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BOSSIN Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Heavy Duty Design

BOSSIN Gaming Chair, Ergonomic Heavy Duty Design Specification:

Color ‎Light Gray
Special Feature ‎Adjustable Lumbar, Foot Rest, Ergonomic, Head Support
Seat Material Type ‎Faux Leather
Item Weight ‎44.2 pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation ‎300 Pounds
Furniture base movement ‎Swivel
Product Dimensions ‎24 x 27.2 x 52.9 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
Weight ‎47.44 Pounds

Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Footrest:

Pick a seat with a footrest so your feet may take it easy. To avoid having to erect your spine and sit up straight, simply pull out the footrest, prop your feet up, put on some tunes, and relax. In addition, it is easy to maintain: just wash it down with a soft cloth, and the high-quality PU leather will look as good as new.

Ergonomic Design for Multi-occasion:

Certified creatives, Enjoy complete lumbar support with a completely adjustable lumbar curve that conforms to your spine, allowing you to maintain healthy posture even during extended gaming sessions. Compared to its predecessor, this sofa has a sturdier metal frame, plusher padding, and a more AWESOME! Materials are used without hesitation on our part.

Reject Short-Lived Chairs:

For a long time of use, skin-friendly and wear-resistant PU leather, high-quality filler bringing better feels, Class 3 gas lift verified by SGS, and durable; this is a gamer chair for adults, teenagers, and kids.

Easy Assemble:

Everything you need to get started is in this box. Every last screw and tiny piece is neatly packaged and labeled for your convenience. Don't worry about missing a step because the instructions are so clear. It was a breeze; it was not difficult at all. You'll be furnished with a chic and ultra-convenient racing chair.

Wide Applications & Guarantee:

The BOSSIN gaming chair is a versatile option for any office, dorm, or game room. The sleek racecar design would look great in a contemporary workplace or a fun game area. We guarantee that every customer will receive the highest quality product and service possible by conducting rigorous testing procedures on every gaming chair before packaging. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you run across any issues. In 12 hours, we will get back to you.

The Bossin gaming chair provides full-back support, including comfort for the head and neck. The plush padding on the armrests makes for a more relaxing experience when gaming or working. This comfortable footrest folds up neatly and may be pulled out when needed. Ideal for relaxing and viewing. The wheels on a Bossin gaming chair are made from rubber PU, so they're both silent and safe for your hardwood floors.


Amazon Reviews ()

Great Customer Support & nice chair for the price.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 3, 2020

rating rating rating rating rating

I did tons of research on gaming chairs, viewing pics, reading reviews and going back & forth, and while some may mention not comfy if many hours in chair. I spend many hours a day in it. I knew up front that there may not be enough cushion potentially on the seat (or at least may not be as comfy all day). So I made simple Foam cushion and added Faux PU water resistant seat cusion cover and also added a piece of foam along the back (what was left after I cut the foam to fit seat from a 22x22x2" foam. I don't use the added back cushion but the top pillow cushion for my neck was appreciated. I got this chair because of Degenerative Disc issues that have also made my neck, spine and body go out of whack and it greatly helps (neck pillow not for comfort but for support when I sit back). Although I did put my own foam roll pillow seat attachment for the neck (one of those that has tiny foam pellets in it so that it conforms more as I needed more flexibility) but the included neck cushion is totally fine if used more for neck support and not fully as a head rest (if that makes sense).There was an issue of original order shipment never being delivered (at no fault to chair company but due to negligent delivery people delivering it to Who knows where. I alerted company to see what could be done and without hesitation they reshipped a new order out for me which was AMAZING. I have had this chair now for about a month and it was easy to put together. Instructions may not state details written (just images) so go slow and follow images and it was totally fine. I sit in this chair for MANY long hours ea. day/night and when I need a break or want to watch a movie, I scoot it back and recline it with footrest. The footrest is a bit small for me to feel comfy enough... but, it was a no brainer to just create another Foam pillow to toss under my feet for Total relaxation. The good thing about doing that rather than relying on footrest supplied alone, I can have a HUGE pillow (that I made) resting atop foot rest for Total comfort and since it isn't attached, regular footrest will slide back under chair when not reclined. I rarely use it in reclined position so no clue about longevity but I really like this chair... and with the price and Customer support and extra (SUPER EASY) foam pillows that I made for seat and lower back and occasional foot rest action it is pretty good!Cons would be one of my arms is starting to wiggle. I also read reviews that this happened to others, so I was expecting some potential "give". For a little over $100 for this chair, it works for me. I just try not to be too hard on the arms, but I could see them not holding if a Ton of weight is applied to them daily and you are pushing down on them constantly when getting up.If you do get this chair, I highly suggest finding some 2-4" sheet foam and cutting an 18x22" or so seat cushion out of it. I also picked up the PU seat covers on Amzn and stacked in some Memory topper foam inside for the foot rest making the footrest added pillow cushion 5-1/2" thick and cut it larger than seat cushion. So I used one for Seat cushion and one for foot rest added pillow when reclining. Just note the seat cushion I linked is a bit loose and won't fit the cushion perfectly (but it is stretchy material and matches the seat perfectly. I just tuck any loose cover under from time to time or maybe you could sew something. Chances are NONE of the Gaming chairs would have had enough seat cushion for my liking since I am in it for so long. But I like "tricking" it out myself to get what I need out of it.Good Luck.p.s. Pic shows temporary pillow case on the back rest pillow I made from the left over foam. But got a black pillow case to place on it now. Also shown the 2 seat cushions I made. The Very large one on the foot rest was PURELY overkill but SOOO comfy. when reclining.

Good chair for the money. Not soo good leg rest.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 20, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Great chair. Good build. The quality of the leg rest as stated in other revies is not good. Taking away the 5th star because of the leg rest (although I dont use it).Asside from the leg rest, it is a great chair. It was easy to put together! Swapped out the cheap caster wheels you get with all office chairs for good after market wheels. Recomend you do the same. Makes your chair 10's better.

5 well deserved stars!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 9, 2020

rating rating rating rating rating

This is my honest review of the Bossin chair. I am a duel business owner & bought 6 chairs total. Let me say assembly is absolutely a breeze, just follow step by step and the alan key is provided it takes maybe 15-30 minutes total.The quality of the chair is great. The 2 small nitpicks I would mention the seat could have more cushion support for the bottom(your bottom) if you have to sit for long time but the lumbar support really helps and the leg extension feels like it may snap or bend if you reclined and actually rest your legs on it. However that's me. The positives are great and outweigh my being picky. I rarely give 5 stars down the line but they deserve 5 stars as its easy to assemble, great quality chair, no cheap products, its sturdy and just well made. Now the more important part I had a few issues that truly could've happened in shipping , or maybe how it was packed from start , but was missing parts on my last purchase. Regardless Bosdin went out of there way to correct my situation to the best of their ability, of course setbacks are tough at times, however I cant stress they have your back and stand by their product. The last chair I bought they could not send me all the pieces as there was miscommunication or parts were out of stock & I missed a deadline and had to buy another chair for a podcast. Bossin was apologetic and did not hesitate to issue a full refund & understood this is business and did not want to Inconvenience me anymore than I had been. This is a 3rd party seller , keep that in mind when shopping on amazon they could've handled this however they saw fit, but they were highly professional & truly cared about me as a customer, my business and stood by their product which is rare today.I now promote their products on my podcast by choice I get no kickbacks, nothing for free they earned a loyal customer in me with their actions. I will be purchasing 6 more chairs as I simply am impressed with how they handled my situation, they care about their name and product. & The chair is honestly a great product! I bought the black and grey model they are very sleek and comfortable. Basically the bottom line is it's a great purchase and more importantly they will take care of you IF you have a issue. Bosdin really did a great job with sending parts they could with working together and refunded me the amount to get parts needed, at that point I requested a full refund they understood and were reasonable then it was issued they day thay said.What more could you ask for? A good product and a company that backs it. How many times have we gotten burnt or empty promises from a company and had to go through Amazon and a dragged out situation? With Bossin you DO NOT have that worry here .I will always do business with a company that has Integrity and has a good product at a good price and will go out of their way to help rather buy a cheaper chair with a company that may not be willing to help .They also are there for any customer service needs in a day or less via email. Dont hesitate to jump on this product. I looked at a lot chairs and I can only speak for myself every experience was a good experience and even a unfortunate situation was made to be a pleasant experience. At the end of the day you will make your choice but I will continue to do business with Bossin & encourage you to try them as there are a professional company with great products. Give them a chance I really do believe you will be happy and again I rarely give 5 stars down the line but they truly earned it based on the product itself , the company, their professionalism and simply just by caring about YOUR experience with them. Remember the company & relationship you ave with them will always be more important than the product.I hooe my review hel ok s someone.

Instructions need tweaking but after that...great chair

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 12, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The chair, in the end is exactly like it looks! Sturdy, supportive, comfortable, love it. Minor challenges: a flexible, black tube came with the chair parts that is not in pieces shown in the instruction book. Didn't use it. Another piece was labeled with the wrong identifying reference letter/number. Bigger Challenge: The instructions on putting it together were lacking. Started out well but the heavy, metal plate that attaches to the back of the chair and the bracket on the seat area itself COULD NOT be hooked up in the order they had it in the instruction pictures. After trying 3 times, I had to VERY loosely attach that plate (which was labeled with a sticker saying 'front' and an arrow 'up' which made no sense) to the bracket on the chair seat area first, THEN loosely attach the plate to the upper chair back. Doing it the way they showed it in the picture didn't work as the chair back wouldn't squeeze down far enough into bracket below if it was already attached to the chair back. But, once you got past that challenge...I LOVE this seat!

Good sturdy chair

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 10, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I just started a work from home job and had been sitting on a hard kitchen chair, needed an upgrade bad.I love that thus came with a removable lumbar support, the fact that it vibrates isn't that big of a deal bc it's not that powerful. But I can't stand sitting for long slouched over the computer. So the little lumbar pillow makes my posture betterI love the "foot rest" bc it let's me sit cross legged when I work. It's a little stuff to move and it took my friend forever to figure how it attached.The only thing I don't live are the arms. I've only had it a month or so and I've noticed the cushion in the arms gives out pretty quick, they shift so it's flat but only on the inside part if the arm rest. Its not the worst thing but it could be better.All in all I'm happy with the purchase

Decent chair for the price, but does not last

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 6, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I bought this chair on April 8, 2020, almost 2 years ago to the date. I have really liked this chair. I work from home and use it 9 to 10 hours 5 days a week plus a few hours on the other days. I am 6' and 235 pounds. It has been comfortable to sit in. I have even had a few extreme concentration sessions, "naps", with the leg rest out in the chair.I received the chair in just a couple of days from ordering. It was real easy assembly. However, the arm holes did not align with the chair for the screws. After some manipulation, I got the screws in and tighten. The first time I laid back, the right arm broke. I contacted support and they shipped new arms (both left and right) directly. I replaced the right arm and stashed the left arm away. The left arm broke about 3 months ago after leaning back and in the process of sitting back up, it broke. Pulled out the arm I stashed away and replaced.After the first 6 months, I did replace the wheels because my office has carpet with larger rubber wheels. The small plastic wheels kept getting hung in the carpet. The larger rubber wheels helped a lot until about 2 weeks ago and I noticed the chair sitting weird. Got to looking the arms to the wheels very close to the end started tearing and causing the wheels to lean out from under the base. Finally had to take the wheels off and just set the base on the floor. I have not had luck trying to find a replacement base yet.The cushions have been comfortable, but on the right arm and the seat, the material is cracking and peeling. The seat has lost a lot it is cushion at this point too.Overall, if you a bigger person, this is a good chair for the price. It will not last several years, but it is does last 2 to 3 years pretty well.I have not decided if I am going to buy this chair again, yet, but it is definitely on my list.

Very easy to assemble. Great for sitting long hours.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 23, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I am a professional graphic/web designer, and I spend long hours at my computer. Over the years, I've gone through standard office chairs, saddle stools, padded bar stools, and even a chair with a big inflatable exercise ball for a seat. Every one of them either left my fatigued or they put my legs to sleep from sitting more than an hour at a time.The thought came to me that gaming chairs might be the route to go, since they are designed specifically for sitting long periods of time during game play. I purchased two gaming chairs (the other one is a different brand) and prefer my Bossin gaming chair for my primary work station. Since using it, my hips don't ache, my legs don't go to sleep or stiffen up, and I sometimes work for long stretches that I lose track of the time.I'm a big guy (just under 300 lbs) and this chair has been perfect for me so far. It's sturdy and I feel secure while sitting in it. I've not had the opportunity or the need to test out the reclining feature of it, so I can't comment on that feature.This chair has been a great addition to my studio. I highly recommend it.


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 10, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Why do almost none of the reviews talk about the vibrating lower back cushion? And why isn't that mentioned anywhere in the product description? I'm beyond happy with this, I love this chair. I've been using a camping chair for my computer for almost a year, this was an overdue change.

Not as soft as they claim, but way more soft than other chairs

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 16, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

The chair looks swick, comfort is pretty good, but I like really soft and cushioned chairs. This chair has much more cushion than my girlfriend's chair and other chairs I've tested in electronic express and other stores, so it's great compared to a majority of the rest. The instructions got a little bit confusing because of the washers, I had to take out a few screws to add the washers properly, but other than that, building was easy, tools included and even spare parts.

For the Price - short review

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 13, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

While the price is pretty good, the chair is not perfect. It’s comfortable but still not enough back support. It was fairly easy to assemble but I am familiar with putting together office furniture. Also one arm continues to loses up often. While it does beat the basic cheap office chairs it’s probably not as good as top of the line gaming chairs.Purchased this chair so I can have comfortable place to assemble and paint my Warhammer 40K.

Source: Amazon

Question: Trying to decide between this chair (boss in racing style gaming chair) and respawn 110 racing style gaming chair. Has anyone used respawn before?

Answer: I don't recommend the respawn 110 racing-style gaming chair. About nine months after I bought one for my son last year, the arms began to become unsteady and eventually broke off. Before you ask, yes, that was frequently used, and he takes very good care of his equipment. Simply put, it's a poorly manufactured item that costs very little. Just isn't worth the cost. I am hunting for a durable and reasonably priced chair that will suit his needs for the foreseeable future. I can no longer afford to keep tinkering away my cash on worthless things.

Question: It says 400 pounds, then when the reading states 300-pound capacity, which is it?

Answer: If you weigh more than 325 pounds, the back brace will break.

Question: My chair has leather over the area to screw the back to the back plate; what should I do?

Answer: An 'x' should be cut carefully into the leather where the hole is felt. If you still want to continue, go ahead.

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