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10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Windows and Mac 2022


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Some people are meticulous in their notebooks, using specific categories, subheadings, and bullet points. Others favor the "scrawl it anyplace you can" approach. A notes program can accommodate your every fancy, whether you take notes solely in text or prefer to make elaborate scrapbooks.

First, a crucial point must be emphasized. You can make notes anywhere, whether on the back of a napkin, an envelope, a big bill, or a notepad. Similar to websites, apps can be used to save notes even if it was not their intended purpose.

Note-taking apps

Despite these criteria, a little over 40 note-taking apps were examined. The best apps for taking notes on the go are listed below.

Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote is a robust note-taking tool that is available for free. Each Notebook resembles a ring binder with sections and subsections known as pages. Each page is a blank canvas where you are free to write down any ideas.

Drag and drop an image to insert it. Click anywhere on the image to add text. This might not be ideal for you if you're looking for a digital notepad to capture fast ideas and morsels. Still, it appears built for students and anyone else who has to take lengthy, discursive notes about something.


Evernote's inclusion on our list should not come as a surprise since it is practically impossible to talk about note-taking apps without mentioning Evernote. It's one of the most capable options and supports almost any note format you can imagine. Anything you can think of can be contributed, including text notes, audio recordings, images, PDF documents, scanned handwritten pages, Slack conversations, emails, URLs, and more.

Evernote is ideal for you if you tend to scribble the outline of your next best-seller on the back of a napkin and then record it as a voice memo. It offers a central location for all of your unrelated thoughts and notes.

Apple Notes:

Finding a top-notch, cost-free note-taking program is simple if you're an Apple fanatic. Apple Notes is a built-in program accessible on macOS, iOS, and online. It is also known as Notes and iCloud Notes, respectively. Even when using a PC or Chromebook, you can access the online version of the app with all of your synced notes by visiting This great feature protects your notes from being tied to your Apple devices, provided you have enough space in your iCloud storage.

You have various formatting options for creating a new note, including checklists, tables, and illustrations. Unlike OneNote, a single note can contain numerous objects, but these items will always be kept apart.

Google Keep:

Most people don't take notes for enjoyment. As an alternative, they are completed for a specific purpose, such as inspiring you to draught an email to a friend or an outline for your next book. You'll need to use a different app or service to complete these other tasks. The notes app does not support emailing, and while a novel can be planned there, it is not the greatest place to write one. And for committed Google users, Google Keep is a great option.

There is a peculiarity with Google Keep. It functions well as a tool for taking notes. The Chrome extension is practical for swiftly saving notes and links, and acceptable web, iOS, and Android versions are also available.


It is possible to take notes on your own or with other people. Every app we've spoken about is intended for taking notes in privacy. They can be shared and worked on collaboratively. The notion was built from the ground up to support teamwork across all domains.

Only Notion breaks the rigid rules of being a note-taking app. It is, and its potential is endless because of its social qualities. It combines a sophisticated note-taking program (thus its inclusion here), a task and project manager, and a reference wiki. How you combine those three components is entirely up to you.


Obsidian is leading a new wave of rivals regarding what a note-taking app can and should accomplish. Similar to Notion and Roam Research (which didn't make our list because it doesn't support offline use), it aims to be a comprehensive digital record of your life.

Don't look into Obsidian if you're not prepared to put in the time and effort to customize it to your requirements. Although it begins as a straightforward note-taking program that can read text files with the Markdown formatting, things could quickly get complicated.

Your notes may be organized into folders and subfolders using the sidebar, and even more intriguingly, you can link among them internally. For instance, you could create a list of the novels you've read recently and provide a link to the notes where you discuss each one. You can choose any other note to link to from a dialogue window that displays when you start typing.


We understand why you wouldn't want to provide your notes to a business with its plan. Joplin's open-source nature lets you own the information stored in your notes and you can access it whenever you want. You can synchronize your notes across all your devices using the following services without registering: To prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your data stored on Dropbox, OneDrive, or the open source Nextcloud, you can turn on end-to-end encryption.

Comparable to other note-taking apps, the design lists notebooks and individual notes down the left side of the screen. The web clipper can store interesting content, and tags can be used to organize notes. The editor uses Markdown by default, although a rich text editor is provided for those who want it. You can use your chosen Markdown editor because you can also open notes in other programs.


Keeping this in mind, you might need to try a few different note-taking software before finding one you like. There are many top-notch note-taking applications for Mac; test out a few of these and decide which one you like using.

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