself. Definitely a two person job.I still can’t seem to get the chair to connect to the bottom part but as long as I don’t need to lift it it’s not a big deal.

Good price, not so comfy.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 4, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

The chair was easy to assemble also a good price, but it is definitely not comfortable. It needs more padding for the bottom.

Too small for a 6' man

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 23, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought it for my computer desk but the back is too short. Not big enough for a 6' man

Comfortable and sturdy

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 23, 2020

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought this chair for my son. It's a nice size for a smaller person. It was easy to assemble and is quite sturdy. I think that it will last for years. The only thing that he would change would be for it to rock back instead of just side to side. I think it was a great value for the price!

Source: Amazon

Question: Can a 10-year-old fit in it?

Answer: Both of my kids, ages 11 and 13, can use it. For our 13-year-old daughter, we invested.

Question: Maximum weight capacity?

Answer: About 300 ounces.

Question: How high does it raise?

Answer: By pulling the correct lever, you may easily adjust the height of your chair.

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