Top 10 free alternatives of MasterAnime in 2021

Top 10 free alternatives of MasterAnime

Do you want to know more about 2021 anime download sites? Yes, it is absolutely possible not only to watch anime online for free but also to download your favorite anime series for free. In fact, the quality is amazing and you can choose from a really big database as well. But now the question arises as to where to download the anime? For that, you can count on this article containing various reliable sites through which you can download your favorite animated series, movies, episodes and some of them even offer a Manga database.

MasterAnime is one of the top-rated sites to watch animated movies and series online. MasterAnime has a particularly attractive design due to the utilization of vibrant colors & is one among the highest anime streaming sites to observe dubbed anime online.

As you scroll down, you’ll see different categories including the newest updates, new & hot, recent additions, and therefore the hottest series. we’ll now discuss the ten MasterAnime alternatives.

This site is probably our favorite because it scores high marks on most web media streaming parameters like video quality, loading speeds, simple use, content, and reliability. it’s the go-to site for many anime buffs and consumes low bandwidth.

You’ll also set the video quality manually between 240p and 1080p depending upon your internet speed. Below are the top alternatives of Masteranime for the anime world.

Top 10 free alternatives of MasterAnime download sites

While you are looking for the best place to download anime, I have prepared this list which has 10 reliable sites. These are the most popular destinations to download animes and you can also find both captioned and dubbed content from here. And apart from everything, these websites are completely free.

1. 9anime

9anime - free anime movie and season watch online

Become a 9Anime member to access one of the biggest anime download sites. It has a huge anime database and when you register on the site you can also request which ones you want them to upload to their server. The site has tons of filters to let the user quickly find their desired cartoon. The genres like comedy, action, drama, romance are the most explored.

Although you can also find the anime episodes based on year, type, language, grade, etc. As the site is completely free, you might encounter some advertisements. But the good thing is that you can use 9Anime both to watch anime online and to download them as well which makes it the best alternative to MasterAnime.

Although the anime is available in the original language, you still have the option to watch the dubbed and captioned content. You can also turn off the captions while watching online. Due to daily updates, you will probably find all the episodes of your favorite animes here quickly.

2. KissAnime

free anime movie and season watch online

Apart from being a great option for watching anime online, KissAnime is also proving to be one of the best alternatives of MasterAnime to download anime. Over time they have upgraded the interface and functionality of the website to some extent and now you can use it on your mobile as well.

KissAnime is a top-tier website supporting a huge database of not only anime, but also manga, drama, and even novels. In order to find out all about the anime shows available on this site, you need to go to the Anime List section. Now you can apply various filters like genre, chronological list, popularity, time, etc. to find the episodes you want.

3. Anime Land


If you are a die-hard Dragon Ball or Naruto Shippuden fan, you should definitely check out this addition in the list of anime download sites. Anime Land is a website devoted to popular anime series and you can also find all the episodes here in great quality so its number is third in alternatives of MasterAnime.

You have literally thousands of options in the form of anime shows, movies, episodes, etc. to choose from. However, I wish people had improved the interface a bit. The site doesn’t have a filter system, which makes it a bit awkward for users to find their favorite shows.

However, you can rely on the search bar for this. There is no registration policy and you can access everything for free. The site allows you to download anime as well as watch them online. Anime Land offers a separate roster for English subtitled anime with over 45,000 options, which is ideal for people who do not prefer to watch the anime in the original language.

4. Soul Anime


There is no doubt that Soul Anime is quite a popular and accomplished platform to download anime for free, this is another alternative to the MasterAnime site. But you will need a VPN service because the site is blocked in some areas.

Other than that, you will not face any problems while browsing. The site doesn’t even require you to register on their platform and of course, you can also watch the anime here by downloading it.

All downloaded anime is captioned and for further confirmation, you will see a closed caption mark on them. However, the site has less dubbed anime content, which is a bit of a letdown. The files uploaded here are available to watch and download in 720p and 1080p quality and both are high-quality formats.

Soul Anime also lacks filter options and proper classification. You can only find the anime chronologically here. But there is no doubt that you can find all your favorite shows and movies here like One Piece, Fairy Tale, Bleach, etc.

5. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is among the Best anime streaming sites another alternative of MasterAnime whose main focus is not only on anime series but also on the cover of various other media files. You have the option to browse Drama, Manga, and Dubbed Shows. To make the website and its content easier to use, they have tried to leave nothing behind.

To keep the confusion in checking the user favorite videos minimal on this site, the anime shows are uploaded episode-wise. Although the content on this site is not very plentiful, as an average performer it is not that bad either. Sometimes it can be difficult to find anime by genre, but the approach of covering most anime media is commendable.

You are also free to search for regular movies here as they don’t want their viewers to be disappointed. If you are still not able to find your desired anime-media, you can search for it in the search bar. You can also request them for this show as well by mail.

6. Anime Tosho


You can definitely find a free anime download option on Anime Tosho. But since this is more of an anime torrent site, I would recommend that you choose a VPN service for it. As you know the interface of torrent sites is a bit clunky, so is Anime Tosho the alternative of Master Anime.

However, you can definitely experience all types of anime episodes, shows, series, movies, and everything in here easily. This service is absolutely free and you can also sign up here to report issues or blocked links.

This site works on an automated basis and mirrors most of the anime-related torrents. It draws its content from various other sources and that is why it has such a rich database.

However, what I noticed is that Anime Tosho is a bit slow when it comes to updating its content compared to other anime download sites. It may be due to the automated process, but eventually, you will find the episode you want here.

7. Anime Out


Anime Out is one of those anime downloads sites that provide the content of encoded anime series, movies, etc. on its platform, and that too for free another MasterAnime alternative website. You can also register for free on this platform in order to request an anime or provide recommendations.

They have thousands of encoded anime databases available on their website and I’m sure the simple interface will make it easier for you to find them. They have running slideshows belonging to different categories like cartoons, latest releases, etc. which makes it easier for users to find the required file.

There are also various categories such as action, adventure, 720p, comedy, etc. which you can find at the bottom of the home page. There is even a supported chatbox on the website, which is a unique feature.

Anime Out maintains high-quality videos as well as captioned files which is just perfect for any anime fan. In case, if you find any dead or broken links on the site, you can report them and they will be removed from the site.

8. Chau Thanh


I’m sure you would never have heard of Chau Thanh before, as it is a Polish website but good enough to be included in the list of free anime websites. The site hosts over 4000 anime series on their server and I’m sure you will never tire of watching them.

You can sign up for free on the website and be a part of their community to discuss everything about the anime, from new releases to characters. Like the previous option on this list, ChauThanh also offers a chat box option on its platform, which is great for connecting with other people on the site.

They have various sections like current anime, latest anime, drama, hot download, etc. which is great for users for easy navigation.

The site has both the anime series database as well as the drama database on their server and you can download them both. If you are a member here, you can also request your favorite anime show.

9. Anime Cruzers


The next addition to the list of anime download alternative sites of MasterAnime is Anime Cruzers. It’s a great platform that’s clean enough to watch anime as well as download it. In addition to animes, the site also hosts a large collection of Manga.

You don’t need to register here and without even becoming a member, it’s so easy to request your favorite episodes on this site.

They also follow a download schedule which is provided on the homepage of the website. However, in order to watch the anime or download it, the site will redirect you to other servers from which you can download it.

But you will need a username and password for the download which is given on the website only and the password changes weekly. You can rely on Anime Cruzers to download both subtitled and dubbed anime series.

10. Anime Season


If you want to download anime episodes, no other site can help you like Anime Season. This site is popular for hosting all types of animated series on their platform season by season and so it’s much easier to download all episodes here it is the best alternative to MasterAnime.

All the series are split into different categories like the newest series, top-rated, random anime, or even anime genres. The operation remains quite similar to the rest of the anime download sites and Anime Season allows you to watch and download your favorite anime episodes.

Their listing is very well done and everything is very well highlighted with the episode number and the series to which they belong. That is why many anime lovers prefer this site to others to watch and download anime. The interface is quite simple but there are advertisements.

But the good thing is that all of the episodes listed here are in HD quality.


If none of these anime downloads sites work for you for some reason, you always have the option of browsing the Anime torrent sites. Downloading from these sites is absolutely free, but you must use the VPN service in order to keep your identity private.

Apart from that, I will recommend that you use some kind of download service in the form of a browser extension. These services make it easier for the user to download the desired media file. In fact, they automatically retrieve the files for you, so you don’t have to click on bogus links.

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