How To Measure Laptop Size?


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When purchasing a new bag or leather sleeve bag for your laptop, the first question that comes to your mind must be, “What size should I buy?” Knowing it ahead of time will help you avoid disappointment when the bag arrives. You’ll only pull your hair out if your laptop doesn’t fit properly. Nothing is more aggravating than waiting and then having to pay for something you didn’t want in the first place. The only thing on your thoughts would be to figure out how to measure laptop size for the skin.

The good news is that measuring your laptop is simple. For your ease, we have put together simple methods of how to measure the laptop size. You will only need a measuring tape, laptop, and calculator.

1. Select a starting point

When you measure something, it’s critical to know where you’re starting and ending. Basically, if you’re going to measure your laptop, start by selecting a beginning spot on the screen and stretching the tape to the endpoint.

As a result, the lower left or lower right corner of the screen is the starting point. The viewable part of your laptop screen should be the starting point for the measurement.

2. Measure Opposite Corners

Don’t forget to take measurements from the opposing corners as well. You’ll certainly start by measuring the visible part of the screen on your laptop, but the enclosure is just as crucial as the opening part.

This is a critical stage in ensuring that your measurements are accurate, so pay close attention to every detail.

3. Measure Diagonally 

This step is used to measure the diagonal size of a laptop and will assist you in measurement.

To measure the true diagonal length of your laptop, start at the edge and stretch your measuring tape to the bottom of the corner. Please disregard the size of the laptop screen while measuring since we want to obtain the exact measurement size.

4. Measure Width 

Let’s move on to the next step in measuring the correct laptop size, which is to measure the width.

Measuring the width of your laptop is crucial, and you should take careful note of the exact figures that show after your calculations. To measure the width, place the measuring ribbon at the bottom left of the laptop and pull it down to the right.

5. Measure Height

In order to acquire the right calculation, you must consider practically every feature of the laptop, from its height to its width.

To determine the height of your laptop, you must first close the laptop’s flap. Using your measuring tape, measure your height from the side of your laptop, placing the ruler at the top and bottom of the laptop screen.

Although measuring the height is an important element of this work, the laptop height does not matter as much as the other dimensions because laptop manufacturers rarely provide laptops with a height of more than 2 inches.

6. Measure Depth

To acquire the right results, you must write down every single calculation, and measuring the depth of your laptop is just as vital as the other steps in this process. To measure the depth of your computer, place your measuring tape on the top right corner of your laptop and drag the tape to the underside.

7. Convert Inches to Centimeters 

This may not appear to be a critical step, but converting inches to centimeters is critical if you want your calculations to be accurate.

The easiest way to do this is to multiply the inches by 2.54, which will give you your centimeter measurements. So, if your laptop is roughly 15.5 inches, your centimeters will be 39.37.

Size Chart for Laptops 

Even though there are various laptops on the market, they all have the same size range. If you’re buying the bags as gifts, acquiring the exact measurements may be difficult. Fortunately, the world does not come to an end here, and this article will be useful in any event.

If you look at the computer industry closely, you’ll see that famous companies like Lenovo and Asus all use the same standard size. You might have issues with Apple’s Mac or, at best, Alienware.

Nonetheless, finding the ideal laptop sleeve or bag for your laptop is simple because manufacturers stick to standard proportions when creating the bags. You can convert the dimensions yourself or use this sizing guide for common measurements when measuring your laptop.

What are the benefits of measuring your laptop?

Before purchasing a sleeve bag, it is critical to precisely measure your laptop. You do not want to be left with a bag that does not fit. Sleeve bags and other laptop bags are produced to order. Therefore, you should order the correct size.

If you choose a laptop bag based on guesswork, you may end up with a purchase that does not suit your laptop well. The laptop will not fit if it is too small. If the sleeve is too large, the laptop may slide out or wobble as you hold it in your hand. It’s critical to get a sleeve that fits your laptop snugly.

How can you read laptop bag dimensions?

When you visit a manufacturer’s website, you’ll see that the dimensions are listed in three different units: external, internal, and metric. Compare the internal dimensions at all times. Because of the difference in internal dimensions, not every 15-inch sleeve will fit a 15-inch laptop. For instance, the dimensions of a laptop sleeve could be 16.3 x 11.4 x 1.2 inches.

For this measurement, use the following formula:

  • The length is 16.3 inches.
  • The width is 11.4 inches.
  • The height is 1.2 inches.

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