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Dowinx Gaming Chair Office Chair PC Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair Office Chair PC Chair Specification:

Color Black
Brand Dowinx
Product Dimensions 23 x 20 x 55 inches
Style Retro
Special Feature Adjustable Lumbar, Swivel, Arm Rest, Adjustable Height, Head Support, Cushion Availability
Material Faux Leather
Recommended Uses For Product Office, Reading, Relaxing, Gaming
Room Type Office
Frame Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Age Range (Description) Adult
Back Style Solid Back
Unit Count 1 Count
Included Components Leather
Item Weight 49.8 pounds
Shape Rectangular
Model Name DO-BLACK
Maximum Weight Recommendation 350 Pounds
Seat Material Type Foam
Furniture base movement Swivel
Manufacturer DOWINX
Item model number DO-BLACK


We've upgraded the linkage armrest to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. Our massaging lumbar pillow now comes with a universal USB plug, which is great for relieving back pain.

Everything You Need For A Chair: 

With a full circle swivel and silent, gliding casters, this chair can go everywhere you do. Fully recline from 90 degrees to 165 degrees for lounging, working, and playing; A rocking mechanism that can be adjusted to 20 degrees with a footrest that may be retracted for comfort; You may modify the height of the seat to accommodate a weight range of 125 to 350 pounds, and the included head pillow and lumbar support are both very adaptable.

For Not Only Gamer: 

Rely on the sturdy wingback for multi-contact lumbar pressure relief and the support of a neck pillow for your spine. The retractable footrest and the redesigned soft wing frame are additional improvements to your sitting comfort.

Sturdy Construction & Eco-Friendly Material:

High-quality PU leather is hand-stitched onto an alloy frame, and the foam is 5 inches thick. Improvements to the LANT gas cylinder and mechanism significantly extend the chair's useful life.

Installation And After Sell Services: 

Provides a shopping experience with a support crew available at all hours. It comes with a comprehensive manual that explains how to use it. We guarantee our replacement services for one month and our parts for one year.

Pros Cons
  • Lumbar manipulator.
  • Top-notch PU leather, stitched by hand.
  • All parts are guaranteed to be of high quality for a full year.
  • The footrest pillow may be more comfortable for your calves than your feet if you are a taller person.

The Dowinx computer gaming chair has a retro leather design that will make your gaming nook look as good as any other home office in no time. Its winglike back offers a wider surface area of contact, distributing your weight and relieving pressure on your spine. To further enhance your gaming or working experience, this chair features a distinctive linkage armrest, lumbar massage pillow, headrest, and retractable footrest. If you're taller than average and use a footrest frequently, you might find that your calves rest there instead of your feet.


Amazon Reviews ()

Just get someone to assemble it for you 🤣

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 13, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

So I’ve had the chair for a couple weeks now, using it almost daily for multiple hours at a time. Super comfortable and very beautiful. The materials are of very good quality. Stitching is beautiful. I got the grey leather look and the color is stunning! Everything seems perfect on the chair, aside from the pullout foot recliner being a little crooked (not from setup, but from the way the separate part had its screws bolted in). This is a slight error from manufacturing, and barely noticeable. If I had not put the chair together myself, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.The setup was not a great experience, but I got through it 🤣 Here were my issues with setup:1) some of the written directions are unclear. I had to guess on placement of certain parts and hope for the best. I was correct in my guesses thankfully lol.2) There was an option to see a video of the setup, which I tried doing when the written instructions failed to make sense. The video does not work. Although, now that I’m thinking about it, I did not try to access the video from a computer. I only tried with my phone, so maybe that’s the issue.3) some of the pieces were very heavy, which is a great thing when it comes to quality!! Not great if you’re a tiny woman with average upper arm strength. 🤣 obviously the heaviness is a perk of a good quality gaming/office chair, but it took me a couple hours of struggling to finish the setup. This factor does not go against the review, but a heads up if you’re debating on paying for installation/setup.Overall, if I could give more than 5 stars, I would. I highly recommend. Also, extra star for the fact that I fully expected that this chair would take the full amount of time stated to be shipped (I think it said it would arrive the following weeks/7-12 days), but it arrived within just a couple days. Yay!

This is a Great Chair. Far better than most

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 14, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

Pros: First, I have to say that I am a retired Engineer and as such I am very picky about products and how they work, or in many cases, how they don’t work. This DOWINX gaming chair is the best chair (5 stars) I could find after researching over 40 chairs. It is comfortable, no wait, it is REALLY comfortable and very quiet with the exception noted in the Cons. I was trying out the reclining function and fell asleep in the chair after assembly. My wife woke me up an hour later; otherwise I would have slept through the night in the chair. The chair turns very easily and with one push and you could turn around more than 360 degrees without any noise or resistance. The wheels move the chair effortlessly on my carpeted floor.This model fully reclines 180 degrees to make it flat if you want and can be locked into any position between 90 and 180 degrees. It also has a rocking function which allows a 20 degree deviation from where you have the reclining set to. There is a tension control knob under the seat for the rocking function. The seat to ground distance is ~16 to 19 inches when you are seated. Add 1 inch if the chair is empty.It has a footrest which is stored under the seat that can be pulled out, flipped over, and extended for reclining or sleeping. Some people have complained about footrests breaking on other chairs. So long as you don’t put a lot of weight on it, I think it will serve its purpose. It is very useful when reclining or napping.There is detachable lumbar support (with massager) and a head pillow. The head pillow is the right size for me (I’m 5’10”) and offers some adjustment up/down, however there isn’t anything there to keep it in place. I don’t view this as a big problem since you can reach back and fix it easily. The lumbar support is thinner than most other chairs and works well, at least for me, until you recline past ~110 degrees, then it feels like it is too thick. It can be removed if you find it a problem. It does have a built-in massage function that runs off of a 5v USB source. The massager is noisy but not as loud as others. I didn’t find it as relaxing as I thought it might be, so I’m not using it right now. That may change.You’ll need about an hour to assemble this chair if you have put things together before and maybe another hour if this is your first assembly project. Although I assembled it alone, I could have benefited from another person’s help.Cons:With the rocking feature engaged, there are some noises at the limits of the 20 degree rocking motion. This is caused by the lever that adjusts the seat up/down. It moves when rocking and has metal to metal contact at the limits of the rocking function. If it bothers you, it can be fixed by placing a thin (1/8” or less) adhesive backed, rubber pad on the metal surfaces above and below the moving metal parts.The tools provided are not hardened steel and deform easily when tightening the screws. I will suggest you go buy some quality Metric Allen wrenches before assembly. You will need 5 and 6 mm sizes that are at least 2 inches long on each side.There is no good way to make sure that the metal rods of the footrest are parallel so they don’t bind. The best way is to anchor one screw on each plastic guide and test fit the footrest. If parallel, place some tape as a position marker; slide the footrest out; and install the other screws.When reclining, the seat back rises about 2.5 inches with relationship to the seat. Add the lumbar support and the 2.5” becomes 5+”. See the pictures. Everything is okay without the lumbar support.When you attach the chair back to the seat, put all of the screws in first but don’t tighten them yet. There are two brackets coming from the seat that will support the seat back. The top hole on one of these brackets is round and is the least adjustable. This is the anchor point for mounting the seat back, tighten this screw first and then the one below it. Other than the first hole, the other holes are elongated to allow for adjustment. When the first side has been tightened, notice the gap between the seat and bottom of the chair back. Place something in between there to keep the gap the same size from side to side. I used a book. Then tighten the remaining screws. This will ensure that your seat back isn’t leaning to one side.The instruction you get comes in the form of a small picture booklet. Most everything you need is there, but it could be improved. There is some Chinese English, but better than most. DOWINX should add information on the tension control, describing which direction does what. Adding a picture of how to properly put the lumbar support on (not a big problem) would also be good also.The packing materials smell. I think they put something in their packing to make sure no bugs survive the trip to the US. When you are done assembling open a window for a few hours.

Horrible customer service ** UPDATE - CUSTOMER SERVICE IMPROVED

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 22, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

**UPDATE 4-13-2022**So, first off, I still feel everything I said before is potentially valid. So I am not going to delete those comments. However ... this company has completely blown me away and has gone above and beyond what I could have expected.They emailed me this week. I almost deleted the email, totally forgetting the companies name of this chair. However, I am glad I did not! When I read the email, I can tell it was not someone with a native English speaker. Then I read a little deeper, and they were talking about a review of a chair. Wait, the chair I am sitting in RIGHT NOW! (is what I thought, as I was taking a break doing home work - early morning, like around 6am) So, already i was tired. So I replied, expecting them to offer a part - something I am not really able to do. Part of the problem. I fully expected them not really to do anything.But then I get a reply. Within the same day. Around 11PM at night - again, I am trying to cram in my home work and I heard outlook on my phone. I looked at it, thinking it was a grade coming in and indeed it was not. It was Dowinx, telling me if I still had the problem - even though it is out of warranty - they will re-issue a brand new chair, to make it easier to fix so I don't have to take the cylinder apart. You read that right - A BRAND NEW CHAIR. Like, literally, this is like a story I would make up to show what good customer service is.So yes. I am sure the chair color will fade. They are mailing the same color, so i can't speak with the darker colors. Still recommend getting a darker color so it doesn't fade in with your blue jeans or whatever color pants you wear. But, other then that, this chair is comfortable. My kids love it, and I sit in day in and day out doing home work and working from home. Other then the one part that is broken - and now being replaced - all is well.**UPDATE 7-20-2022***Almost a month, and no replacement has been sent. Worst customer service. Clearly, English isn’t their first language. They want me to take the base apart and take out the gas cylinder. I’ve told them I can’t do that. Especially before I get a replacement part because I need my chair for work.Then they mentioned they can send the base. I told them that would work and now they are sending the same email from the start asking me if I can take it apart. I’m changing my review to one star.**UPDATE 6-21-2021**So the chair seems to going down by itself instead of staying up. I am contacting warranty to see how they handle this problem. I will update to see what they say.**I will try to keep my review updated. I wanted to give my first impressions.So far, it is a great chair! It is comfortable, although it might need to break in a little on the sides since I am a bigger guy and the sides push in to me a little. It's not too concerning - but something to understand. In my next update I'll let you know if it creates a big issue. (for notes: I am like 340 pounds).I really like the white. I also like the PU Leather. It feels nicer then any leather I have felt on a chair or even a car (I have owned several cars with leather seats, including Buicks). And i like this feel better.What makes this chair great is the back support. My old chair was a freebie from my work but its falling apart. And very uncomfortable and when I lean back it feels like it will break. Not at all how this new chair feels. Supports me and my back.I don't feel that this leather will bleed into other fabrics. Something I was worried about. I did buy some Armor All leather wipes - that works for both real and faux leather like this - to keep it clean, especially since my three boys will be using this. I also sit in my office 10 hours sometimes 12 hours a day for my work. So I need something sturdy, to support my back. But I also need something easy to clean since my office is also my kids computer room.**UPDATE APRIL 17th, 2021**So the chair has broken in, and is more comfortable. Sometimes it still digs into my thighs, but for the most part it is holding up as promised.The white leather however does bleed and the color has changed a little. It's not horrible, but it is something to keep in mind if that type of thing bothers you.

Nice gaming chair with a few issues

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 7, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I have had this chair now for around 5 weeks. It took approximately 1 hour to put the chair together. This chair is heavier than some of the cheaper "executive" chairs out there. Weighs like 30 to 40 lbs. Once it has been put together, the chair looks good and is comfortable.I went from a standard "executive" faux leather chair from an office store. The leather started peeling after a couple years and after 3 years the bottom plating bent and made it impossible to sit comfortably. The cushion was also pretty flat after 3 years.This gaming chair looks nice and is comfortable enough to sit in for hours at a time. The seat cushion is pretty firm but has enough give to it to prevent a sore bottom / numbness. Obviously, results will vary based on your size. I am a fairly large person at nearly 6 feet tall and 280 lbs.One of the issues I am having with this chair is that the arm rests have some wobble to them. I think I saw some other reviews mentioning this issue. I have taken the arm rests off and re-installed them a couple times and it is still not sturdy / solid. Also the cushions on the top of the arm rests are a bit firm. I tend to have my elbow digging into the arm rest as I sit at the computer so it can get uncomfortable at times. I may need to end up buying those slip on cushion covers to add more cushion to the arm rests.Other than that, this chair has been great so far. Time will tell if more problems pop up. The air pistons in these chairs tend to fail after a year or two, especially if you are heavier weight. If you can get the chair on sale for cheaper than 200, I'd recommend.

Not just for gaming

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 17, 2021

rating rating rating rating rating

First of all, this chair is wonderful to look at. I have the light gray. I don't love that the company's brand/logo is on the chair, but the light gray unit hides it fairly well. There's a wonderful feel to all of the materials, including the faux leather. Only time will tell how wear-resistant this faux leather is, but it feels well made.I didn't buy this chair for gaming, although I love gaming and I imagine this would be a good fit. I sit at my office computer all day and needed a new office chair. For whatever reason, gaming chairs are cheaper.This chair has a great look and is super comfortable, I can sit in it for hours at a time. To my surprise, the lumbar support cushion comes with a little vibration module in it, so you can lean back and get a back massage. This vibration requires a USB port, and it doesn't seem to have an on/off switch, so you have to unplug it every time you want to turn it off. I wish the cable was longer, but it is easy to detach the cable and insert a longer one (that you provide).The foot rest that comes out feels a little unsure, as though you don't really want to put any weight on it. (I took one star off for this, even though I never use the foot rest. It's up to you as the buyer to think how important this is to you.)I love the recline and the rocking features, they feel very sturdy. The seat cushion is nice and thick, soft but also firm enough to support your weight. I would say that if you happen to be a very wide person, you might find the arm rests a little too narrow. I'm neither very wide nor very thin, so I find it to be just right. If I was a person with a 50+ inch waist band, I might find it a tight fit.Assembly took me about 2.5 hours, which seems a long time, but I'm the type who is always extra careful I'm doing things right. I reached a point where having a second person to hold items in place became necessary, and you probably will want a partner too. (It's not absolutely necessary, but a big help.) I referred to the written instructions which were very small to read (for my old eyes) and found myself using the YouTube video as well. Neither instructions nor the video use a lot of language, as this is obviously designed for an international market. I used the instructions and the well-produced video at the same time to be sure I was doing everything right. The video is a huge help and a nice touch I wasn't expecting. Search out the video and see if it suits your assembling style.I've been using the chair for about 2 weeks now and it feels like I need to go in with the Allen wrench (two differently sized wrenches are provided) and tighten things again. That's a little annoying, but it's not too big a deal, I guess, for the price. Perhaps I didn't tighten enough while assembling just in case I made a mistake and need to start over. If nothing else, be sure you don't throw your Allen wrenches away!In all, I have no hesitancy in recommending this chair very highly, given it's price point. If I needed a second chair, I would probably get this one again (or even consider a higher-priced model, as this company has earned my trust). My recommendation would be even stronger if you don't truly care about the foot rest. I find I can recline in this chair "just right" without needing to pull out the foot rest. But if a foot rest is absolutely essential to you, consider your options carefully.

Easy to assemble, Comfortable and Looks good.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 1, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I think it probably took maybe 30-40 minutes assemble, and I took my time with it. Its comfortable, and its back rest gives you a ton of range. I got the black and red threaded version, it fits my office very well. The wheel rollers are super smooth, like i can quietly glide across the floor lol i get bored. The arms rest is unique in that they self adjust and move with the back rest when you lean back the chair. You can also adjust the tilt of the chair very easily. The massage lumber cushion has just one setting, MAX. There's a little cord that drops from the bottom of the lumbar cushion that goes out the back-bottom of the chair, with a quick disconnect USB for power.My only physical complaint is that id prefer the option to use batteries instead of having a 3.5-4 foot cord hang out the side of the chair, and id like to be able to switch through different vibrating settings but that's really me nit-picking. There is one other issue, I feel like this chair IS a bit overpriced for what it is, there is no Honest reason other than greed that this chair should be priced anywhere over $200, and its currently setting at $249.99... Its a good comfortable chair, and if you got the money, then definitely get you one, but there's cheaper stuff out there with just as many features if you have frugal sensibilities.

Mostly great

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 28, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The good parts: easy to assemble (ok not sure about the arms since I chose to leave them off since I’m using it as a work chair). It’s quite comfortable if you’re tall - pneumatics are strong. Love the high back, lumbar support pillow and neck pillow altho wish that was a little more substantial. Wheels are great, glide easily. Upholstery is great quality.Not so good: this chair is supposed to fit quite large people - I am way below the max weight and my hips are pretty firmly cradled in the seat. I have my doubts how someone 50-100 lbs bigger would be comfy, especially with the arms on. The pull out leg rest is flimsy as heck. I bought a high-ish footstool for under my desk and leave the leg rest under the chair. The usb cord for the massage function on the pillow is stupidly short - where the heck do they think you’re gonna plug it in??? And lastly, if you’re a remote worker, you may end up getting an extra cushion for your delicate derrière - altho sturdy, the seat gets hard for extended periods.Bottom line - overall, I am happy with this purchase. The “bones” are very good quality. No, I can’t use all the little niceties, but the important stuff is there and for the price, I am very satisfied.

Not for short people

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 19, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Qualification: I really like this chair!But, looking back I should have seen that practically every positive review is from people who are on the taller side. I'm 5'7" and unfortunately the seat is not adjustable so it jams into the back of my admittedly short legs. I'm so stubborn that I've been trying to use it anyway for the last 7-8 months, because I really do like the chair otherwise. Being able to adjust the base would have let me keep it, but now it's gotta go.

Super comfortable. I use it every day

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 13, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I got this chair a while ago. It's been almost a year and I use it daily. This chair is awesome and does the job well for support while playing siege. I'm 5'4", and this chair is absolutely perfect for me. The kick stand is great. When I put it together, I used wd40 (per what other reviews said) on the screws and it hasn't creaked at all. Definitely better than my boyfriends chair (i think he has the cheapo on amazon or walmart and he loves my chair). The stitching style was a big sell point for me and its held together perfectly. Good quality

Quality Product

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 18, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Package arrived with a couple of dings on the box, but the product was fine. Package is slightly heavy to carry, do be careful.Assembly manual had a convenient QR code that links to easy-to-follow Youtube assembly tutorial videos. I was able to figure it out without needing to read everything carefully. Still, be mindful of not over-tightening your screws, and screwing in opposite, diagonal order instead of screwing around the perimeter in sequential circumference order. Between the manual and the videos, you'll understand all of this with less than difficult effort and about 30-45 minutes of time.Lumbar pillow vibrates at a comfortable strength, but the USB cord isn't long enough to reach my PC. Head pillow is comfortable, and the extended foot rest is a very nice added touch. Arm rests are at an acceptable height. I'm 5 foot 6 inches, 130 lbs, and the chair fits my body type just fine.You can count on this chair to look and feel like it was worth it. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

Source: Amazon

Question: How tall is it from the floor to the top of the seat cushion?

Answer: Ex. 18-22" I'm seriously considering not buying this chair because you don't include this dimension in your descriptions and all of the seated photographs are too low. The demand for 3" single rail blade castors indicates low prices. For an additional $40, I have no problem purchasing aftermarket wheels. But, vendors, we need to know how tall it is.

Question: How high from the floor is the seat when adjusted to the highest level?

Answer: I measured from the ground up to the front edge of my chair's seat cushion when it was at its highest point. The distance from the ground to the highest point of the seat cushions is 20 1/2".

Question: The chair arrived with damaged parts. I tried to email the company but have not received a reply as of yet. Is there a customer service number I can call?

Answer: I like to check out the Dowinx homepage. Even though two rubber bands were enough to remedy the problem after discovering the missing component, I was refunded $5.

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