How to Rank Website or Blog on the 1st Page of Google in 2021

How to Rank Website or Blog on the 1st Page of Google

Digital marketing is not everybody’s task. It requires creativity, patience, consistency, and capital as well. After all, hard work and time are given by digital marketers. Our main and primary focus on how to rank website or blog on the first page of Google in 2021. Every digital marketing company faces so many challenges to get rank on the first page of Google.

Today in 2021, the competition of digital marketing is vast. A study shows more than 75% of businesses directly or indirectly involved in google ranking competition. Everybody wants their site on the first page. But it has some limitations, so we have to do the essential requirement from Google for ranking. But always remember this is a continuous process, and it required consistency and patience.

If we follow some necessary and essential steps to getting the result on the ranking of the website on the first page, it will be quite helpful for the professionals and new businesses.

7 steps to get 1st page ranking of google in 2021.

1. On-site SEO

Well, improving your onsite SEO is the central aspect of the ranking factor. This is the fastest way to improve our Google ranking. With a simple Optimisation of our targeted keyword, we can improve its ranking. Put Your Keyboard in the title tag and make your content more than 2000 words. Longer content gets the higher ranking in Google key ranking factors.

If you find that your targeted keyword has the top competition, then we should increase the length of our content and add the keywords up to 3 times on your page. This is not keyword stuffing, but you tell Google that I have more relevant content on particular keywords.

2. Consistency in publishing high-quality content.

You heard it right “content is the king”. And you have to publish high-quality content with consistency. High-quality content means people are engaged with your content and happy to share on their own on other social media platforms. Our content should also have a shareable link because the logarithm of Google is primarily based on backlinks.

The more backlinks we have higher we will rank. Our content should be not in the form of simple text with lots of links. But it should be adequately layout with images, infographics, flowcharts, videos, and other types of visualization.

Content should be more enjoyable while reading. The best way of generating material to provide your information and knowledge in a story format and a sequence. If you want more backlinks, then we should create lengthy content.

3. Build higher authority backlinks

After creating high-quality content n design with eye-catching images and infographics. The next step is to get link people to need to see our content. In other words, we should aware people about our content through the higher authority backlinks. Because there are millions of people for creating their content continuously and your competition is with among them.

So how do we get backlinks?

Creating a backlink having more than several options, such as:

  • Bookmarking
  • Directory submission
  • Guest posting
  • Video submission
  • Image sharing
  • Classified submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • PPT submission
  • PDF submission
  • RSS feed
  • Forum and many others.

You should also focus on some techniques while creating backlinks such as getting links via a dead link or broken link building, Keyword rich anchor text link, and resource pages.

Digital marketing agencies also use some applications while creating the backlink or the backlink useful for our sites such as backlinko and SEMrush.

4. LSI keyword and other keywords to target

LSI keyword is the keyword that is interrelated and focuses on our primary keyword; these are the phrases that are related to our topic of the page.

It is an advanced on-page SEO tactic. The LSI keyword confirm to Google that our content is relevant to that topic. We can use some of the free SEO tools to find out appropriate LSI phrases. Such as the LSI graph.

We can find LSI keywords for each page separately and use them in our content, to provide Google with more relevant content.

5. Reduce the bounce rate

Reducing the bounce rate is one of the crucial ranking factors on google. Because Google does not like that person landing on the page and quickly bouncing back to the search result. This is called pogo-sticking. A Pogo sticking of a website indicates their poor content and drop in ranking.

We should get the lining of our content with search intent. To improve our Bounce rate. digital marketing companies put our content on the top of the page that Google search can easily find what they are looking for. We can also add a table of content that people can jump directly to the step to their desired topic.

To follow these steps, a digital marketing company designs our page attractively and creatively. add visual, images, flowchart, screenshot, and other infographics. This makes our content more compelling and easy to understand. Visualization content is the need of 2021, so we should primarily focus on it.

6. Internal and external linking

An internal link is those links from one page of our website to another page of our website. And external links are those types of connections from one sheet of our website to any other site.

Internal link increases our page creditability. and digital marketing company can make our audience stick to our website for more time if we provide relevant content with the help of internal links within the site.

Same as the external link is also essential. Because it increases our PageRank on the Google search console, we should repeat and rinse all of our high-priority pages.

7. Analytical and monitor your result

After working on all of the 6 steps, the digital marketing company works to track and monitor our results. But how do we know that ranking is doing anything for us.

We should take help from Google Analytics if we find that our ranking is excellent. But when it comes to analyzing the result of SEO. Then organic traffic is the best way to make it more on the top position of the ranking.

We know that traffic comes directly from search engines because ranking can be deceiving.

Final verdict

There are other options such as Speed up your website and improve your CTR, Although the main ingredient of ranking for a website or blog on the first-page google in 2021 is consistency and maintaining the quality of content.

And how well established our website is. Digital marketing companies follow all these 9 necessary steps in the process of ranking, we would get the result for the long run but make it a regular practice. The competition is fierce, but if you start from basic will get the desired result. If you like this Article and find anything helpful to you, then share it and comment with your valuable ideas.

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