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Instagram gained popularity in a short amount of time since its launch due to being a fun app where you get to share your stuff and lifestyle with your loved ones. Over time as the users grew in number, the app shifted from just a casual fun app to a serious marketing source. It is one of the most popular social media apps in the market right now with over 700 million+ active users and where is the best way to promote your brand other than here.

Instagram has become the forefront of many brands as it brings more exposure and helps build an engaging and loyal audience. Whether you are an individual with the name as your brand or a small-scale business or a corporate, if your social presence isn’t strong and robust then you are losing opportunities for yourself. The larger your audience on Instagram, the more profit you will gain by using effective marketing on the app.

The thing to note here is that some pay for followers and like to increase through some sites to bring their engagements up but it goes all in vain because the only organic following will bring an impact on your brand. Moreover, the Instagram algorithm regularly updates which filters out the low-quality accounts and interactions.

Here we will show you 10 ways through which you can build an organic and solid base of Instagram followers to enhance your brand’s reputation and gain more exposure. You need real followers who interact, get to know about your brand, make purchases, and leave their feedback and recommendation, only then can you succeed in recognizing your brand on social media.

Follow our tips to gain a significant number of followers in months and make your social presence strong on Instagram.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

Optimize your Instagram Account

First and foremost, set up your Instagram account right with proper optimization techniques that will help you appear on searches easily. Before you even think of how to gain followers quickly, work on your account first diligently and make it presentable to your followers. Your Instagram bio is like the homepage of your brand.

Your account’s username, bio, profile picture, and image captions build a foundation of your brand’s identity and serve as the first step to recognition. Therefore, for a stable presence online you need to optimize your account. As for your username, keep it search-friendly, short and stick to just your brand name so it makes it easy for people to find your brand’s page. If you have a longer name then shorten it to something easy to remember by people and avoid adding symbols and numbers as they are hard to remember correctly.

If you have other social media handles then keep them similar to those with little to no changes. In the bio section, keep it minimal and to the point with necessary information as it has word limits and you do not want to start a storytelling session about your brand in the bio.

It is also a good idea to link marketing related promos, product pages, specific or targetted hashtags or keywords or campaigns, and other social media handles in your account’s bio. This strategy of IG link landing pages has been popular as it lands the followers to brands’ main page by following the “link in bio” in the recent posts. People mostly use it to direct the audience towards promotional links or others.

Make A Thoughtful Instagram Strategy

Instagram strategy to increase followers

After setting up your profile with all the essential tips and tricks, next comes the strategy to run your Instagram account. You need a purpose and clear plan to use Instagram effectively to build your social presence and gain significant followers over time. Getting followers should not be the first goal but building up your brand should be a priority. Only then along with marketing will you be able to increase your followers and make your brand shine.

Write down the reasons why you want more and more followers. Do you want to increase awareness about your small business? Do you want to stand out among other influencers on the app? Want to boost your sales? Want to drive traffic to your e-commerce website? Your reason could be any and for each reason, there are some simple and basic tips you can use to increase your following.

Keep your focus on goals and work on them consistently. You cannot just gain followers in a matter of days; it takes months of hard work to build an audience. Making a strategy, in the beginning, helps you work towards your brand awareness with proper direction ahead and build a loyal following along the way.

Develop Your Own Style

Instagram Post style

Stand out. Everyone talks about fitting in a crowd but Instagram has an opposite notion. On Instagram, you need to make your account stand out with your own distinct and unique style or theme. Follow a specific theme or design style that every time a person sees your post, they instantly recognize it is from a specific page without confirming the name.

Your posts are the way to showing off your aesthetic and amazing skills and it represents your brand in many ways. Make sure to experiment with different options and in the end choose the one that you can adapt to constantly and it represents your brand properly.

Use Targeted Hashtags And Keywords In A Compelling Caption

Instagram targeted hashtags

Using a targeted keyword and hashtags are the most effective way to draw in followers on Instagram. Hashtags have been in use since the early times of Instagram as a fun way but now we can follow specific hashtags and find the posts with the same hashtag. Post with compelling works and keywords paired with targeted hashtags reaches a much bigger audience. Most people search about stuff on social media with only a few words and if you use such common words in your posts often then they will appear in searches more and more, gaining more attention and followers.

To find a keyword and hashtags that are related to your brand is quite easy by using tools. The key here is to use a keyword that is quite common and frequently used. On the contrary, do not use the populated hashtag because your post will drown in millions of photos shared from around the world. Instead, use targeted and specific hashtags that are related to your brand, so when people search with specific hashtags, your posts come in the searches.

Find the hashtags and keywords that your target audience will use in searches and use them frequently in your posts’ captions to make your account appear in the feed of those who do not follow you. While it is good to use as many relevant hashtags and keywords, you should also know which ones to avoid. You should not use such hashtags that show off your desperation of getting followers, instead of getting a loyal following who likes your work.

Therefore, avoid hashtags like, #followme #followback #tagsforlikes #follow4follow or #like4like. Using such hashtags will only attract the people who want a follow back instead of interested people in your brand. Do not make such a mistake.

Post Engaging Content Per Day Or Make A Content Calendar

content is king

Do you want to capture the attention of the audience and increase your following? Although Instagram is all about visuals, you should spend some time on your posts and their captions too. Write engaging and interesting captions combined with proper keywords and the right number of hashtags. Think of creative ways and make use of ongoing trends to make compelling captions and attract the audience.

Your caption can be 2200 characters long and will be hidden behind the “see more” option which users have to tap on to read, but before that 125 characters of your caption will be visible to everyone. Make sure to write the eye-catching and inspiring words first to capture the attention so that the person taps on more and reads the whole thing.

You can basically write a whole in-depth story in the caption or ultra-short statement and make your post boost by combining it with the self-explanatory visuals. To increase your engagements, ask a question in the last about their experience, feedback, or something related. After writing the caption, next comes the posting. Do not post randomly or at an odd hour. You do not wanna lose your already followers by posting on haphazard times. Make a content schedule. Post either daily at different times of the day or on specific days with targeted times when your engagements are usually high.

Do experiment with your posting schedule first or just set a content calendar. You should not post too much in a day as the algorithm will mark your posts as spam and your followers will not see it on their feed. We recommend posting at different times in a single day because millions of users log in to Instagram daily and you want to capture the attention of your followers with different time zones. Sticking to a specific schedule will help you a lot in increasing the followers and also boost engagement.

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Collab With Other Brands

Collab with other brands on Instagram

In these recent years, collaborating with other brands or influencers has become quite an effective way of increasing followers. A collab between two brands or individuals brings exposure to both parties and brings a whole lot of followers to both.

You can do it in many ways for example create something together and share with your respective followers, or take over the Instagram account and engage with the followers or many other ways. Think of creative ways in which both can benefit from and along the way increase your following by grabbing the attention.

In 2021, the best way to increase Instagram followers and engagements is by working with influencers. For starters, work with micro-influencers and when you start getting on track then go one by one for big shot influencers with a bigger following. Influencers offer the best exposure to your brand and bring more followers and post engagements.

Make Use Of Videos, Stories, And Live Stream

Instagram videos, stories, and live stream

Do not just rely on your image posts, make use of other Instagram features such as videos, stories, and live streams. These are a great way of engaging your audience and appearing on the explore page of new people.

Through recent studies, it is found that engagement on video posts is higher than images. Moreover, when you post stories then you definitely appear on their feed in the row of stories and followers see your content frequently.

Live streaming is even better nowadays. When you go live which is one of the best ways to gain exposure and engagements, your followers see it right in front of their stories and can easily access it to see your content. You can make use of Instagram live for hosting a contest, announcements, shows, and much more. It works great for your brand reputation and keeps your followers engaged and also increases your following by featuring on the explore page.

Participate In New Trends And Talk-Of-The-Town Topics

Instagram trends

It is another effective way of gaining followers, participating in ongoing trends, and using the references in your posts to gain attention. In this digital socializing world, everyone tries to keep up with new trends and tries to participate.

If you want to be known and have recognition then make use of new trends in your posts and relate them to your brand. However, if you do not see any latest trend going around then do on any topic that you feel makes the people talk about and engage with them.


Engage With Followers

If you have gained many followers and want to keep them then engage with your followers. The nice and engaging behavior will not only impress your followers but also bring in many new ones. Reply and like their comments and keep continuing the conversation. Answer their queries and thank them for the feedback.

Use Ads On Instagram

ads on Instagram

The last method that you can try to increase followers in 2021 is by using ads on Instagram which is obviously not a free method like above. By running ads for your posts or services, more people get to know you and connect with you. You can opt for an affordable package at first and if you start earning then get a bigger package with more post reach.

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