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A few years ago, television was the only way to watch movies, TV shows, and sports; however, nowadays, several options enable you to do everything you could do with television, so here are some cartoon HD alternatives.

Anyone can watch their favorite movies and TV episodes on their Android phone or tablet with just a single click. Google Play Store provides many apps that you can download and install on your phone to watch movies and TV episodes in any language.

Alternatives to Cartoon HD are Android and iOS programs that allow you to stream online the newest movies, TV episodes, and other content. As you may be aware, children enjoy watching cartoon HD alternatives. As a result, cartoon hd alternatives were explicitly made for youngsters to enjoy cartoon movies and other media. After a while, Cartoon HD was upgraded with a new version and released with excellent new capabilities such as streaming internet videos, movies, and TV shows.

Cartoon HD is not accessible on the Google Play Store, so you’ll have to get it from somewhere else if you want to install it on your Android phone. However, if you do not like to do so, I have another choice: utilized cartoon hd program alternatives. Many other apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store have the same functionality as Cartoon HD.

And in this post, I’ll show you a few of them in the hopes that they’ll let you watch your favorite movies and TV episodes online.

What Is CartoonHD?

Cartoonhd is the hottest online streaming app for watching HD movies and television shows. It gained popularity in a very short time. This is often thanks to its excellent interface and an outsized database of flicks and television shows. You’ll watch an equivalent video in several features like 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

As we all know, nothing in this world is 100% perfect. Thanks to recognizing online HD movies and television programs as cartoon streaming app, cartoonhd users often face problems like the app not responding, a server error, or the app not working. We also discuss the simplest alternative to cartoonhd during this article, which can never have the problem mentioned above.

Download Cartoon HD APK

So, the very first thing we need is to download the Cartoon HD APK file. This file can be easily found on the internet, but you may not know which site to trust. This is why we have the cartoonhd latest APK for you. Follow these steps to get it:

download cartoon hd apk

We will use this APK file to get cartoonhd for Android. But, before we get started with the installation process, we will need to enable the Unknown Sources. Why do we need to do this? Our Android devices are set up to prevent any unauthorized, third-party installations for safety and security purposes.

They block the installation from Unknown Sources by default. But CartoonHD APK download is safe, and that is why we will bypass this security feature by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Go to Security
  • There will be a toggle or check box with the ‘Unknown Sources’ option; do what is needed to enable this option.
  • These steps may vary slightly depending upon your device.

Installation Process Of CartoonHD APK On Android:

Now we have everything we need to complete the cartoonHD APK download on the Android device. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Open the folder in which you saved the APK file. You could expect to find it in the Downloads folder. But it may also be in the APK folder. Use the Explorer app to navigate.

  • Run the file so that it can unpack
  • If you see a confirmation, tap ‘Install.’

This will complete the installation of the Cartoonhd update version. It won’t take too long. You can now go ahead and enjoy awesome movies and TV shows on your device.

10 Cartoon HD Applications Alternatives


Playview is an internet streaming program for movies and TV shows that is accessible for both smartphones and computers.

You may also watch newly released movies, animations, and TV series on Playview.

Playview allows you to download movies in addition to watch them online.


MoveTube is another Android app that allows you to view the newest online movies, TV programs, and other content.

This application works as a search engine, allowing you to find any of your favorite movies, series, and other content. You may view movies in more than 15 languages on MoveTube. If you have this app installed on your smartphone, it will notify you of any new movements that have been uploaded.

Move HD

The best aspect about this app is that it is constantly updated with fresh news, TV programs, and movies.

After all, it also allows you to watch the newest movies and TV series online. Another advantage of move HD is that it is entirely free; you will not have to pay a single penny to anyone to use it.


Showbox is another online movie and TV show streaming application for Android that offers the greatest collection of films and TV series in different categories such as new movies, forthcoming movies, and most recent movies.

The nicest aspect of this software is that it offers you a free full HD print of Movies.

Megabox HD

Megabox HD is a new application that has been added to the list. Megabox HD users can choose a movie and add it to their favorites list. It also allows you to watch the most recent new releases in movies and television series, among other things.


So, before I say anything further about HBO Now program, let me warn you that some individuals have been hooked to it only because of its features. It is a compilation of some of the most effective and appealing films. The majority of the material you’ll find here is related to Hollywood.


Flipps is a fantastic app that allows you to view movies, news, TV episodes, and various other things on your device. As I previously stated, you can watch movies on television; nevertheless, this does not rule out the possibility of watching it on your android phone. Television is only a choice. Probably, flipps supports virtually all television manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple TV, Chromecast, and others.

Box Office

This program was formerly known as PlayBox HD, but it is now more often known as Cinema Box. Cinema Box is an Android application that allows you to watch new movies and television series online.

Bigstar Movies

This is free software for Android and iOS that allows you to view movies in a variety of genres such as horror, action, and comedy. This application covers all films and TV series, whether they are on a national or international level.


Netflix appears to be on the verge of taking over the movie theater business. Netflix is another application on this list that lets you watch unlimited online movies and TV episodes in multiple languages from different countries. Netflix is one of the most well-known platforms on which individuals spend the majority of their time.

Nowadays, there is plenty of time to watch videos. Netflix has offered a platform for all content creators to distribute their work. Netflix has millions of consumers from across the world, which is why content creators want to share their work on the platform. You will be given a one-month free trial to access Netflix before being required to pay.



Cartoon HD is an Android and iOS app that allows you to watch movies, TV programs, and cartoons online. This program can be a great way to watch films and TV episodes. However, it occasionally gives you errors when playing videos. And it is for this reason; I am sharing a list of cartoon HD alternatives that will allow you to have a great time.


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