How To Integrate Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing?


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The majority of marketing discussion these days is focused on digital marketing, which makes sense in 2015. After all, the Internet, including digital technology, has altered how small companies advertise their goods and services. Traditional marketing, on the additional hand, still has a place in promoting your company. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to integrate traditional marketing with digital marketing that will help you expand your business.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing, when everyone is online, is a beautiful method to advertise your brand, according to common sense. Conventional marketing is still effective, and integrating traditional and digital marketing into a single marketing plan optimizes outcomes and increases your chances of meeting or exceeding your objectives.

Today, professional digital marketing tactics are being used by all firms. These efforts are functioning effectively to this day, whether it’s publishing a promotion online, having a website, or having a social media presence. However, many firms have forgotten to integrate traditional marketing techniques that existed a few years ago due to this change in attention toward technology. Even if they are outdated, they nevertheless have benefits and can increase sales.

As a result, some of us recall how advertisements crammed into newspapers a few decades ago. Even yet, we remember how difficult it was for new businesses to obtain billboard space when they first entered the market. Even though television commercials have been around for a long time, they remain relevant in the age of computers and smartphones. Although this generation is unfamiliar with brochures and flyers, they were formerly practical marketing tools for various businesses.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing tactics incorporate all of these and more. The fact that they are highly responsive and customized is their primary benefit. People, for example, would cherish and preserve the brochures that were given to them as a reference. Commercials on television and radio reach many people in a short amount of time if they are tuned to the channels and frequencies where the advertisements are broadcast.

Traditional marketing techniques are various effective at giving a permanent impression. If you ask an older adult, they may probably recall a song that played during a favorite TV commercial in the 1970s.

By focusing on current marketing trends, we can easily show all of the contrasts. Today, organizations employ nearly entirely new techniques to target clients and achieve their objectives. Any firm may have a beginning point for their digital marketing with a personal website. It is the first platform they utilize to make potential clients aware of their existence. Backlinking of websites, social media marketing, right mailings, and newsletters are just a few other techniques employed.

It allows for more specific market targeting. With the top website and SEO tactics in place, the firm may achieve worldwide visibility in no time. Social media marketing is also efficient and engaging, especially given that most of the world’s population uses one or more social media platforms.

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So, let’s look at some integration techniques for conventional and digital marketing.

Integrate Your Direct Mail Campaign With Your Website And Social Media Campaigns:

People still appreciate getting letters and advertising flyers in the mail. They appreciate handwritten business invites and thank you notes for purchases. Sending these handwritten letters boosts brand loyalty and improves sentiments about the company. As a result, think of direct mail as an additional tool for marketing your company.

direct mail campaign

Combine your personal mail with your website by providing relevant content that communicates information across platforms, and link your direct mail by your website with easy-to-follow links via QR codes that recipients can scan with their smartphone. It eliminates the temptation to enter the company’s URL the next time you come onto your computer, significantly reducing response time.

Integrating your direct mail with your website is especially effective if readers are enticed to visit your website with a special offer on the landing page. The same technique may be used to grow your social media network.

Calls To Follow Up On Online Forms:

When seeking to learn more about their clients, many business owners urge them to complete our online questionnaires. It is advantageous since you can customize your product or service to specific groups or individuals after knowing more about them. By incorporating this data into your email marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to personalize your messages, resulting in improved results.

Rather than communicating with customers, you just through social media or email. They can then thank the consumer for completing the form and speak with them in further depth about the information they provided in their surveys. It is especially essential if the respondent expressed displeasure with your product or a problem utilizing it.

After all, we know that only a tiny number of unsatisfied consumers contact you to express their dissatisfaction with your product or service. Nonetheless, these errors result in lost revenue. You may preserve the connection and increase future sales by making proactive phone calls to disgruntled clients rather than sending an impersonal email. While this discussion is beneficial for gathering information and establishing relationships, a call allows you to make a new selling offer.

Event marketing is still quite effective. You may meet potential consumers face to face by organizing a fundraiser, product launch, training session, or another type of event. These encounters aid in the development of connections, establishing trust and delivering a sales presentation in a less promotional manner.

Social Media Hashtags

You might send a direct or email invitation to promote your event. However, if you have a website, social media pages, and online advertisements at your disposal, you should use them to spread the word about your invitation.

After the event, you might wish to connect with attendees on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and add different signatures to your email marketing database. Thank them for growing, and inspire them to contribute photos and good reviews of your event to social media.

Consider renting a photo booth for the event that posts photos of attendees to social media platforms using the event hashtag. Attendees are enamored with these photo booths and will queue to have their pictures taken.

Provide Customer Service Via The Internet:

Integrating your natural store with your online behavior has several benefits, not the least of which are lower costs and faster response times. When a problem arises, as it inevitably will, the sooner you address the issue, the better.

More and more firms are providing online help using chatbots driven by AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning (ML) (machine learning). These bots, which are hosted on your website and social media platforms, give solutions, answer questions, and supply essential information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that you always have enough “personnel” to deal with customers and prospect concerns.

Complete Purchasing Process:

First and foremost, it covers the complete purchasing process. Every media outlet, whether offline or online, excels at accomplishing specific marketing goals. When combined channels, they may span the whole customer experience, allowing them to progress more quickly through the funnel toward the purchase, conversion, and retention.

Scale And Relevance Are Prioritized:

A 360-degree campaign maximizes size and relevance. Traditional media types are ideal for scalability since they reach a large number of people quickly. Keep in understanding how much it takes and how long it takes to design and produce commercials and materials for traditional media.

Internet marketing campaign

With cheaper production costs and shorter lead times for creating materials, digital media platforms are ideal for relevance and attracting specific customers. A 360 campaign may help your business get noticed by prospective new customer prospects while also attracting the perfect customers who are most likely to convert.


We just provided you with a few ideas; you’re sure to come up with additional methods to mix traditional and digital marketing, so think about your business and how you might do so. By combining the two, you can broaden your reach and, ideally, attract more consumers to your company.

Even though more businesses are gathering on digital marketing, combining the two techniques, as seen above, will yield more significant results. It’s a good idea to plan and weigh the advantages of bringing them together. Businesses that have previously used this strategy may attest to its effectiveness. Whether you’re a seasoned company or a startup, don’t be left behind.


What Is The Relationship Between Traditional And Digital Marketing?

Traditional marketing is seen as passive, but digital marketing actively engages the target audience. It allows the two approaches to complement each other, allowing them to work together to fulfil their goals.

What Possibilities Are There For Combining Various Sorts Of Digital Media Outlets With Conventional Media?

  • Let’s take a look at seven techniques you may use right now.
  • Include Your Digital Channels on Print Mediums.
  • Enter Digital Calls to Action in Offline Ads.
  • Drive Online Traffic to Your Concrete Section.
  • Use Your Sales Team to Follow Up. Advertise Local Events Online.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining Digital And Conventional Communication Channels?

Allows you to achieve your objectives

Every objective you achieve moves you closer to the summit. Whether you aim to raise income, sales, exposure, or attract new consumers, integrating digital and conventional marketing will help you achieve your objectives faster.

Is It Possible To Combine Conventional And Digital Marketing?

Combining the two marketing approaches allows a firm to reach a larger audience. Combining traditional and digital marketing tactics is an excellent approach for businesses to reach more people and increase conversions. Companies may profit from both digital and conventional marketing.


Why And How Should Your Digital Marketing Platforms Be Integrated?

  • You may utilize social media to grow your email list.
  • You may utilize email marketing campaigns to grow your social media following.
  • Create a recognized brand that can be used across multiple platforms.
  • Connecting with your audience is more accessible with integrated platforms.

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