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When choosing the best PS4 cable, there are a slew of possibilities from various manufacturers, including 6amLifestyle and Corporate Computer, as well as PowerA and CiSiRUN and DEEGO. According to our research, these are the best PS4 cables available. Our experts examined a wide range of PS4 cables, ranging in price from $6.00 to $28.00. As the best option, we went with the PS4 cable. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision by reading our buying guide, which includes a list of our top 10.


1. 6Ft PS4 Controller Charger Cable for Xbox One Controller Cable

Cable for Xbox / PS4 Controller:

This Micro USB cable is designed specifically for the Xbox One and PS4 Controller. The PVC jacket of the PS4 Controller Charger Cable protects the wire cores and makes the cable fairly durable and flexible. The Playstation 4 controller charger cable can withstand 10000+ bending tests and has a significantly longer service life than standard PS4 charging cables.

Simultaneously Charge & Play:

Nothing is worse than your controller dying in the middle of a game and having to charge it. The SCOVEE PS4 charging cable enables users to play PS4 games while charging. No need to pause and recharge; take control of your games!

Extra Long /Durability:

With the 6ft PS4 Controller Charger Cable, you may play games while lying on a couch or sofa while charging simultaneously. You can also assume several poses without worrying about the length of the PS4 charging cable. The connector heads made of stainless steel will not become loose or fall out of your PS4 controller. The service life of the ps4 USB cable is significantly longer than that of the conventional ps4 charging cable.

Universal Compatibility: 

USB micro B to USB type A cable Playstation 4 Controller Charger Cable is also compatible with Xbox One Controller / One S / X Controller, NES & NES Classic Edition Gaming Consoles, Dualshock 4 Controller, PS Vita, the majority of Android Phones / Tablets, and other Micro USB-powered devices.

What You Get: 

It is compatible with both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers.


2. Micro USB Cable,15Ft Extra Long PS4 Controller Charger Cable

Universal Compatibility:

More than a thousand devices with Micro USB ports, such as Android smartphones, Alexa Echo Dot, Bose SoundLink Color I II, Kindle Fire tablet, PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro Controller and many other devices with a Micro USB Port. This includes many of the most popular devices, such as Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Motorola and Nokia, and many others, including Sony, OnePlus and Blackberry.

Extra Long:

The 15FT Durable Android Charging Cable gives you additional reach when charging and syncing your devices. It's the ideal replacement for your original cable and makes it easier to use your device wherever you choose, at home, at the office, or on the road.

Faster Charging & Sync: 

This is a great Android phone micro charging cable. With a charging rate of up to 2.4A and a data transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps over USB 2.0, the Android charger cable is a powerhouse. It allows you to sync and charge simultaneously, and you'll get a faster charge than you would with most other cords.

Extra Durability: 

The tens of thousands of bends cables for Android. The micro USB cable will not come unplugged or fall out of your device because of the stainless steel head's ease of installation and tight fit. The PVC jacket, which is environmentally benign, is more durable and flexible, making it less likely to get tangled.

What You Get:

A 15-foot Micro USB-to-USB-A 2.0 cable is included in the package, making it ideal for hiding wall chargers and other hard-to-reach USB connections.


3. PS4 Controller Charger Cable

Universal Compatibility: 

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, Kindles, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, and many other devices with a Micro USB port like Samsungs and HTCs and Motorolas and Nokias and Sonys and Blackberries and HPs, are all compatible with the Micro USB port.

Fast Charging Sync: 

USB 2.0 is capable of transmitting data at a rate of 480 Mbps. Due to its oxygen-free copper conductor and low resistance, this cable charges up to 2.4A, which is faster than most ordinary cables and saves you time.

Extra Durability:

The copper is protected from tangles by an Environmentally-Friendly PVC covering, which makes it more durable and flexible, with tens of thousands of bends. The stainless steel head will fit snugly and securely into your device and won't come loose or fall out.

What You Get: 

3Pack 6ft SCOVEE Micro USB Cable, ideal for use with USB ports that are difficult to access or wall chargers hidden from view.


4. PS4 Controller Charger Cable 2Pack 10ft Extra Long Top Rated


A charging cable for PS4 controllers is also compatible with the Xbox One/One S/X controllers from Microsoft and Samsung, as well as various other devices.

Designed for PS4 Gaming:

PlayStation 4 charging wire with a length of 10 feet (3 metres) specifically designed for use with the PS4 controller. The nylon exterior is triply braided to prevent tangling, and aluminium is laser-welded to the conductors for maximum strength and durability. Charge your device quickly and safely at the same time.

2 Pack 10FT Extra Long:

Having two 10 ft ps4 controller charging cables is easier and more pleasant. Enable gaming while lying on the couch or the bed. Plugged in, and you're ready to go. Devices connected to your network will not lose or fall out of place.

Charge & Play:

While the controller is charging, you can use it to play PS4 games. It's bothersome that you don't have to stop and recharge.


2 Playstation 4 mini USB cables (Red and Blue). Different colours make it easy to identify which cable belongs to you, and it also prevents children from fighting over who forgot to plug in their game controller last time they played.


5. Rinbers Pack of 2 JDS-050 JDS-055 Replacement Charging Port

Sony ps4:

SONY PS4 5th Generation DualShock 4 Controller Replacement Charging Port Micro USB Adapter Charger Socket Circuit Board with 12 Pin Flex Cable.


As our description shows, please disassemble your PS4 controller to compare it to the charging board. Make sure you get the right part.


It is NOT compatible with the PS4 5th Gen Wireless Controller charging board JDS-050 or FJDS-055 that has a 12-pin socket; these boards are only compatible with the PS4 5th Gen Wireless Controller charging board.


Replace this part only if instructed to do so by a professional; otherwise, do not proceed.


During the first year, please ensure that there is no damage or scuffing caused by you or anybody else.


6. PS4 Controller Charger Cable 3-Pack 6FT Most Expensive

What You Get: 

Premium Nylon Braided Micro USB cable, 6 feet in length.

Simultaneously Charge & Play:

Nothing is more frustrating than having to pause a game to recharge your controller because it has died in the middle of it. While your controller is fully charged with our micro USB charging cord, you may still have a terrific gaming experience with friends. This makes gaming night a breeze.

Perfect Long: 

You may play games while charging while lying on the couch or sofa, thanks to the convenient 6ft length. In addition, you won't have to stress about your charging connections tangled up while attempting various poses.

Superb Durability: 

The stainless steel connector heads can't come free or fall out of your gadgets because they go in smoothly and steadily. Wire cores are well-protected by the Nylon Braided cable jacket, adding to the cable's flexibility and strength. Unlike normal mobile phone charging cables, this nylon braided micro USB cable can withstand 10000+ bending tests.

Wide Compatibility: 

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are specifically developed with these controllers. Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S2, S3, S4, Note 4 5, J3 J7. The Motorola Moto G5 G4 G5S E4 E5, the Nokia 6 and the Nokia Lumia, HTC One 10 M9 M9+ M8 M7 A9 and Google Nexus 7 9 are all compatible with the kindle Fire 7 and LG Q6.


7. PS4 Controller Charger Cable,Playstaion 4 Charging Cord

Play & Charge: 

Use the Play and Charge cable to keep playing while your DualShock 4/PS4 or Xbox One controllers are being recharged.

Extra Long: 

Using your PS4/ Xbox One controllers when sitting on the couch or lying on the bed with these two packs of 10ft cords is far more convenient.

Fast Charge & Sync:

Even at extra-long lengths, there is no power loss when using this premium cable for full-speed charging. Our USB cable charges 20 percent faster than standard USB cables thanks to its 23 AWG high gauge low impedance wires. The USB 2.0 port can transfer data up to 480 Mbits per second at a maximum current of 2.0 Amps.

High Quality: 

Multiple rigorous reliability tests, including tensile, stitching, and a 5000+ bend longevity test, have been completed by this PS4 controller charging cable. The use of premium nylon braiding provides additional durability and is tangle-free. Well-built aluminium connectors resist heat and corrosion thanks to their use of superior, thicker copper wiring within. High-quality cables ensure the safety of you and your equipment.

Worry-free Warranty Policy:

A worry-free 12-month guarantee and courteous customer support available round-the-clock are included with each of our Android USB cords. We'll cover any quality-related concerns by replacing them or refunding your money. Everything can be resolved with a single email, no muss, no fuss.


8. [2 Pack 10FT] 6amLifestyle PS4 Controller Charging Cable

Made for PS4 Gaming: 

PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro Controller 10ft Micro USB Charging Cable. Reduce transmission mistakes by using a conductivity ferrite core in your design.

Universal Compatibility:

Compatible with a variety of Micro USB devices, including the DualShock 4, Xbox One X/Xbox One S/Xbox One Elite/Xbox One controllers

Simultaneously Charge & Play:

Nothing is worse than your controller dying in the thick of a quest for a Thunderjaw. You don't have to stop playing games to recharge your controllers with the 6amLifestyle PS4 controller charger cable.

10ft/ 2 Pack Extra Long:

Playing at a safe distance is possible. You may do this on the couch, bed, or wherever you like!

Perfect Connection: 

Take a seat and relax while you're having a blast! You won't have to worry about your PS4 controllers falling out of place while you're playing, thanks to the PS4 controllers' small connector heads. # If you buy today, you'll get a charging cable for your PS4 controller from 6amLifestyle with a 12-month warranty. 6amLifestyle guarantees good quality, and if your cable stops working within a year of purchase, please get in touch with us, and we'll send you a replacement free of charge. I don't think it's necessary to return.


9. TALK WORKS PS4 Controller Charging Cable for Playstation 4

Power cable:

The power cable for the PS4 enables you to continue playing while simultaneously charging your controllers, allowing you to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Extra long: 

The extra-long charging cord measures 10 feet, giving you enough space to move around while playing video games without having to be physically close to your gaming system.


The hassle-free controller charging wire for the PlayStation 4 fits firmly into the controllers so that it does not feel loose while playing the game.


A micro USB charging cord that offers rapid recharging is compatible with the Sony PS4. It also functions as a charger for Android phones, specifically the Samsung Galaxy, and other micro USB devices, such as wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers.


Contains one (1) dust removal sticker, one (1) cleaning cloth, one (1) alcohol swab, and three (3) TALK WORKS tempered glass screen covers for the iPhone.


10. PS4 Controller Charger Cable, 2Pack 3FT Micro USB Cheapest

Simultaneously Charge & Play:

Nothing is worse than your controller dying in the thick of a quest for a Thunderjaw. For those who don't want to wait for their controllers to charge while playing, we have a micro USB cable that allows you to play while your controller is charging.

Fast Charging and Sync:

Fast charging at 3A, transfer rates of 40-60MB/S (480Mbps), and no power loss even at extra-long lengths are all features of this premium connection. The tiny USB cable charges 20 percent faster than standard USB connections thanks to its 23 AWG High Gauge Low Impedance conductors.

Superb Durability:

Take a seat and relax while you're having a blast! You won't have to worry about your PS4 controllers falling out of place while you're playing, thanks to the PS4 controllers' small connector heads. It's a long-lasting and flexible PS4 controller charger cable made of high-quality PVC materials.

Micro USB Cable Connection:

As a result of its well-designed connector heads, the PS4 controller charging cable ensures that the connectors won't come loose during gameplay. Only devices with micro connections can use cables with a MICRO port. If you don't need one, don't buy it. MICRO USB CABLE

Various Compatibility:

Two 3ft PS4 charger cables, specifically optimized for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, are included in this bundle. It is also compatible with Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, including Samsung S7/S6/S5/Edge/Nexus; HTC / Motorola; Nokia / LG; Sony / Oneplus / Blackberry; GPS devices; batteries; camera; camcorders; hard drives; e-readers; printers; and more portable devices with micro USB interface.



During our ps4 cable study, we discovered ps4 cable products and compiled a list of the highest quality options. We discovered that most customers go for ps4 cables that cost an average of $8.04. Cables for the PS4 are available for purchase. We analyzed hundreds of brands before selecting the best ps4 cables, including 6amLifestyle, Corporate Computer, PowerA, CiSiRUN, and DEEGO.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Any USB cord will work to power your PS4 controller. Using a USB 2.0 Micro-B connector, the PS4 controller connects to a computer.

Answer: Yes. The controller utilises a USB cable to connect a PS4 controller to a computer or a PlayStation 4.

Answer: Before USB-rise C's dominance, Micro USB was the go-to connector for applications where USB-A proved impractical due to its size.

Answer: A regular Type-A USB connector is on one end of the charging cable, while a Micro Type-B USB connector is on the other. The dimensions of this PS4 controller charging cable are 14.2 x 7.8 x 2.9 cm.

Answer: Use the EXT port on the Dual Shock 4's EXT controller to connect additional peripherals. Additional trigger or thumb grips, a keyboard, or a charging station port can all be plugged into the USB port. This port may be between the two thumbsticks below the touchpad and the PlayStation (PS) logo.

Answer: A micro USB was designed to link compact and mobile gadgets, such as smartphones, MP3 players, GPS devices, printers, and digital cameras.

Answer: Using an HDMI converter is one of the simplest and most successful ways to use a PS4 on a TV without HDMI. As a result, the television can understand and display the signal.

Answer: We recommend using an HDMI 2.0 cable or a quality HDMI cable. Compared to HDMI 1.4's 10Gb/s bandwidth, HDMI 2.0's 18Gb/s bandwidth is nearly two times as fast.

Answer: A power cord, an HDMI cable, and a USB charging cable for the controller. A microphone-equipped earbud.

Answer: Due to the limitations of the file system on the PS4, your PS4 USB is not working. Sometimes, your USB is formatted in NTFS, which is incompatible with PS4. ExFAT and FAT32 are the only formats PS4 can recognize or read.

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