How To Use NumberGuru To Figure Out Who Keeps Calling You


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NumberGuru is a free website and smartphone application that allows you to look up the owner of any number in the US. It is developed by BeenVerified and can be accessed via the website on desktop PC or by downloading the free application on your iPhone, Windows, and Android phones. NumbereGuru has data of over 99% landlines phones and 5% domestic cell phones and also collects data of toll-free and telemarketing callers. According to stats given by NumberGuru, they cover almost 100% of telemarketers from the US. However, they do not have any data on Verizon Wireless carriers.

After its launch in May 2011, the rate of call numbers spiked to approximately 864,000 look-up per day. It also ranks among The Top 10 Utility Apps and Top 150 Free Apps. one thing to know, NumberGuru does not provide private investigator services of any number or consumer reports to its users. To know about the legal issue and privacy policy of the service visit their website.

How It Works?

It works on simple and easy steps and actually delivers what you ask for. The app works without any charges and gives you access to data with just an easy step.

  • Download the NumberGuru app from the store or open the website from a PC.
  • Enter the number, including the area code that you want to look up to find out who is calling you.
  • Within a second, it will show you the name, phone carrier, type of phone, and address registered with the number.
  • It also shows comments from other users about the phone number to make others aware of the owner of the number is a scammer or if someone has a similar experience.

Besides the look-up feature, it allows the users to enter numbers of business and telemarketers to make a scam report and help others preventing the call from the same numbers. The Android NumberGuru app also connects to the Phone book and sends a notification when a user gets a call that it is a known-number from contacts or a spam call.

NumberGuru is quite a useful and necessary app, and on top of that, it is free. With just typing a number, you can figure out who is irritating you, and the feature of sharing your experience with other users comes in handy for you.


How to find who is calling you?

Download the free NumberGuru app and type the number that is calling you to find out who is calling you. The app gives you information registered with the number and makes you aware if it is spam or someone you know.

Which app is best to figure out who is calling you?

NumberGuru is the best app to figure out who is calling you, and you can use it by downloading for free from your app store.

How to use NumberGuru?

Using NumberGuru is quite easy. You just need to install the app from the app store, enter the number you want to look up, and within seconds it will show you the information related to the number.

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