10 Best Backpack for 17 Inch Laptop Review in 2023


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Sure laptop bags are far superior to others, but not all laptop bags are created equal. Some bags are more affordable, while others require a higher investment. If you carry a charger and other supplies, you’ll want to get a more durable bag with more space. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful briefcase or a sophisticated gaming backpack, the best laptop bags for 2022 can be found here.

List of 10 Best Backpack for 17 Inch Laptop Review in 2023

1. 17 Inch Laptop Backpack Top Rated

Light Weight&Comfortable:

The backpack is provided by a cushioned multi-panel back design with substantial but breathable cushioning. For long-distance travel, the top handle is padded with foam. Shoulder straps that are flexible and adaptable reduce shoulder strain.

Larger Capacity&Organizer Pockets:

This larger version of the MATEIN travel laptop backpack can hold up to a 17-inch laptop. There are multiple divider pockets for pencils, phones, and notepads and a removable key clip in the front organiser area. You can store all of your travel and school supplies in one large packing compartment.

2. SwissGear 1900 Laptop Backpack Most Expensive

Tech Backpack: A laptop-in-case scanning backpack, such as the 1900 ScanSmart 17-inch laptop backpack, will save you time at the airport. Secure Storage: This laptop bag for men and women features a 17-inch laptop compartment with zipped access and a TabletSafe tablet pocket.

3. 17 inch Laptop Backpack for Men


Because of its lightweight and sleek shape, the laptop backpack is fashionable. It's made of water-resistant polyester and has a padded part for keeping laptops up to 17" long safe—Stow your tablet or e-reader on the bag's interior—and an easy-to-reach front pocket. Multiple compartments make it simple to organize.


This bag includes a padded laptop compartment for 17-inch laptops, a concealed rear zipper pocket, five interior pockets, an adjustable padded reinforced strap, and two small straps for holding sunglasses.


The bag's straps are 3 inches wide and have a 32-cubic-inch capacity. Two front pockets measure 9.8 by 12.6 inches each, and a back pocket measures 6.7 by 8.7 inches in width. The strap can be adjusted from 23" to 96", the weight is 13.6lb/0.62kg, the capacity is 19.2L, there is a USB charging outlet, and the laptop compartment dimensions are 11.8 x 13.8in/30 x 35 x 4cm (WxHxD). 


It has a built-in universal USB connector for charging your phone, tablet, or another electrical device while on the road. Using the provided cable, you can connect your power bank. Place your Portable Charger in your luggage, connect the internal USB charging wire, and then connect the external USB charging port to charge your electronic device. You may set while on the road without worrying about losing your phone.


For those who prefer a more laid-back aesthetic, the Vaschy backpack is a robust shoulder bag. With this fashionable bag, you can make a fashion statement while on the go.


Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant. .
  • USB port for charging.
  • It's small and portable but packed with storage and organization options.
  • pockets/sections
  • No bottle-pocket

4. TSA Travel Laptop Backpack

Great gift idea:

This is the grand Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas present for both men and women. A thoughtful birthday gift for him or her, your husband, daughter or son, father or mother, or even as a mark of your affection. High school students, middle school students, and high schoolers would appreciate these graduation gifts.

TSA friendly backpack:

TSA-Friendly is a characteristic that only applies to flights. The laptop travel backpack may be unfolded freely 90-180 degrees at the airport security checkpoint, allowing the laptop to remain flat without being it from the bag. Hiking, vacations, travel, weekend excursions, and overnight trips are all possible with this laptop backpack.

5. KROSER Laptop Backpack Large Computer Backpack


Poly Fabric that is Good for the Environment: The poly fabric of the backpack includes a unique water-repellent characteristic that makes it exceptionally durable. It measures 18"x13.3"x7.8". 2.64-pound weight


The organizer can hold a 17.3-inch laptop. To avoid any misunderstanding, this is not a little backpack. Additional compartments that are larger will help you organize your items more efficiently.


The USB port makes charging your phone using a power bank connected to the device simple (POWER BANK is not included).


This bag was designed exclusively for your computer with a thick layer of padding caressing your back. Because of the adjustable cushioning on the shoulder straps and the robust handle, you may carry it comfortably for a long time. The logo is made of PU leather and has pullers.


You can attach your laptop bag to the trolley of your luggage with a well-knit baggage strap, making your journey and travel easily wherever you go.


Pros Cons
  • Cheap backpack with loads of features.
  • USB port.
  • Water-repellent.
  • It's too big for some to carry about.

6. Himawari Large Travel Backpack


Carry-on bag for vacationing. Waterproof, eco-friendly, soft, and trendy canvas is used to create this timeless and elegant backpack that is sure to turn heads. Large capacity backpack measuring 16.5 by 12 by 8 inches.


It's a multi-pocket backpack with two large zippered front pockets, two smaller zippered pockets inside, and two open side pockets. Quick and simple access, like that of a medicine cabinet. Large capacity backpack with vertical zipper closure on back for easy access to main compartment, steel frame in the main compartment to keep its form and reinforced bag edges for durability. Comfortable carrying is ensured by a padded back panel and shoulder strap.

USB port design:

You may easily charge your electronic gadgets by connecting them to the USB port and using your battery charger, which is included in the design. (Electricity adapter not included.)


The magazine, laptop, 15-inch tablet, glasses, wallet, keys, earbuds, battery charger, mobile phone, paperwork, and clothing all fit comfortably in the roomy backpack. Everyone from men and women to teenagers and young children can find a use for this backpack. Girls of all ages, from kindergarten through college. Himawari is indeed a relatively new brand. The backpack features our labelling and distinctive emblem.


Pros Cons
  • The built-in, detachable USB cord makes it easy to charge your device whenever necessary.
  • A large number of storage areas allow for lots of storage space.
  • The structure is watertight, so it won't get damaged if it rains.
  • Average zipper quality.

7. KOPACK 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

Slim Design & Super Organizer:

The business-casual outfit looks great on a slim square face. Playing the 17 slots will be a lot of fun. You won’t have to rummage through your backpack for your gadgets anymore. The laptop compartment, which measures 42.5*29cm/16.7*11.4, can hold sixteen 17″ thin laptops. Please measure your computer to determine if it is appropriate.

Anti-theft Hidden Laptop Zone:

You may access your laptop without revealing any of your goods by using a laptop compartment with a separate zipper located at the back of the bag.

8. Victoriatourist Laptop Backpack Cheapest

Storage space&pockets:

Inches, centimetres, and centimetres are all units of measurement (inches). In a single compartment, laptops up to 17 inches can be housed. Thanks to a single spacious compartment that can carry everything from your daily essentials to your tech gadgets, you’ll be able to find what you need quickly and simply.


Baggage straps can be added to luggage/suitcases to simplify carrying a backpack. Comfortable enough to be worn as a gift for guys on international flights and day excursions.

9. LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack

Large capacity:

Capacity: Huge Size: 12" high x 16" wide x 7.5" deep The 15.6-inch laptop backpack features many divider pockets and can easily accommodate a variety of items, including a 12-inch laptop, iPad, phone, water bottle, umbrella, books, newspapers, magazines, clothing, pens, wallets, etc.

Lots of pockets:

The backpack is designed to hold a 15.6-inch laptop and an iPad separately. The large main compartment of this anti-theft backpack provides easy access to your daily essentials and tech gear. The main compartment has multiple pockets to help you stay organized and quickly locate what you need, including a padded laptop sleeve, a padded tablet sleeve, and a padded water bottle sleeve.

Anti-Theft Design:

The laptop bag has a built-in password lock and a special back compartment to keep your valuables safe. It is secure enough to store your precious belongings. You may rest assured that your backpack won't be readily unlocked and stolen while you're on the road or waiting in line.

Durable Material:

Made from high-density, tear-resistant nylon and polyester, this laptop backpack is waterproof inside and outside. Padding is sewed into the backpack's interior and exterior to provide extra physical protection for your possessions.

Multipurpose Backpack:

This stylish backpack may be used for anything from school to travel to work to daily life to excursions into the great outdoors. Students in high school and college, as well as medical and educational professionals, will find this to be the perfect backpack. The top recommendation for freebies.


Pros Cons
  • Lots of useful organizational features.
  • Adjustable to multiple laptop sizes.
  • Multiple shoulder strap adjustments.
  • Compact profile.
  • Holds a lot of gear.
  • No cons

10. Travel Laptop Backpack,Extra Large Anti Theft College School Backpack

Design and Storage:

This men's backpack has over 20 separate compartments to keep your belongings neat and in order while you're on the go. Whether it's textbooks, clothes, books, a laptop, or a notebook, you'll have plenty of room in the bag's three main multi-compartments and the many secret pockets. Water bottles and tiny umbrellas can be stored in the side mesh pockets for easy access. Perfect for high school guys, this backpack is ideal for carrying books and other school necessities.


This extra-large college bag measures 12.6 x 7.8 x 19.6 inches, making it the ideal size to stow away under an airplane seat on a trip or business trip. The padded laptop compartment may hold a laptop, tablet, or computer with a screen size of 13.4, 15.6, 16.7, or 17.3 inches. The high-quality polyester fabric is shockproof, and the high-density nylon lining makes this a durable, water- and tear-resistant backpack ideal for carrying a business computer.


Protects your wallet and other valuables from thieves with a tamper-proof combination lock and durable metal zippers. Metal zippers are long-lasting and easy to use, making this backpack ideal for the office or the weekend. You may rest easy knowing that no one will ever steal your valuables, including laptops, iPads, business files, schoolwork, and more.

Charging port:

This USB backpack provides a more straightforward method to charge your phone on the go by including a USB charger on the outside and a charging wire on the inside. This backpack does not come with a power bank; rather, a USB connector allows quick charging. When used in the dark, the backpack's NIGHT LIGHT REFLECTIVE design will help keep its wearer and anybody else nearby visible.

Breathable and comfortable:

High-quality male schoolbags and teenage boys' backpacks. The padded and breathable mesh back panel of this computer backpack design improves air convection, ventilation, and heat removal. Shoulder strain can be alleviated thanks to the broad, airy mesh straps and generous sponge padding. And it makes for an excellent present for both males and females.


Pros Cons
  • Due to the general high-quality polyester fabric construction and the fact that it is waterproof, it will last for a long time.
  • The many different compartments provide extra storage space.
  • The USB charging port makes charging a breeze.
  • An easily broken zipper.

11. Travel Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Top Rated

Large capacity and organisation: Men’s travel backpacks have 20 compartments for storing and organising all of your belongings. This bag includes three central multi-compartment regions, each with several hidden pockets that may hold a wide range of objects, including college materials, travel accessories, clothes, stationery, notebooks, cord organisers, and umbrellas water bottles. For their literature, high school lads will adore this backpack. Multipurpose: The extra-large suitcase may be unfolded from 90 to 180 degrees as a distinctive feature for plane travel. The spacious backpack is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. This robust large backpack may be used for international travel, camping, hiking, and overnight vacations, and it can also be used as a large school backpack for teens and young ladies.

Determining the Size of Your Laptop

It can be challenging to choose a laptop bag or sleeve. There’s nothing worse than getting the wrong size and coping with an uncomfortable fit. Our cheat sheet for measuring devices is available to assist you. Let’s get dirty with some practical experimenting with a ruler or tape measure.

Measure diagonal

The inch size of your laptop determines the diagonal measurement of its screen. This measurement frequently excludes the ‘bezel’ (the housing surrounding the screen), which can easily add an inch to the overall size.

You’ll need to measure your laptop’s diagonal length from edge to edge. The exact inch measurement of your laptop will assist you in choosing a bag or sleeve that will fit it precisely.

Measure the height

To begin, turn your laptop off to improve accuracy. Measure the top and bottom of your laptop’s case with a measuring tape (running parallel to the shortest sides). To guarantee that your laptop does not protrude from a bag or sleeve, add a few centimetres or an inch to this measurement.

Measure the width

Measure the laptop from top to bottom with a tape measure (parallel with the longest sides). This is the width of the laptop. If your sleeve is too broad, your laptop will not be sufficiently protected if it slides around in its case.

Measure the depth

Place the end of your measuring tape on the ground. Take a vertical measurement up from the table’s surface to determine the depth of your laptop. You’ll need a bag that’s at least half an inch deeper than the depth of your laptop to protect it. This is especially important if you’re still using an older model that isn’t as elegant as its newer counterparts.

Check the bag compartment size.

The device compartment size should be checked in the product description on our product pages. It should be more significant than your smartphone, not precisely the same size, for a comfortable fit.

Remember that the gadget compartments in different bags will be positioned differently. Bags like totes, messenger bags, and briefcases are horizontal, but backpacks are vertical (from north to south) (East to West).

Laptop Sleeves

A laptop sleeve makes it simple to protect your laptop at work, at home, or in your purse. Your laptop sleeve must fit snugly around the device to keep it safe and secure. To guarantee that you buy the correct size, follow the same methods for measuring your laptop.

Choosing the Best Laptop Bag for Your Needs

Size matters

Despite what may seem self-evident, the bag must be large enough to hold your laptop. If the bag doesn’t specify which laptop models it works with, Check the bag’s dimensions against your laptop’s dimensions to see whether they match. To be sure the bag will fit your laptop, bring it with you to the store and check it out. You don’t want to waste time squeezing and wiggling your laptop into your bag every day, so make sure it fits snuggly.

Work or pleasure

If you only use your laptop for business, you’ll most certainly need a durable and valuable gadget that you can move to and from work. A backpack-style laptop bag is ideal if you ride a bike or motorcycle. You’ll want a waterproof bag that won’t strain your shoulders and back if you’re walking a lot. If you take public transit, extra cushioning in your bag may be necessary, as you may be banged around on the bus or train during rush hour. Backpack-style bags are also a good option in this situation.

Extra storage

A must-have element of your laptop bag is compartments and different sections for your numerous devices, such as USBs, notebooks, wires, batteries, and your mouse. This will protect your laptop from damage while also protecting your other possessions from the weight of the laptop. Unless you want to place the laptop in the sleeve and subsequently into a backpack, a sleeve is only required if you only have the laptop to carry.

Representing your style

Some people are just concerned with the functionality of a laptop bag when making a purchase. Others see it as a means to exhibit their uniqueness as a piece of jewellery. Make a judgement about whether you prefer a more casual or formal look. You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable carrying your laptop bag regularly, assuming you’ll be using it every day.


In addition to protecting your laptop, make sure your luggage is well-protected. It’s advisable to acquire one with a warranty so you can receive a replacement if the first one fails for any reason other than regular wear and tear over time.


Ensure that your new laptop backpack has a specific space for your laptop, which is not as difficult as it may appear. Check that the dimensions of the compartment are compatible with your computer. Consider investing in a laptop backpack that can hold a laptop no smaller than 15 inches in length. You’ll need a giant backpack to transport your laptop. You should, however, avoid selecting a backpack that is too big.


Your laptop backpack must be able to endure a few droplets of water. Your backpack does not require scuba diving equipment. It merely needs to withstand water for 5-10 minutes. Invest in a water- and dust-resistant laptop bag.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Here are three methods for securing your laptop. It’s just as important that your bag protects you from injury. Some factors must be considered because of the substantial impact backpacks have on your back and shoulders. The first and most important aspect of a backpack is adjustable shoulder straps. When your backpack is carried at the proper height, it is easier to maintain good posture and comfort. As a result, a set of adjustable shoulder straps is required. These backpacks will allow you to carry a range of stuff in your bag. The straps must be tight and secure. It’s a no-go if they loosen up.

Wide Padded Shoulder Straps

The backpack’s shoulder straps are padded, making it more comfortable to carry. If your backpack is hauling a lot of weight, cushioned shoulder straps are necessary. You will find it less cumbersome because the weight is distributed equally over your shoulders. If you utilise the pads, you won’t notice the weight on a thin line because it will be uniformly distributed (as in unpadded-thin shoulder straps).

Anti robber features

Let’s be clear about something. A laptop backpack with extra security features isn’t required for everyone. Hidden zippers, lockable zippers, and a secure laptop compartment all add to a higher level of security. If you live in an area with a high amount of criminal activity, you should think about it.


To choose which laptop bag is ideal for you, play a quick evaluation game. We’ve designed a wide range of products for your convenience. We’re incredibly proud of our well-organized, bright backpack assortment. Because so many individuals use laptop backpacks to commute to work, we’ve organised them. It’s a good idea to arrive at work clean and organised. Aside from the fact that your computer will run smoothly, Pockets are available for everything from your pen to your Kindle

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