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Dell Vs Hp Laptops 2022: Which is Better Price, Quality, Design, Performance


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Dell and HP are well-known names in the laptops manufacturing industry. Both have established a name for themselves for years and stayed on top despite new competition. If you want to buy a laptop and are stuck between these two, our comparison of Dell vs HP laptops will help you out. Here we will go in detail about both brands’ reputation and what they offer in their laptops line.


Before buying a laptop from Dell or HP, you should look into history to understand the brand much better and make a choice according to your opinion.

Dell has been in the industry for 33 years as it was founded in 1984. It was initially a laptop manufacturer, but as for now, the company offers many electronic products and services. Despite the other products, personal computers and laptops are still the focus of the company and they each year introduce better and advanced series. The laptop series has a vast range and covers all necessary aspects providing you with a wide choice. Since its beginning, Dell has merged many firms and made a subsidiary named Dell Technologies.

HP also is known as Hewlett Packard was founded in 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard. Beside Dell, it is the most popular company of PCs and laptops and has kept their top position for years. Their focus is still the production of Pcs and laptops, but they also have introduced many home and office appliances lines. They offer a wide range of laptops and at a reasonable price that you can easily pick one of your choices.


Price is the main difference, along with others between Dell and HP laptops. Dell laptops come in wide range cost-wise and are considered the most affordable brand. If you have a limited budget and need a high-quality laptop, then you can buy a Dell laptop which keeps the standard in each price range. One reason for being cheaper is because Dell sells their laptop with a specialized Vendor.

As for HP, the laptops are sold through retailers which result in higher prices compared to others. You can find a laptop in your mid-range budget but do not expect any cheap priced laptop.


When buying a laptop, the first thing you notice is the style and appearance. Everyone has different demands according to the needs when purchasing, and therefore, you should know what both brands offer.

Dell offers uniform style laptops except for the Alienware series, which has some bulky design. The Dell laptops always have robust built and sturdy structures that can survive fall and work for a long time. When it comes to material, Dell surely has the best chassis in the game and worth your money. The style is limited, but you can get vivid colours choice in notebooks and plain colours on other laptop series. Dell laptops are recommended for schools and universities work as they not only offer choices but also rugged, which services the student life.

HP has initially had the same style for every laptop but in recent years has come up with new and promising methods. You can get a rugged built laptop and a sleek notebook from HP. It has options in style but lacks to provide colour choice in laptops. You can only choose from white, black, grey variants and nothing more. HP laptops are more suitable for office work due to the sleek design and sophisticated look.


Dell and HP have a tie in this category and provide the same quality as both are best when it comes to performance and hardware of a laptop. Customers who have been using laptops from both brands have a similar opinion.

Dell and HP laptops come with high-quality and processing hardware. Due to such quality, both brand’s laptops have a resale value which is rare in many other brands. No matter how long you use, you will never likely run into any issue which is hardware related. For the best performance and prevent overclocking, which slows down the laptop, stick to the recommended load in both laptops.

Both Dell and HP use processors by Intel and AMD in their every laptop. Latest generations processors are being used in expensive laptops, and low-priced laptops mostly have AMD. Dual-core processors are used in every laptop, whereas Dell uses quad-core in more expensive models.

The difference between the two brands lies in the range of hardware configuration. Dell has relatively more combinations to offer in every pass range than HP. In Dell XPS series, it only has a single chip for both CPU and GPU, which is an innovative idea to pursue while HP does not have such. Dell laptops do not heat up quickly and rarely need a cooling fan. Whereas, for an HP laptop, you may need a cooling fan because they heat up quickly.

In the case of software, both brands have decently working software and come useful when optimizing laptop’s settings. Dell has more range of customization available compared to an HP laptop. Moreover, the performance of laptops in every aspect is top-notch, which became the main factor in both brand’s success.


DisplayDell offers display size ranging from 11-inch to 18-inch and HP has 12-22 inches range. HP has the biggest screen size from all the available laptop’s brands. The screens are widely FHD format inexpensive series, and others have standard HD. Moreover, the touchscreen is available from both brands in their selective laptops. HP laptops have LED-backlit and anti-glare technology display which adds points to the laptops.

BatteryHP laptops are powered with 3-cell and 4-cell batteries which can easily provide power backup for 6-12 hours and also based on the model. Since laptops have a long battery life, these are the best laptops for blogging and freelancing.  Dell has 2-cell and 3-cell batteries which are mediocre when it comes to battery life and get beaten by HP laptops.

Keyboard and touchpad: Both have not much of a difference when it comes to keyboard and touchpad. They have a chiclet-style keyboard with decent travel and fairly clicky mechanism. Only a few models have a backlit keyboard


Dell wins in the gaming laptops category as it offers the best gaming laptop series, Alienware. Company has other gaming series too but has managed to make a name for themselves with this line. Dell Alienware 17 is the most successful gaming laptop globally. It has powerful components, discrete graphics and an amazing fast display. The 17-inch laptop with RGB backlit keyboard and fast performance is heaven for gamers. As expected of a Dell laptop, it does not provide long battery life which is the only fault in this laptop.

HP has a line of gaming laptops but still did not manage to beat Dell. It has a successful Omen gaming laptops line, and HP Omen 15 is the best seller. The gaming laptop features the fastest i9 processor with top-notch graphics and specs. It has a sleek and futuristic design with the equally advanced display. Battery life is average and has wide ports and connectivity options. HP has other notable laptops for gaming too, but this line stands out most.


If you wish to buy a sleek and efficient ultrabook, then go for the HP brand. It has one of the finest and latest ultrabooks perfect for office work and travelling. HP Spectre x360 is the latest, and the best laptop HP has to offer with a complete package. It is a convertible laptop with cutting-edge fancy look and fastest components. The laptop is made up of high-quality metal and has a robust and aesthetic design. It has the best display to offer, and in short, this ultrabook is a complete package.

Dell also has a fair share of ultra notebooks and especially which are introduced in recent years. Dell XPS 13 is notable due to top-notch qualities and components. It is a 13-inch laptop with the latest hardware and many configurations. Dell updates this line every year with new technology and hardware. It is ideal for any kind of work as it offers a slim design, comfortable keyboard, incredible display and flawless performance.


In the Chromebooks section, HP takes the lead with the most innovative and wide range of Chromebooks. The HP Chromebooks have more than average price rate and come equipped with the best of features. Dell has a relatively low range but still delivers quality. Both have decent looking Chromebooks, and you can easily make a decision depending on your requirements.


When it comes to customer support, Dell takes the lead as the company offers a much faster and reliable service. You can rely on the company whenever you need assistance and needs to resolve issues about your laptop. Customer service can be used by service requests, chat, email and phone, and you will get the fastest response. You can find support articles on their official website and help yourself. On Amazon, Dell laptops get five stars rating due to quality and prompt customer service.

HP has several ways through which a customer can contact for technical support. You can use social media, HP support assistance and phone to talk to customer support agents. However, their response rate is not as good as Dell. Many complain that it takes a lot of time to get the agent on the phone because of running long anti-virus checks.

HP laptops are sold with a one year warranty for hardware and related issues. Moreover, you get 90-day free phone support after your purchase. In the case of Dell, warranty time is also 1-year, and you can extend it with extra cost.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the question, which brand is the best? There is no definite answer as both offer their signature qualities. If you want an inexpensive, robust and high-end performance laptop, then Dell is the way to go. On the other hand, HP offers you a perfect combination of work laptop with reasonable price. They have typical portable laptops best for any kind of work. Just like we discussed above, they have their particular specs to offer which outshine others. We hope this comparison brought light to every aspect and helped you make a choice. With recommended best laptops, you can easily select and look for a laptop.

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