Final Fantasy 7 Remake Everything You Need To Know Before Playing


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Final Fantasy Remake was in production for ages, and now it is finally being released with much better features than before. We have compiled everything that there is to know about the game before you start playing.

First, here is a very quick summary of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake before getting into the long detail and changes it brought.

  • Final Fantasy Remake is not a single project. It will come in installments. For now, only the first installment has been released this year. The second will come after a couple of years.
  • The first installment of Final Fantasy Remake came to PlayStation on April 10, 2020. Also, it is exclusive for one year on PlayStation 4.
  • It takes place solely in Midgar and has a new combat system that combines the two features, turn-based elements and real-time.
  • You will need two Blu-ray discs for installation and storing the Final Fantasy Remake.
  • This Remake is quite different from the original game. It includes new characters and storylines.

Let’s dive into the details.

First, A Bit Of The Background

Final Fantasy is known as the best RPG franchise ever, and among its versions, Final Fantasy 7 takes the crown for being the most famous and smash hit among critics. It has sold nearly 11 million units worldwide, and that makes it the bestselling game of the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy 7 was the gaming masterpiece back in 1997 when it was first released. Gamers were quite impressed with its latest tech because the developers modeled the cutscenes in full-motion video. Also, the blocky 3D models that would move in pre-rendered scenes were mind-blowing.

People wanted a remake of Final Fantasy 7 before the company itself because it was quite popular in the following years of its release. The company, Square Enix, then released a Final Fantasy 7 technical demo for PlayStation 3. It sparked the interest for a remake with more intensity among people, and the Remake officially went into production. Finally, on April 10, 2020, the company released Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PlayStation.

What’s New In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The first installment of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is different from the original game and focuses only on Midgar. It has changed the game, and the storyline is quite many ways while still keeping the original element alive. Whether you are already a champion and conquered the game or a newbie, its new update that involves a real-time combat system and quite a unique design will surely give you confusion at first but thrill later when you get the hang of it.

Here are the main changes that you will experience and some tips on how to master the Remake.


The integral part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the updated combat system like you have never seen before. It has abilities, spells, and summons that you can include in your character. These colored orbs amp up the base attack skills of your character. Therefore, you should equip your character with attack and spell abilities as much as you can do early in the game.

Every time you gain experience using Materia, each piece you have equipped will level up and its damage potency and effectiveness increase. In the Remake version, the spell attack has significantly improved. You must equip your character with spells and level it up. They are the strongest attack in the game right now as you only need a single spell to destroy the cluster of enemies.

Equipping every character with healing Materia is one of the smartest moves because you will always need a member to heal the other in a second. Moreover, give each character a different elemental spell so you have variety and can be used as a weakness against an enemy. If you got too much Materia and do not end up using some of them, then sell it to shopkeepers and earn money.

Bonus Tip: Get yourself a Barrier Materia. It will come later in the game and when it comes, start leveling it up. It serves as a defence bonus against physical attacks.


Load your character with accessories that have more slots than stats. In the game you need weapons, and these slots can hold the Materia you equipped. More slots automatically mean that Materia will level up faster as they will be used more. They also bump up your defence, so purchase at least Iron Bangles or Star Bracelets.

Side Missions

Some might have an opinion that side emissions are not that important, and they just want to experience the story. They are wrong because side missions are also part of the main storyline. These side missions give you a chance to spend time with a character like Tifa, who has a rich history of friendship with Cloud. Also, these help you to earn Materia, weapon upgrades, and equipment.

Attack Modes & ATB Meters

During your early gaming experience, you will learn that combat in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a mix of turn-based decision making and action. While playing on an easier mode, it will be quite enough to attack with a single button.

However, later when fighting with bosses and enemies, you will soon realize that if you don’t know the whole mechanics, you will keep losing. Switching between members is quite crucial because each has its distinct feature that helps in the fight. Make sure to use their full potentials such as Cloud’s Punisher Mode, Barret’s powerful charged slot, and Tifa’s jaw-breaking uppercut.

Actively keep an eye on each member’s ATB meter on the bottom right of the screen, which indicates when a character can perform a special action or attack. While you are monitoring their HP level, you should also pay attention to the meter and switch between them to use their abilities when needed.


Use potions more than spells or items for healing. During a fight with enemies or bosses, a drastic change can happen where one of your members gets knocked out. It will require ATB bars to give phoenix down and another to top up the HP. Bosses usually make random attacks that can throw you off guard and wipe out a character. Try to heal your character with potions and save the MP.

Deadly Dodge

In the early stages, you get a Materia called Deadly Dodge. It is quite useful Materia that allows you to dodge the physical attack with stability quickly. This materia is recommended for Cloud’s character because he has the strongest physical attack, can be controlled in fights first by default, and easily delivers damage to the enemy upfront.

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