How to Fix Loose Usb-c Port


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There is a good chance that the USB port is now the most common connector used worldwide. Everyone is familiar with USBs, and it's unusual to come across an outlet, phone charger, or computer without a USB port. There may be as many as six billion USB devices today; however, estimates vary. That figure rises daily.

USB has been around since 1994. It's not easy to replace established port standards, but USB has done it many times and thrived. There have been many changes and improvements throughout the years, culminating in the widespread adoption of USB-C.

Fix a Loose USB Port

A loose USB port should be easy to fix and not necessitate a full replacement of the port. After all, dealing with a loose wire and repeatedly connecting and unplugging may be quite a nuisance. Simply inserting and removing wires from any port frequently can cause loss of the port. The presence of a USB port makes this a real possibility.

Fortunately, USB ports can be fixed rather straightforwardly. This way, you won't have to worry about even the slightest tremor interfering with charging or file transfer. A professional is unnecessary to fix a faulty USB port. However, before fixing your USB port, you must get your hands on the necessary tools and instructions. 


  • Sewing Needle

  • Flashlight (optional)


  1. Thread a sewing needle and gently scrape the inside of the USB-C connector.

  2. Please pick up the dirt in the corner and remove it.

  3. Make sure the USB-C port is clear of lint by shining a flashlight. To the extent that it is required, repeat the process.

Method To Fix The Loose Micro USB Port

Step 1:

To begin, you'll need a little, pointed object, like a toothpick. A needle could be extremely pointed and cause permanent damage to your phone or laptop, so we advise against using one. 

Step 2:

Check for dirt by carefully inserting the toothpick into the charging port. Take care not to scratch the charge port's sides. Different laptops or phone models will have different numbers of pins on the side, and you may harm them if you try to remove or replace them.

Step 3:

If it's loose enough, you can scoop it out and use the canned air to remove any leftover dirt. In the absence of pressurized air, exhalation can be accomplished by blowing into the mouth (try not to spit all over it).

Follow these steps to prevent loose USB ports: 

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. As such, remember these guidelines to protect your USB port from becoming dislodged again:

  1. It would help if you did not leave your phone or laptop plugged in overnight.

  2. USB cables are used for charging and data transfer, so take care when inserting them. 

  3. Keep the connection in your hand whenever you unplug a USB cord. It would help if you never tried to remove the cable by pulling on the cord.

  4. Make sure your phone is appropriately charged. If you can, disconnect it when the battery is at full capacity to prevent the port from overheating.

  5. Carefully plug in the USB cable.

  6. Don't let water get in your phone or USB cable.

  7. The importance of keeping a clean phone cannot be overstated.

  8. Wear protective clothing while cycling or driving if your micro USB port is easily dislodged.

  9. It would help if you tried not to drop your phone off too often.



The USB C connector on your phone can become loose and create charging problems, but this guide has covered numerous potential solutions. Only use your phone for charging or data transfer if the micro USB - c port keeps loose. You can resolve this issue by implementing one or more of the above mentioned methods.


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