How to Unlock Keyboard on Windows 10?


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You can’t type because your keyboard is locked? If you accidentally locked the keyboard and didn’t remember how to unlock the keyboard on your Windows 10 laptop follow this troubleshooting method.

A keyboard may not work with windows in some circumstances due to a problem with the software that came with the keyboard, such as ToggleKeys. If the keyboard is working when the machine is turned on, windows is preventing the keyboard from operating. Attempt to boot up the machine in safe mode. The reasons for a locked keyboard pressing the shift key, often known as the keyboard lock key. It is the most prevalent cause of a locked keyboard for eight seconds or longer.

Before you begin, check to see if any keys or the entire keyboard are physically broken. You can attach an external USB/ps2 keyboard to a different computer.

If the problem persists, your keyboard may have been physically damaged. Otherwise, it’s most likely a software issue, which you can resolve using the procedures below.

Disable the Filter Keys

It is possible that you have the Filter Keys option by accident if your entire keyboard is locked. You should hear a tone and see the “Filter Keys” icon in the system tray if you press down the right SHIFT key for 8 seconds. The keyboard will then lock the keyboard, and you will be unable to type anything.

To unlock the keyboard, press and hold the right SHIFT key for further 8 seconds. To turn off Filter Keys, go to the Control Panel and disable Filter Keys.

Disable NumLock.

It’s conceivable that you’ve turned on NumLock or are using an inappropriate keyboard layout if your keyboard isn’t typing the correct characters. To resolve this issue, disable NumLock or modify your keyboard layout.

Update or reinstall the keyboard driver

A malfunctioning or outdated driver may cause the keyboard to become locked. You have to reinstall or update the laptop on your keyboard driver to get your keyboard to operate again. Take the following steps:

Expand the Keyboards category in Device Manager. Select Update driver or Uninstall device from the right-click menu on your computer’s keyboard. Restart your computer if you picked the “uninstall device” option. Windows will install the default keyboard driver.


Most of the time, you should be able to unlock your keyboard using these troubleshooting steps. If your problem persists, consider contacting the maker of your computer or asking for advice on their forums. You can unlock the keyboard on an HP laptop by hitting the Ctrl + PrtSc keyboard shortcut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Restart your computer if it hasn’t done so already. Filter Keys should be turned off. Try using a separate computer to test your keyboard. Replace the batteries if you’re using a wireless keyboard. Make sure your keyboard is clean. Examine your keyboard for signs of wear and tear. Make sure your keyboard is connected. Device drivers should be updated or reinstalled.

Answer: For use with Windows 10 If your keyboard lacks a Scroll Lock key, go to Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard on your laptop. If you want to use or need the On-Screen Keyboard, use the On-Screen Keyboard button. Click the scroll button when the on-screen keyboard appears on your screen.

Answer: It’s possible that you mistakenly turned on the Filter Keys option if your entire keyboard is locked. To unlock the keyboard, press and hold the right SHIFT key for further 8 seconds. To turn off Filter Keys, go to the Control Panel and disable Filter Keys.

Answer: Turning the keyboard or laptop upside down and gently shaking it is the most straightforward remedy. Anything beneath the keys or inside the keyboard will usually bounce out of the device, allowing the keys to function correctly once more.

Answer: To unlock the computer, use CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Type the last logged-on user’s login information, then click OK—Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log in normally when the Unlock Computer dialogue box has disappeared.

Answer: Make sure your laptop isn’t just frozen. Examine your keyboard or individual keys for physical damage. Make sure the keyboard is free of impediments and clean. Attempt a normal reboot. To reset, uninstall your keyboard drivers and reboot.

Answer: The Num Lock key is usually found in the keypad’s upper-left corner. The Num Lock key will be in the exact location as a desktop keyboard if you’re using a laptop with a numeric keypad.

Answer: Make use of the administrator account that is hidden. Start (or restart) your computer and continually hit F8. Select Safe Mode from the option that displays. The username should be “Administrator” (notice the capital A), and the password should be left blank. You should be in safe mode right now. To access User Accounts, go to the Control Panel and then User Accounts.

Answer: Pull the latch slightly and pound it with a hammer or other blunt object (Master locks cheap, low-quality locks.) It ought to pop open. If it’s a good lock, you might be able to pry it loose with a piece of metal cut into a triangle form.

Answer: If turning your key clockwise doesn’t work, try turning it back and forth. When you’ve successfully opened the lock, you’ll notice the shackle disengaging from the lock. To free the lock, pull on the lock’s body—Pull on the lock’s body to liberate it once the bond has disengaged.

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