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Is Lenovo a Good Brand? Detailed Guide Review 2022


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Yes, Lenovo is a good laptop brand, and for past years it has been on top taking the crown from Apple. The company offers affordable laptops with globally new technology each year. Every customer who has bought or not has known about the incredible hardware Lenovo provides at a decent price limit. Affordability might be the main reason for popularity but battery life, design and durability are also prominent features of Lenovo laptops.

The reliable performance and piece of hardware have made Lenovo successful across the world, and the brand is known with positive feedback. Here we will give you in-depth information about the Lenovo brand, but first, you should know about its background.


Lenovo Group Limited, also widely known as Lenovo, is a Hong Kong-based multinational technology founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi. It was founded in Beijing, China, but now company headquarters is in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. Lenovo is a well-known brand for making some of the best electronic devices such as laptops, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations electronic storage devices and many more.

Since its beginning, the company has successfully introduced and manufactured technology which is smart and innovative. Such technology has enhanced and transformed the user experience.

Therefore, it stands tall on the top of the ranking for past years. The Lenovo laptops provide ease and a superior experience for its users.


When you look for a laptop for any purpose, you go through a set of lists to check whether the laptop works for you. You make sure; a laptop works perfectly according to your need. You need to check reliability and functionality and whether it is balanced battery life is vital as the whole purpose of a laptop is to take it with you while travelling and work efficiently with power backup. Some who are looking for the best laptops for writers prefer the keyboard and touchpad over other features.

People planning to buy workstations focus on the hardware aspect of a laptop such as a processor, RAM and graphic card. Different fields demand different kinds of laptops, and Lenovo gives you just like your demand. Lenovo brand has stayed in the market for so long due to its practical, functional and reliable laptops.

Let’s look into detail what Lenovo offers in its laptops.


Lenovo offers two looks in their laptop series, business casual and formal business style. Casual look you see in Legion series which are developed for gamers and working on heavy tasks. These have many optimization options, according to user’s needs. In the formal business category, Lenovo introduced Yoga Book, ThinkPad and Chromebook series. These laptops are slim. Strictly formal and has the beauty of its own.

Lenovo laptops are designed for consumers who like simplicity and functional design. Each is designed just like its intended purpose and is liked by many in this regard.


Quality is what matters the most to the consumer because they want to buy the best laptop. Lenovo brand introduced many laptops series, and the quality level depends on the budget range. Every model has good models and bad ones, such a case is valid here. To cut down the cost, companies cut down high-quality material with mediocre and stable material.

The Yoga series is a favourite lime-up by Lenovo due to the aluminium chassis, great display and overall performance. It has been popular since the first introduction to till this day, and therefore Lenovo extended the same specs to Chromebook series.

On the other hand, mid-tier series such as IdeaPad has a plastic casing, the screen wobbles a bit and then puts pressure on the touchpad the casing dips. When using a cheap budget Chromebook, in the tablet mode, chassis don’t align, and there is sometimes difficulty in retrieving stylus.

Despite the difference, Lenovo laptops are rugged, reliable and serve good performance that notable business people around the world choose them.


The reason why Lenovo is a good brand is because of its continuous innovations that they bring each year in their laptops. Lenovo impressed the customers by introducing a practical E Ink display in Yoga Book. It has a screen-based keyboard which can turn into an illustration pad and e-reading mode with just a press of a button. Also, it is lightweight, has pen precision and a knock-to-open feature.

In regular Yoga laptops, Lenovo has fit the Dolby Atmos soundbar into the hinge for the better sound experience. It also has an on-board pen and privacy shutter for the webcam. Lenovo has successfully made the 14-inch ThinkPad X1 Carbon the most lightweight commercial laptop.

It is crucial to get a great laptop in every aspect as it makes you productive and gets the task done faster. Lenovo laptops, especially ThinkPad, have the best keyboards as the company introduced the AccuType Keyboard. Such a keyboard gives your fluid and comfortable typing experience with spacious and clicky keys.

Lenovo has introduced a new ThinkPad X1 laptop this year with the latest technology and made a first foldable laptop. It has an OLED display which you can use in multiple modes and supports Pen input.


Lenovo laptop brand has a vast selection of laptops in a variety of categories. From features to budget, you can get any kind of laptop. On the low-budget side, you get IdeaPad and Chromebooks. On the mainstream level, it has another IdeaPad series, Yoga and Flex line-up. It has many models on premium sides too, such as Yoga C930 and Yoga Chromebook C630.

Best Lenovo laptops

Best gaming laptop: Lenovo Legion Y7000

Best Business laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Best convertible laptop: Lenovo Yoga C930

Best budget laptop: Lenovo Flex 11

Best Mid-range laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad T480

Premium Laptop: Lenovo Yoga 920

Best Lenovo Chromebook: Lenovo 500E Chromebook

Below we will discuss the successful line-up introduced by Lenovo and the best laptops that you can find. The whole series is sold out worthy, but some laptops manage to stand out due to their features, and Lenovo updated them each year with new technology. You will see in detail what features make them stand out and differ from each other.


ThinkPad laptop series have larger and more expensive workstations which give a sheer performance. These are designed for office work which provides good all-round performance and connectivity. It is famous for being a business-friendly laptop and dependable choice. ThinkPad has eight more sub-series, and all these have minor differences and purposes.

ThinkPad X are ultraportable business laptops, and new ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a great success. These produce ultimate computing power, host a 4K display and Dolby Atmos.

ThinkPad T and P series are durable, efficient, rugged workstations who sacrificed portability. These can survive extreme environments and workload, and also have long battery life. However, the ThinkPad P series is more costly and has a bit more power. The P52 is the first VR certified workstation from Lenovo.

ThinkPad E and L series have budget laptops and are a low-cost option for customers tight on budget. These are designed for business and are affordable with no compromises. ThinkPad L has ranged from 13-inch to 15-inch and is a great portable device.

ThinkPad A is aimed at mid-range budget professionals who are looking for a laptop for media editing and gaming tasks. These are powered with AMD Ryzen processors and are a cheap option for working on heavy tasks.

ThinkPad 13 line-up is designed for lighter tasks and classroom use. It only has a 13-inch model for now and is usually bought by schools and small businesses.

ThinkPad 11e is another classroom-oriented laptop or solely for kids. It is the budget range serving all the necessary computing purposes.


Legion is also known as Y series which is built to work on heavy tasks and gaming. The famous Y530 and Y520 models offer a 15-inch screen with discrete graphics and massive SSD storage. Lenovo is introducing a new Y730 model which is set to become the best model yet.


The main feature of IdeaPad is portability. These are not bulky like ThinkPad but instead have a slim and portable design which is ideal for streaming, browsing and working on documents. Some models are even up for gaming. It also has sub-four categories which are listed below. These vary in sizes, performance and budget, but the main slim design remains the same.

IdeaPad 700 series has expensive laptops. These offer 13-15 inches models with great performance.

IdeaPad 500 is less expensive compared to the 700 series. It comes in an affordable range, a clamshell design and perfect for students.

IdeaPad 300 is the next budget laptop series. It offers a choice of 17, 15 and 14-inch models with decent specs and inexpensive choice for students.

IdeaPad 100 is the most affordable line with models starting at $300-400. These are best for daily light task usage with decent performance and design.


Yoga line-up has 2-in-1 or hybrid series and is perfect for those who cannot decide between tablet or laptop. It offers both advantages at a reasonable price and decent performance. The more expensive model, the better the performance you will get in this series. These are great in battery life too along with other specs. You will find four different kinds of carrying sizes and prices.

Yoga 900 is the king of the Yoga series and the most expensive one. They offer the best in performance and species.

Yoga 700 has different laptop models and comes in two variations, either 130inch or 15-inch. For larger screens, you have to pay a higher price. Some models have AI, which enhances the user experience.

Yoga 500 series laptops are available with either Intel or AMD processors which also determine their price value.

Yoga 300 is a cheap series with a small screen of 11-inches and affordable range.


You can get tech support about your laptop related queries by online database or mobile app. However, talking to agents from social media or on the phone is a lot harder as they barely respond or slow in getting back to you. Help yourself by looking at information on the website as it is accessible and can be found easily through searching. They have a service bridge application that auto-scans your device and serial number and tells you the model and related information.

However, Lenovo provides separate and more efficient tech support for the ThinkPad series due to its success globally. It is one of the best tech support systems, and IdeaPad tech support comes next.

In terms of warranty for the laptops, Lenovo offers a 12-month warranty on all laptops, but commercial laptops have a 12 or 36-month extended hardware warranty. It is noteworthy because manufacturers do not often give a 36-month warranty for free. However, accidental damage costs extra but the company covers the shipping cost to service centers.


ThinkPad and Legion Laptop Series: Lenovo has impressed customers globally with their business laptop line-up. Both series are reliable and functional in every way. ThinkPad is more of a business work style, whereas Legion is best for gaming.
Great Value and Wide Selection: Lenovo offers laptops for all ages and fields. It has a budget Chromebook series, IdeaPad business series, Legion gaming series, and convertible laptops. One can easily choose a laptop that suits their work.


Irregular Quality: Though Lenovo has made many quality laptops still, many models fail to live up to the quality mark and are seen as unreliable.
Poor Tech Support: Unlike its competitors, Lenovo fails to provide proper tech support for its laptop users. They have unreliable to not trustworthy service. Support on the phone takes forever to get through, and on social media, they barely respond. The only way you have is to go to a website and search your issue and get answers on blogs.


Lenovo’s online ratings change each year due to inconsistency in laptops. Their ratings drop drastically to 2.5 stars due to unavailability of best laptops such as X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga. Later the company picked up ratings and topped to 3.5 – 3.8 stars. Whenever they release an excellent model, rating spike and lack of quality model bring it down.


Yes, Lenovo is a good brand. I have gone in detail about why Lenovo is a good brand. You now know details about every aspect surrounding the brand. If you are planning to buy a good laptop, then Lenovo offers you variety in every field. You will be pleased with your Lenovo laptop purchase as Lenovo is ranking on top for the past year.


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