How To Access Bios In Windows 7?


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What Exactly Is BIOS?

The BIOS (short for basic input/output system) is a program on the motherboard saved on a tiny memory chip. Window Bios tells the computer how to do basic tasks like booting and controlling the keyboard. Access Bios in Windows 7 can also be used to inspect and adjust your computer’s hardware, including the processor, hard disc, floppy drive, optical drive, CPU, RAM, and so on.

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What Is BIOS, And Why Do You Need It?

You can modify the boot order (where the computer looks to load the first program), change the date and time for the PC, and set a password at the BIOS level, among other things. By entering BIOS configuration on Windows 10/8.1/8/7, you may manage RAM settings, configure a new hard drive, change the boot order, reset the BIOS password, and more.

How To Access BIOS In Windows 7?

Please turn on your computer. Pay special attention to the first screen you see. Look for a message telling you which key (or combination of keys) to hit to enter BIOS settings. You might be able to receive a notification that says something like:

  • SETUP is entered by pressing DEL.
  • BIOS settings are entered by pressing Esc.
  • Setup=Del or System configuration is entered by pressing F2.

If you haven’t received this notification yet, simply restart your computer.

F1, F2, F3, Esc, or Delete are the most common keys to press. If you’re unsure, contact your computer’s manufacturer for assistance.

Restart your computer once you’ve figured out the key or combination of keys you need to enter BIOS. Press the key to access the BIOS settings, and you’ll be in the BIOS in a matter of seconds.


Because getting into BIOS can be difficult, here’s some more guidance based on some of the most typical instances I’ve seen:

Is It Possible To See A Picture Instead Of A Message?

Your computer’s logo may be displayed instead of vital BIOS messages. To delete the logo, use Esc or Tab while it is visible.

Have You Seen The Notification But Are Unsure Which Key To Press?

Some systems boot up too quickly for the BIOS access message to be seen. If this occurs, hit the Pause/Break key on your keyboard to stop the startup process. To resume booting, press any key to “unpause” your computer.

Can’t Seem To Stop The Startup Screen From Pausing?

Turn on your computer with your keyboard disconnected if you’re having trouble clicking the pause button in time. A keyboard problem should occur, causing the startup process to be paused long enough for you to see the keys needed to enter BIOS!

You can now access the BIOS in Windows 7 without having to restart the computer. If you have forgotten a password or lost your login details, we recommend that you try Window Password Key for free, which allows you to create your password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive pro and access your PC without restriction!

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