How LinkedIn Premium Can Help Find Your Next Job in 2021?

LinkedIn Premium Can Help Find Your Next Job

Finding a job is much easier when you have a strong profile on LinkedIn. Linkedin is a professional job-seeking platform, where thousands of recruiters are posting jobs daily. Almost everyone is having a profile on LinkedIn. Free basic LinkedIn membership could help you out to find a good job. If you think basic free membership is not working, then you may go for a LinkedIn premium career, also known as a job seeker account.

This membership is paid. Remember, before purchasing a premium membership, you must build your brand and then find a good job. In 2021, the LinkedIn premium can help you find your next job easily. Let us discover how. 

LinkedIn Premium Subscription Price

LinkedIn premium is not that cheap as you think it is. When you invest in the right place, you don’t have any regret if that benefits you. Linkedin premium comes with additional features. You can access that data as it provides you with the option of data analytics.

When it comes to job seekers’ LinkedIn career plans, its subscription rate is about €29.98. If you choose to pay the amount altogether for a month, then the annual year price is (€299.87 /year). Linkedin profile services never disappoint you. You can easily find your dream job. Sales tax does not include in the Linkedin premium. 

04 Plans of Linkedin Premium with Its Price

The Linkedin premium has four different plans. That includes Premium business, career, recruiter lite, and sales navigator pro. The premium career cost per month is 29,99 USD per month. It features everything from profile viewers to resume creation. Then it comes to Premium business, its cost per month for premium business is 47,99 USD. Providing features such as unlimited searches, company data, on-demand earnings, and much more.

The recruiter’s lite charges per month are 99,95 USD. Providing features such as 30 email messages, tracking of candidates, view profile, insights of the company you are interested in, and much more. The other Linkedin plan is sales navigator pro. This plan helps to improve sales and also helps determine the marketplace more often. The price of this plan per month is 64,99 USD. 

Provide Benefits

When you apply for a job, you must know that more than 80 to 100 applicants have applied for that specific position. There are chances that your resume or CV is less likely to get open by the recruiter. Maybe you are the one who is perfect for the job role. But unfortunately, recruiters have no time to open your resume. Now, what is the next step? In that case, the Linkedin premium is the best choice.

When you subscribe to the LinkedIn premium, they benefit you in so many ways. Your resume will be shown on the dashboard of the recruiter. The chances become maximum that your CV will be viewed by the recruiter. Those who have a non-premium subscription will keep waiting for their turn to get their resume viewed. is working as recruiters on LinkedIn to find employees that match their portfolio. 

A Metric to Measure Success

One must be aware of the competition while searching for a job. Using Linkedin premium, you may get to know the applicant’s insight. That will let you know how many people have applied for the specific job. You can easily match your skills with the posted job, and even using these insights, you get to know the qualification of the applicants. By utilizing these statistics, you can easily find out about the employer’s demand.

Using Linkedin premium statistics is a great metric to measure your success level. Now that’s a golden chance for you, update your profile with all the skills you have. And let the recruiters know that you are perfect for the job role.

Free Monthly Linkedin Premium Trial

Free Monthly Linkedin Premium Trial

Searching for a job becomes so hard. There is much competition in the job marketplace. If you are planning to switch your current job, then it’s not a bad idea. You are not getting a good response from LinkedIn recruiters, do not worry about it. Try one month free Linkedin premium trial. Keep bidding on the jobs, you will get one. Before purchasing Linkedin premium, do try the one-month free trial.

If you think it’s not worth it, you can make a cancellation note. Before completion of one month, you can unsubscribe. That’s how you don’t have to pay for that. 

You can See Who Viewed the Profile

If you have basic membership of Linkedin, you can only see the last 05 views of the profile. You get to know who visits your profile for the last 90 days if you purchase a premium membership. That can help you to build a strong connection with the recruiters. Valuable connections are a requirement when you go out to search for a job. The best part of using Linkedin premium is, you can get all the information of the recruiters.

Also, the profile viewers see how they reached your Linkedin profile. Not only recruiters but even managers and executives are also looking for candidates to hire for the vacant post. Linkedin premium tells you all the related details, who visited your profile. 

In a Nutshell

If you are using premium basic and Linkedin premium, you must be clear on your goals. Your motive must be clear when you are willing to search for a perfect job role for yourself. Upgrading a better Linkedin version is a better choice. Remember, the Linkedin premium will not work if you do not utilize it properly. Everything demands hard work and time. Your LinkedIn premium can go to waste if you do not utilize it with passion.

Take advantage of this platform. You can get your dream job in a minimum time if you pay attention to your goals. Start with a one-month free trial, if you think it’s worth buying, then invest to buy Linkedin premium to avail maximum benefits. You can only benefit from extra features if you know how to use them. Your honest attempt to use all the extra features never goes to waste. Linkedin premium can help you to get your dream job. You must learn how to use the Linkedin basic and premium membership. Otherwise, spending money on such a platform will be a waste of time for you.

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