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The Plum Tree App allows users to create incredibly dynamic and graphic family trees that aid in listing the Sims’ legacies. It can also assist in the publication and sharing of family trees, allowing others to see each family member. The Plum Tree program, which is jam-packed with helpful information, will enable you to customize your sim family tree’s aspirations, qualities, and other data.

When it comes to using the Plum Tree App, things can get both complex and intimidating. So, here’s a step-by-step explanation to help you understand how the Sims 4 family tree mod or app works.

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There are a few features that you should pay attention to:

Create A Family Tree:

Follow these steps to get your first family tree up and running or add new members to an existing one. You must go to the app’s menu section and select the Your Trees section after installing it. The “Create New” tab is located at the very top of the page. It allows you to start your family tree legacy.

Create A Variety Of Features:

After that, you must add the title, cover image, and description to the plum tree app. When the tree appears in your gallery, these sections, as well as the tree’s information window, appear on the screen. You can also use the basic formatting options offered to you, like Italic, Bold, and Underline, to emphasize different elements of the description of your trees.

When creating the cover picture, you can stretch or crop it to fit different screen widths and provide faster loading alternatives. Whether you’re using the app on a mobile device, a tablet device, or a desktop computer, this option will undoubtedly meet your needs.

Create Tree Section:

After you’ve done everything up to your liking, click the Create Tree button to go to your tree editor and make any necessary changes.

Edit Menu:

After that, when you’re creating the tree, you’ll need to change the tree details. This option is found in the edit menu of the editor toolbar. After you’ve successfully generated the tree with the Sims 4 family tree mod, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the tree editor in your app.

Plum Tree App Editor Toolbar:

When editing the tree, you can use the “Tree Editor Toolbar” to develop into different regions.

Save Tree Action:

This operation allows you to save the tree that you have constructed. The Plumtree software is set up to save the changed tree automatically. It ensures that everything you’ve altered is preserved perfectly. To confirm your saving, you’ll see a successful pop-up message appear on the screen.

Publish Tree Action:

With the publish tree option for the Sims 4 family tree, you may make your tree publicly visible to everyone. If necessary, you can also have it listed in the gallery.

Delete Tree Action:

You can delete a tree that is no longer needed by using the delete tree action. If you unintentionally pressed the delete button, you will be asked to confirm your move before the deletion procedure is finished. If you accidentally hit the confirmation button, you’ll need to contact the app’s creators to get your money back.

Tree Details:

You can utilize the edit option to update the tree’s details while using the Sims 4 family tree creator. This option lets you change the description of the trees, the title, and the cover image.

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Edit People Listed On The Tree:

You’ll need some backup sims before you start building the tree and the ties between the sims, their children, and their partner/partners. Selecting Edit and then Tree People will take you to the People Manager portion of your program. It will allow you to add, modify, and delete people who will put around the tree.

Preview Mode:

The Plumtree software also has a preview mode that allows you to conceal any of your buttons in the tree beneath your toolbar. It will demonstrate how the tree will appear after it has been published. Keep in mind that you’ll need to disable the same to change the tree’s structure.

Tree Structure:

The Plum bob tree divides the tree structure and the Sims into two distinct concepts. You get to make your own Sims and build designs that best depict the relationship between the children and their parents.

Create Single And Empty Node:

You can see a single and empty node when you first create the Tree underneath your app’s toolbar. This mode is where you can add the Sims as well as their partners to the Tree. Modes below this usually refer to your Sim’s children, as well as the partner mentioned above/partners.

There are two buttons on each Node. The wrench-like one on the left lets you add tiny and significant details to your nodes, such as Sim, the partner, or the related information. You can include information on how they were born, such as adoption, cloning, or extraterrestrial abduction.

Additionally, you can add the child Nodes using the button located below.

You are free to add as many Nodes (Child) as you like to the appropriate depth if you want to create the Sim first before adding it to the Node. In Family Tree, you can add or edit Sims. Every Sims’ legacy family tree necessitates the presence of the Sims in the scenario. Let us know how to alter, add, or include family tree details in your Sims.

Plum Tree App’s Tree Editor:

Use the app’s tree editor, located in the toolbar to add new Sims to your family tree. Next, select the “People in Tree” option from the edit menu. The view tray for the people manager will appear, allowing you to add a new person to the family tree.

Edit The Sim:

When using the Sims 4 genealogy mod, you may always change the Sim’s information. After you’ve placed your Sim above the Tree, you’ll be able to update them from anywhere. To modify a desired sim’s details, utilize the toolbar’s tree editor option and the button “People in Tree.”

Sims Details:

The details added to the Sim will only appear if and when you click on the right-hand tree panel. An avatar, description, first/last name, aspirations, qualities, and life states are some of the details you may add to your Sims 4 family tree creator. You can also add custom details to your Sims if necessary.

The Sims and tree structures are often confused when it comes to the Sims 4 family tree mod. So, once you’ve added the Sims to your panel, you’ll need to learn how to arrange them in a tree-like formation.

Add The Sim:

The Plumtree app allows you to do just that. To do so, hover your mouse over the Wrench Icon on the Node. Select the desired Sim from the app’s dropdown menu by selecting “Set This Nodes Person.”

Add The Sims Partners:

The method for adding the Sims partners is the same as the process for adding the Sim. Then, select “Set This Nodes Partners” from the dropdown menu. Using the “Add Partner” option, add the partner rows to the table. To each Sim’s partner row that you add, you can add several sims. The partners will appear next to the preceding partner’s location on the row to the right.

The alignment of the node partners, on the other hand, is entirely up to you. After you’ve finished arranging your Sims 4 family tree, go ahead and save it.

Add The Children:

Add the children to your family tree and hover your mouse over the Plus Icon on the Node. You can set your Node person in the procedure described for adding partners by clicking over the visible Wrench Icon on this new Node. You can also specify the information for the children’s parents. It will allow you to determine whether the child was born through adoption or natural conception.

Delete The Node:

In the Sims 4 family tree creator, select the Wrench Icon option over the Node to delete the Node and its child nodes. Then, on your page’s edit node, scroll down to the bottom area. After that, select the “Delete This Node” option and confirm that you want it removed.

Publication Of The Tree:

While publishing a tree, you should keep in mind that the published variant will be a duplicate of the original. When you use the editor to modify your family tree, the changes may not appear in the printed Tree until you re-publish it.

Make The Tree Public:

Using the Sims 4 family tree creator, enable the “Is Public” switch and then select the “Save” option. Only those with whom this public link is shared will have full access to the Tree.

Publish the Tree in the Gallery:

Putting your Tree in the gallery means that more people are likely to come across it and look at it. To open the visibility of your published Tree, go to the Actions area of the editor toolbar and select the “Publish Tree” option.

Unpublish Your Family Tree:

Using the “Actions” option in the Sims 4 genealogy mod, you can quickly unpublish your Tree or even remove it from your gallery. Using the editing toolbar, select the option “Publish Tree.” When you choose the save option, the trees you’ve generated will be made public and saved.

You can connect several trees in the Plum Tree app which include the following features:


Before you go ahead and link the two trees you or another Sim made, make sure they are both entirely public. It’s impossible to connect two trees unless they’re both open to the public. If the other family tree isn’t public, you won’t be able to link it to your own. Then, hovering your mouse over the icon labeled “Show Link Details,” look for the IDs of both trees.

Join The Sims:

If you merely want to use the Sims 4 family tree mod to link two sims from two distinct trees, select the “People In Tree” option. Next, select the “Link Person” option to complete the task flawlessly.

Remove Links:

  1. Select the “People In Tree” option in the edit toolbar if you want to remove a link from your editor toolbar.
  2. Find the Sim you’d like to delete from your Sims list and click the link button in the same row.
  3. Select the link that needs to be removed and then click the Remove button.



This article contains all of the information you’ll need to get started with the Plum Tree App. Keep a close eye on this article for any new app-related information. We will continue to update this post as further information or updates become available.

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