How Has Social Media Applications Contributed To The Development Of Society


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Social Media Applications have been into news since the very time they were introduced globally. Who would have ever thought that there would be a platform where people living thousands of kilometers apart would be able to communicate with strangers. For example, if you are right now sitting in India and want to send a message or see your friends living in the U.K, any social media application would allow you to facetime your buddy.

That’s the power of social media applications. There have been so many technology wonders that have always made people’s lives easier. However, above all, I consider Social media applications as the best creation of technology. They have created a new world for the people that was earlier thought to be only magic.

If you have an account on social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Connected, and others, you must have already seen so many entertaining videos and stuff. However, Social Media is not limited to these things. Rather, Social Media has grown as one of those things that have a major impact on the development of the society. Social Media Applications are known to have thousands of different uses.

While some of them are dedicated towards individual growth, there are many that help the society as a whole. The best example of how these applications help the society could be understood by the way of political parties. Tell me about a political party that does not have its account on social media platforms.

Politicians of the ruling government take decisions that drive the development of the society. But these officials also have to gather information on what things people need and what all areas are there in the nations that require development. Once the politicians have these answers, it becomes comparatively easy for them to take effective decisions and implement the same.

This is where social media applications play their role. A politician or a civil servant has platforms in front of him using which he can get insights on the voters’ likes and preferences. Knowing these things allow them to set some guidelines and take effective decisions that would ultimately result in the development of society.

Here Are 5 More Benefits Of Social Media Applications


Social Media today is not only looked at as finding and making new friends and connections but it has stretched its hands beyond that now. There is not even a single person who isn’t available on social media and making the most of it. Today having a social. Media presence is upgrading our lives both personally as well as professionally. With this, let us now look at some of the benefits of social media.

  1. Get educated – It is indeed an acceptable fact that the first news, whatever be it, is received from social media. We can learn a lot of things and content and make the most of our online presence. Be it related to any field like entertainment, current affairs, study, you can really infuse yourself with a thorough knowledge of anything.
  2. Make connections – Social media’s first benefit since the time it was launched and introduced into our lives is to make connections which will remain so till infinity. And as told earlier, it is not restricted to making new connections for the purpose of your personal needs just to have a good talk. But, now it has a good professional base. You can meet a somebody in person for a professional meetup and can know them even better by connection them on social media to be well equipped about that person for future.
  3. Widen your reach – Social media looks for good content which is shared among the users and helps to widen your reach. This helps to increase your visibility. But as there is a saying there is a reciprocation for everything and anything and same goes the case here. If you are sharing your content to widen its visibility, you also need to be engaging with other people’s content as well. And this way it helps to build relationships.
  4. Share your knowledge – Social media gives you a wide variety of opportunities in which one of them is to share your views. This includes anything, your views, opinions, or expertise on anything. Whatever you feel like you can do it and share it with your connections. This helps in attracting viewers both on the personal and professional front. This gives you a chance to widen your circle with the people who share the same interests or expertise as you.
  5. Free of cost – The reason why we all exist on all these social media platforms is because they are provided free of cost and run on very lost cost as well. We need not spend even a single penny to install these applications or to get ourselves registered and hence we are loving it.

Social media is like an ocean with a plethora of opportunities for you which is updating itself with a lot of new things every single day. It is upto you how you are making the most of it.

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