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What is Drag Clicking? How to Drag Click on Any Mouse?


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Drag clicking is a kind of clicking that requires a great deal of expertise, and it provides a lot of cps, but it is ban-able.

Drag Clicking, in my opinion, should be prohibited since it results in a gain of 20+ cps (click per second). Let us know what you think in the comments area.

What is Drag Clicking?

When you drag your finger from the top of button 1 to the bottom of button 1, your finger vibrates a lot, and you get many clicks (high cps) in one second. This is called drag clicking. It is difficult to do since it is dependent on the mouse (It primarily works on Razer mouses).

If you’re not sure, look it up.

How To Drag Click on Any Mouse?

Place the computer mouse arrow above the item, push and hold the computer mouse button, then move the mouse while still holding the computer mouse button. Let the release the mouse button after you’ve “dragged” the task to the desired place.

Drag hitting is when you glide your finger down the mouse in a particular way to generate friction, resulting in a high number of clicks in Minecraft pvp. The Elite model features a 16K DPI and seven customizable switches.

How to Drag Click with Tape?

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to drag click if your mouse doesn’t support double-clicking. To begin the test, you will need a mouse and a tape. Apply a tiny piece of tape to the mouse’s button and drag your finger over the mouse’s surface.

You may also drag the click with water instead of tape, and it will also assist you in dragging your finger faster. Now it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

How to Drag Click Without Tape?

You may easily drag click without the tape if your fingertips are somewhat wet and moist to generate adequate friction. It also has a lot to do with the mouse’s friction.

The ideal mouse for Drag Clicking has a sticky surface that creates a lot of friction when the finger glides over it.

What Is the Best Drag Clicking Tape?

Here are a couple of the drag-click tapes that we have personally tested for a month and give you our thoughts.

Silicone Grip Tape: So far, we’ve had great success using Silicone Grip Tape. We were able to improve our clicking speed by two clicks per second with this tape. It costs more than electric tape, but the benefits are worth it.

Razer Tape: This was the costliest for us, but we are pleased with the results. Overall, there was a 1.5–2 cps rise. The only disadvantage we can see is the reliance on mice. Yes, it is compatible with the Razer mouse.

Electric tape: We think electric tape is an excellent and cheap choice. While drag clicking, we observe an overall average increase of 1.5 CPS using this method.

Is Drag Clicking Allowed?

Any third-party software that interacts (directly or indirectly) with the Minecraft client to give an unfair advantage is absolutely forbidden. Auto clickers, macros, multiple attack buttons (many buttons/keys tied to left click), hardware modification to enable clicking quicker than humanly feasible (drag clicking), and altering default mouse interactions (such as double/triple-click on a single click) are just a few examples. One button, one finger, and one-click are the general norm.

Is It Possible to Drag Click on Ng?

Drag clicking is permitted, but it will say calm down, you’re clicking too quickly, and it won’t let you go faster than 15 cps. Thus it’s not as helpful on NG. If you drag on NG, you won’t be able to tally.

Is It Possible to Drag Click on Hypixel?

Although Hypixel does not define which ways of clicking are permitted, one thing is sure. Macros cannot be used to butterfly clicking and drag clicks, and it’s punishable if you double-click every time you click due to software.

Can You Use Drag Clicking in Cubecraft Games?

None of these rules applies to drag-and-drop clicking (not all players can do it, players must know of it to use it, and they must learn it before using it at all).


That ends our discussion about drag clicking and what it is all about! The next step is to practice and see whether it makes a significant difference throughout your gaming sessions.

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