How to Connect Xbox Controller to Laptop?


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Gamers who play on PCs and consoles frequently disagree about which platform is superior. The input device significantly influences which system is the best choice, in addition to the game selection and hardware quality. But what if you weren't forced to pick between the two? No, we can't create PC versions of console-exclusive games. However, we can demonstrate how to connect an Xbox One controller to your computer and use it for fun tasks like installing Linux in a virtual environment. Why? Only because we can

Xbox One controller-PC connection

Any Xbox One controller can be connected to a computer wirelessly, through Bluetooth, or via USB. With only a cable and a connector, USB enables quick connectivity. Bluetooth needs a different gear than wireless, which merely needs an Xbox wireless adaptor. We will discuss each of these ideas in detail in this essay.

Xbox One Controller to a PC via USB Cable

The process of connecting an Xbox controller to a PC is straightforward. A data sync micro-USB cable is required for the Series S and X controllers and the Xbox One controller, while a USB-C cable is needed for the latter.

  • Connect the controller to the PC via USB.

  • To turn on the controller, press Xbox.

  • Older versions of Windows require driver installation. Let Windows complete if needed. The system will find and install the drivers for you.

  • Your controller is linked.


Remember that the Xbox controller's batteries will run out even if connected to a computer. Purchasing a charging kit for a controller is the sole remedy. You may play on the Xbox One, Series S, and Series X without being concerned that the battery will run out.

Try using a different USB cable and port if you're having issues.

Xbox One Controller to the PC via Bluetooth

Even if playing without a cable is pleasant, that doesn't imply it always happens. Make sure the computer and Xbox controller both have Bluetooth functionality. The desktop PC needs to have Bluetooth turned on second. One must be purchased if a Bluetooth adapter isn't already incorporated into the PC.

Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth adapters are a given on laptops, but they aren't usually present on desktop PCs. Consequently, a Bluetooth adaptor is necessary. If there is a Bluetooth submenu, Device Manager on your PC should be able to find it. Before making a purchase, make sure your Xbox One controller is Bluetooth-compatible.

Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controllers

Xbox One controllers come in two varieties: Bluetooth capability (as of 2016) and those without. These consoles' Xbox buttons stand out thanks to their plastic shell. In previous models, the Xbox button is encircled by glossy, smooth plastic. Unfortunately, none of our older models come with Bluetooth pre-installed.

An Ethernet cable or an Xbox wireless adaptor can be utilized for older systems. We'll discuss another option you have later.

Every Xbox One Series X and S controller has Bluetooth built-in. You can use your headphones with any current controller because they all include a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the bottom.

Xbox One controller PC connection

Bluetooth must first be turned on on the machine itself. Go to the Settings > Devices menu in Windows 10 to configure Bluetooth and other devices. Open the window and activate Bluetooth.

Select Devices and printers from the Start menu to change your Bluetooth settings in Windows 7. Right-click your PC from there. Click the box, then select Okay to turn on Bluetooth for the selected devices.

Return to the Bluetooth interface on the PC and choose the Xbox controller from the Pairing menu to complete the process. After that, plug in the controller and press and hold the sync button until you see the Xbox logo start to flash quickly. The flashing lights indicate that the controller has located a device with which it can communicate.

The gamepad's headset jack won't function, but you can still use the audio ports on the computer. That is the sole drawback.

Wireless Xbox One Controller-PC

You will need a wireless adaptor to utilize Xbox One controllers without Bluetooth. All you have to do is connect your Xbox One controller to your gaming system.

  • You may turn on the Xbox adapter by pressing the button on its edge after you've connected it to your computer. The drivers for the Xbox One controller will be set up automatically by Windows.

  • Turn on your Xbox One controller, then hold down the pair button. The adaptor and Xbox One controller will eventually be able to recognize and link.

  • You've established a connection successfully and may now start playing.

A Bluetooth adapter is a fantastic option if your computer lacks Bluetooth and you don't want to use a USB cord. You can get the same outcome with this for much less than buying an Xbox wireless adaptor.

A wireless adaptor is a smart solution if you want to maximize the use of your Xbox. For instance, although it supports up to eight gamepad connections, Microsoft only advises using one controller with Bluetooth.


You won't be able to use the vibration feature while using Xbox Cloud to play games and pair your Xbox controller with a PC. You can load a save file from your console and continue playing on your computer if your game is marked as "play anywhere." You can now unwind and watch a few games. 


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