How to Backup Whatsapp to Google Drive on iPhone

It is a common question of how to backup WhatsApp to google drive on iPhone. This is because google drive is a new concept for iPhones as iPhones work with an iCloud platform for both restore and backup actions.

Although it is possible to backup WhatsApp to google drive on an iPhone, the procedure is a little bit complex. In this article, we will tell you the solution to this question.

By default, automatic backup with iCloud is enabled in most of the iPhones. But with the use of an android intermediator, you can backup WhatsApp to google drive on iPhone.

Step 1:  Backup WhatsApp to google drive on iPhone:

The first step to backup is the MobileTrans program on your operating system. It is used for all types of restoration processes.

Backup WhatsApp to google drive

After installation, launch it and connect your iPhone with the computer. Now select the “WHATSAPP TRANSFER” from the MobileTrans.


On the panel’s left side, there are options like Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Select WhatsApp and then click on the “Backup WhatsApp messages” from the main home panel.

Backup WhatsApp messages

After the above step, MobileTrans will start detecting your WhatsApp on the laptop. Click the START button to trigger the transfer.

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MobileTrans WhatsApp backup

Finally, as the transfer process finished, a backup will be created for the WhatsApp messages on the iPhone.

transfer process finished

Step 2: Restore WhatsApp backup from iPhone to android:

Open the MobileTrans and connect the PC with the android phone. Now select the “RESTORE TO DEVICE” under the WhatsApp tab. Here you will see the previous backups. You need to select the iPhone backup to restore.


As you press the start button, you will find backup files on your iPhone that are restored to an android phone.

find backup files on your iPhone

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Step 3: Backup WhatsApp from Android to Google drive:

Now after the backup, it is the right time to move to google drive. Other than iCloud, you can try google drive to store data without any loss or misuse. Afterward, you can easily retrieve the restored data anytime.

Finally, after reading this article, you are not able to create a backup of WhatsApp to google drive on your iPhone.

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