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For more than a decade the impact of social media in our daily life has gone from the entertaining part to the integrated part and nearly every aspect of our life. There are different social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram which are involved in every step to move within the society but Skype is the most common messaging site that is used for international calls and connects all around the world.

It is used for the personal and professional concerns most of the company used to in touch and share the documented files to employees and others. As we come to know the usage of it but there are some concerns for the employers and parents while using the specific social app that can bring some serious problem. So the core needs to know the activities within this application.

What is mean by Skype call recording for android?

When social app Skype use with android mobiles so it doesn’t mean that you cannot know the online performances with the specific devices. OgyMogy call recording feature enables to record all audio or video calls and makes sure the complete conversation from both sides and even its group calls can secretly record. This amazing application helps to record all calls within the call history and recording.

This software allows taking screenshots of the live activities and also can record the current screen of the targeted device, social media spy, and keystrokes of the targeted devices remotely.

Why is Skype call recording necessary?

As we already mentioned the social media and its impact on our daily life within the most advanced time.

There are two main concerns that develop the need to monitor the social accounts

First parental concern toward their kids or second is employer regarding their working staff.

Parental control

Parents are basic duty to up bring their children as a safe and healthy person but when they get access to digital devices and other tools that may involve serious issues. Kids use Skype calls to communicate with their friends which parents don’t know.

To aware of their activities parents should monitor or even record their calls if they talk to any stranger or make an unethical conversation that is not suitable for them. It controls the parent’s worries regarding the excess usage of kid’s social media and knows their all conversation without any disturbance that helpful for parents.

Employee surveillance

All company and business authorities want to reach their business at the highest scale by the use of new technologies which is beneficial for them. Almost the organizations use Skype to fulfilled their official needs but many employees take benefit and waste office time with useless activities.

They make audio-video calls to their friends and waste the time on unproductivity that is not good for the company and directly influences the business. Employees consider as backbone of any organization and they depend on all loss and profit. So boss needs to know their activities and even record the audio or video call with the best Skype spy app.

Which is the best Skype call recorder?

There is a lot of monitoring application in the market which is a claim to monitor the targeted devices but OgyMogy is only best spy software that allows tracking the all-digital devices remotely and making sure their all online activities without any technical issues. This software is helping the parents and employers to monitor the targeted devices without touch. It enables to record the calls without knowing the targeted person or any distraction.

Other Features to monitor android

Call recorder

It makes sure to monitor the targeted cell phone without touch and enables them to know their all online activities even they use any social account like Skype. It empowers to know all incoming or outgoing calls with the contact name even it audio or video call they allow to remotely monitor and record without knowing them. You can listen to the conversation from both sides.


With this software make sure to track all keys that are applied on the targeted digital devices and monitor the password and all typing.

Screen recording

Skype makes video calls and audio, so this is the best app that allows seeing the live screen of the targeted device. If a targeted person is made a video call they allow seeing and recording the full calls remotely.

With the best spy software, you can able to see the live screen of the targeted device without getting physical access. It enables to take the screenshots of the current activities for the different concerns in an ethical way.


OgyMogy call recording feature allows monitoring the targeted device that helps to record Skype calls remotely. It considers the only best spy software. OgyMogy is the best solution for it.

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