6 Ways on How to Record Video on Laptop for Windows 7


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Recording a video on the laptop is not a difficult task to perform. If you have a window 7 on your system, you can easily record the screen’s video. Most people think that if you have a camera on the laptop, then you can record the video; otherwise, not. But it is not true; you can use other ways too. You can act on the laptop without any problem.

Moreover, there are two types of videos that are easily recorded on the system. The first thing is you can easily record your screen and the second is to record the happening presently on the laptop. However, you can use plenty of applications if you want to record video on the laptop for Windows 7.

Suppose you are looking for the best option for video recording on window 7 and have no idea about it, then nothing to worry about. We point out the six best ways that will help you out to record on the screen easily.

The six ways on how to records video on a laptop for windows 7 are as follow:

Record a video by using the laptop camera

The first and easy way to record a video on the laptop is using the camera. If you have windows 7, you have to download the camera supporting software on your laptop. But if your system has a CD facility, you easily install the software by using the software CD. The procedure is very simple and easy. Run your cd and then click on the folder option, click on the setup and install the software. This will help the camera to act.

Moreover, when you follow all the steps, click on the recording option on the camera. In this way, you can easily record the video. However, if you have a bad quality camera, then it is the best option for you.

2. Record Video by Using Web-Cam:

The second effective and easiest way to use a webcam for this purpose. If you have a web camera, you can easily install the specification and set it according to your requirement. The benefit of having a webcam is that you can easily use it and move it without difficulty. You have to attach the device to the USB port and add the installation by using the CD. Then run the CD on your system and install the software.

After installation, a new icon appears on your screen and asks permission from you. You have to click yes on it, and after that, your camera will be open. There is a video option present at the end where you can click and start recording the video easily. This action saves the video in your system automatically.

3. Use an Online Video recorder

Window 7 has many versatile features, and the best one is you can install many things from the CD and Online store. You can easily use the online video recorder to record the video in your system. It is the most reliable software where you record your desired video and not worry about any access. Because those who use the app only watch the video.

However, it is the most effective and easiest way to save the video in your drive or dropbox automatically.

4. MOVAVI Screen Recorder

MOVAVI is a simple and easy screen recorder that easily runs on windows 7. The procedure for using this software is straightforward. Firstly, select the area on the screen and click left on it, then move the screen, and it will produce the frame on that area. Then choose the capture area size from the option list. After that, you can choose the audio type of the video from the options.

Click on the start button or press F10 from the keyboard. This will start recording the video and at the end, click on the stop button. Your video record is easily and automatically saved in your system. However, you can use this software to edit the video.

5. Record the Video Using VLC Player

You can use the VLC player on the system and record the video easily. You have to open the media player, click on the view tab, and press on the advance control option. Then click on the capture device option, or you can easily press the control +C along with the media tab from your keyboard. When you perform this action, your media starts recording and opens the dialogue box. Click on the device and choose the webcam or screen option from it.


BANDICAM is widely using software for the screen recorder. This software has three options where you can easily choose the screen recording mode and record the area’s video. It is a user-friendly software that records the video or game in high resolution and doesn’t change its quality. Moreover, you also add the logo and audio in the video and also make the personalized video. This software is available online, or you can easily install it from CD.


We have mentioned the best and easy way that will help you to record the video. These all ways are very effective and easy to perform. If you want to choose the best way, then you should read this article. This article will help you to understand things and increase your knowledge. You can thoroughly read the article and find the best option for yourself.

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