How to Install Cartoon HD Apk on Android? 10 Best Alternatives to CatroonHD

Cartoon HD Apk Free Download

The cartoonhd app was removed from Google Play Store, so we will not go looking for it there. We will work our way through a workaround and use the Cartoon HD APK file for the installation. This is also called side-loading, which lets you install third-party apps on the Android device.

What is CartoonHD?

Cartoonhd is the hottest online streaming app for watching HD movies and television shows. It gains popularity in a very short time. This is often thanks to its excellent interface and an outsized database of flicks and television shows. You’ll watch an equivalent video in several features like 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

CartoonHD APK preview in Mobile

As we all know, nothing in this world is 100% perfect. Thanks to the recognition of online HD movies and television programs as a cartoon streaming app, cartoonhd users often face problems like the app not responding, a server error, or the app not working. We also are discussing the simplest alternative to cartoonhd during this article, which can never have the above-mentioned problem.

So, the very first thing we need is to download the Cartoon HD APK file. This file can be easily found on the internet, but you may not know which site to trust. This is why we have the cartoonhd latest APK for you. Follow these steps to get it:

Open a browser on your Android smartphone or tablet

download cartoon hd apk

We will use this APK file to get cartoonhd for Android. But, before we get started with the installation process, we will need to enable the Unknown Sources. Why do we need to do this? Our Android devices are set up to prevent any unauthorized, third-party installations for safety and security purposes.

They block the installation from Unknown Sources by default. But Cartoon HD APK download is safe, and that is why we will bypass this security feature by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go to Security
  • There will be a toggle or check box with the ‘Unknown Sources’ option; do what is needed to enable this option
  • These steps may vary slightly depending upon your device.

Installation Process of CartoonHD APK On Android:

Now we have everything we need to complete the cartoon HD apk download on the Android device. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Open the folder in which you saved the APK file. You could expect to find it in the Downloads folder. But it may also be in the APK folder. Use the Explorer app to navigate.

  • Run the file so that it can unpack
  • If you see a confirmation, tap ‘Install.’

This will complete the installation of the Cartoonhd update version. It won’t take too long. You can now go ahead and enjoy awesome movies and TV shows on your device.

10 Best Alternatives to Cartoonhd Movie Streaming App:

Cartoon HD is a great app and usually works fine on most Android devices. But, sometimes, it acts a little buggy, and this could get a little frustrating. Also, we cannot expect one movie app to have all the TV shows and videos streaming at the same time.

So, if any content is missing on Cartoonhd, you would like to look up its alternatives. Here are some of them.

Cinema Box HD:

If you love watching movies, you will definitely love the Cinema Box HD. There is absolutely no denying that it is one of the best offerings to the movie mavens. It is also one of the very few cross-platform movie streaming apps that are available on Android and iOS.

It has a great looking interface that offers easy navigation and browsing. Cinema Box HD offers support for Chromecast, allowing you to watch the movies on the large screen of your TV. Just like Cartoon HD Apk, you need to download it using the ‘side-loading process.

Mega Box HD:

MegaBox HD is also one of the finest movie streaming apps you will find today. Ever since its release, it has become a huge success. It has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

This lightweight app has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and other video content. Even though it does not offer full HD streaming, it is still a wonderful app for your Android device.


It is impossible to not mention the Showbox app when we are talking about the top movie streaming apps. This app is easily the best alternative to CartoonHD. The vast collection of content, HD playback, intuitive interface, and high-speed streaming are some of the top features of Showbox.

The app also lets you download the video content on your device so that you can watch them later, even when you are not connected to the internet.


Unlike the other three apps we have put on this list so far, Crackle does not require side-loading as it is available on Google Play Store and iTunes & App Store. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and many like to call it the tiny version of Netflix. It does not have a huge collection, but it has a nice selection. It lets you stream live TV on your mobile device.

Popcorn Flix:

The name of the app itself is the big give away of what you can expect from this app and this is another best alternative to cartoon hd apk. Popcornflix is a movie streaming app with over one thousand movies.

This does not look too big, but the good news is that the developers keep updating the content frequently, and there is always something new to watch. The app is completely free of cost and offers high-speed streaming. It is also available only on Android.

Terrarium TV:

Terrarium TV is the latest app that was released just a few months back. TerrariumTv is providing the best sources, and user interference is awesome compared to all the above movies apps. Learn more about Terrarium Tv.

Bobby HD App

Bobby HD App is the perfect CartoonHD alternative, especially for iOS and iPad.The motto behind this app’s event is to bring all entertainment stuff to a mobile iOS user. This app provides movies and videos of top quality. It also offers the foremost popular TV shows. You’ll watch each and each episode of your favourite daily shop.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time may be a popular CartoonHD Alternatives available online. This app supports all the OS like Window, Linux OSX, and Android. Here you’ll browse your favorite media category wise. You’ll also download your favorite movies or television program with just one click.

It’s highly customizable you’ll change its theme; different language option is out there and far more. Here are a number of the notable features of Popcorn Time that makes it as ideal as Cartoon HD Alternative.

Flixanity App

Flixanity is additionally an honest choice for those that are trying to find cartoon hd apk alternatives. It’s free online video streaming applications. This application is out there for Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad) and PC also.

This app allows you to access the news channel numbers in several languages from various parts of the world. You’ll get here the films, Cartoon and your favorite daily shops during an excellent audio-video quality. The library of Flixanity gets a regular update.

Netflix Best Streaming App

It’s looking like that Netflix goes to require over the industry of more releasing theatres. Netflix is another application during this list that allows you to stream unlimited online movies, TV shows in a different language from a special country. Netflix is one of the foremost famous platforms where people spend most of their time watching videos. Netflix has provided a platform to all or any content creator to release its content thereon.

Netflix has billions of users from everywhere on the planet, and that’s the rationale of why content creators prefer the foremost to release their content on Netflix. To use Netflix, you’ll get one month of the free trial, and then, you’ve got to require a premium subscription of it.


There are many movie streaming apps around. But Cartoon HD apk has certainly made its presence felt. With a decent collection of video content, this app is becoming one of the preferred choices of movie lovers. CartoonHD can be downloaded using the APK file. In case you are looking for more apps like cartoonhd, there are various alternatives available.

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