How to Fix Gmail Crashing on Android, Yahoo Mail, and Google App Problems

Gmail Crashing on Android

ANDROID users continue to experience a slew of issues with Gmail crashing on android and also some common mobile applications such as Yahoo Mail, and the Google app crashing as soon as they’re accessed. In a tweet, Google addressed the problems and proposed a solution to all mobile users. Here’s what you can do right now.

Android apps have had a difficult few hours. Android mobile and tablet users discovered an issue last night that prevented them from using various common applications, including Gmail and the Google app. When you tap on the program button, the app will shut down right away.

The problems began about 10 p.m. last night and have persisted into this morning. The same flaw has infected a range of third-party applications, including Yahoo Messenger, Outlook, mobile banking apps, and the Amazon shopping app.

Down Detector, an independent outage monitor, registered a surge in users moaning about the Android app issues, with thousands discussing the issues on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, at the height of the outage. Fortunately, Google has released a patch that prevents the Yahoo Messenger software from crashing and a fix for the Gmail bug.

Google said in a statement about the issues that Android users are experiencing right now: “We’ve fixed the WebView issue that caused some Android applications to crash for some users. The problem can now be resolved by updating Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play.”

Before Google’s confirmation, some people argued on social media that the so-called “WebView” was to blame for the problems. A new update to the ‘Android System Web view seemed to link all of the crash-affected applications.

It was previously claimed that uninstalling ‘Android System Webview’ from the Google Play Store resolved the issues; however, as Google has now released a patch, upgrading the Android System WebView is now the only way to resolve the issues permanently. The Google Play Store has now received a separate Google Chrome upgrade. Since “WebView” is a Chrome-powered device feature that allows Android apps to display web content, it’s critical to have the most recent version of Chrome installed.

Meanwhile, the official @Gmail Twitter account has indicated that clearing the app’s cache can also help resolve the crash bug. To do so, go to Settings > Applications > Gmail > Storage > Clear Cache on an Android device.

However, as Google has released an official fix, the solution proposed by Gmail’s social media staff is likely no longer necessary.

Apart from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Google, Android users have registered crashes in other common apps like Discord and Outlook today. The fix, thankfully, can keep all of these applications from crashing. However, since the upgrade has recently been released, some users have not yet had the opportunity to update the framework feature. As a result, many social media users continue to express their dissatisfaction with the situation.

“@Google Why can’t I use half my applications because you guys had a huge outage?” one user tweeted.
With over two billion smartphones running the market-leading Google mobile OS, Android is one of the most widely used software pieces on the planet.

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