What Do The Light Ring Colors On Amazon Echo Mean?


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Since the release of Amazon Echo, one of the most interesting features it has is the rainbow of colors it shows on different commands. Each light with a particular effect has something to say and if you do not know what then it is time you know the meaning. The light ring mainly serves as the status indicator or notification light to aware of the user about any issue. It lights up in different colors and sometimes in patterns. It can shine yellow, red, green, orange, purple, or white. Each color dedicated to particular command because it does not announce the issues vocally, only shows color.

Different colors can be confusing to new users and therefore we have brought this easy guide for you to learn about the colors and their meanings. Here’s what the colors mean when they appear static or in a pattern.

Blue With Cyan Spinning Ring

Light Ring Colors on Amazon Echo

The light ring with dual blue and cyan color spinning over and over appears when you first connect the device. It indicated that the device is doing the initial setup and powering on after recharging. When you see more cyan than blue, it shows that the device is almost fully ready to function.

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Solid Blue And Cyan Switching

Light Ring Colors on Amazon Echo

The dual colors one by one shows up with 3 seconds interval to indicate that your request is being processed. The longer it takes to complete the request, the more the color will stay before switching.

Solid Blue With Cyan In One Point

Solid Blue with Cyan in One Point

This kind of light pattern shows on Amazon Echo when one person is talking to the device. When you call for Alexa, the AI wakes up and shows the pattern to indicate it is listening to the speaker.

Solid Orange Clockwise Spinning

Light Ring Colors on Amazon Echo

when your Amazon echo is in setup mode and connecting to Wi-Fi, it shows orange light going in a clockwise motion.

Solid Yellow Pulsing Effect

Solid Yellow Pulsing Effect

A yellow ring with a pulsing effect means that you have an unread message waiting for you. When you see this light appear, say Read my messages or notification. It will read it to you instantly.

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Violet Continuous Pulsing Light


When your Amazon Echo shows a violet pulsing ring, it means there is a connectivity issue with Wi-Fi or setup. To get rid of the issue, restart the device by unplugging and replugging it after three seconds.

Green Pulsing Light

Light Ring Colors on Amazon Echo - Green Pulsing Light

When you have an incoming Skype call or someone is Dropping-In, you will see a green pulsing ring on your device. It is specifically related to Skype, Alexa Communication, and Drop-In features only.

Green Anti-Clockwise Spinning Ring

Green light on Amazon Echo

It appears when you are talking on an active call or Drop-In is active on the device.

Static Solid Red

The static red-light ring on amazon Eco indicates that its microphone has been turned off or mute.

White Light Volume Level Ring

Light Ring Colors on Amazon Echo

The white light ring shows the volume level when you are adjusting to the Echo. No visible white light shows volume level 0 and the full white ring indicates level 10.

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White Light Continuous Spinning

White Light Continuous Spinning on Amazon Echo

Continuous white light spinning shows the device is on Away Mode. when you say, Alexa, I’m Home, it goes away and the device becomes active.

Purple Single Flash

Single flash of purple light on Amazon Echo

A single flash of the purple ring appears when you enable the Do Not Disturb feature on your device or set up the schedule of this feature via Alexa.


What Are The Light Ring Colors On Amazon Echo?

Currently, all Amazon Echos (except the Echo Sub) have a ring of light that indicates different things, and you can see it in blue, yellow, red, or purple, and each of these colors means something different.

How Do I Change The Color Of My Alexa Light Ring?

You can change the color of the Alexa light ring by opening the app. Go to Select Devices > Select Lights > Echo Glow > Go to Color > Select Set and choose any color you want.

How Do I Stop Alexa From Spinning Blue?

Spinning blue ring light means that your device is on Guard Mode: Away. you can switch off this feature to stop Alexa from spinning blue. Open the Alexa app and go to the Devices section. Switch the guard mode of Echo from Away to Home to resolve the issue.

What Does The Red Light On Amazon Echo Mean?

The red light on Amazon Echo means that your microphone is off or muted. When the device is muted, it does not respond to Alexa commands. Turn it back on by tapping on the microphone button.

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