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A laptop line that is known for being among the most stable options on the market ever since it has been around. The Apple MacBook line is the best design and ergonomics available to people today. With simple clean lines and colors. The OS is running a lot better on similar specs from other machines. A true performance line, it is the go-to choice among many users who have heavier work to do. This includes tasks such as music production, video editing, graphic design, and many others that require a similar level of power.

Apple MacBooks have 2 options for users to choose from. The MacBook Air is a lighter version that is for users who have more regular tasks to take care of but want a simple and reliable machine. This works well for a lot of people who are more about typing or reading or even for their streaming. A lot of elders find MacBooks easier to use as the OS is simpler to pick up and does not require any managing. The second option is the MacBook Pro, this is the beast that is used for heavy work. A true workhorse between the 2019 and 2020 models for both these options, there are some differences which we will take a look at.

Apple MacBook Air

At a glance the shape is exactly the same as the previous year, there is a slight increase in the weight this year; a mere 40gms heavier though. The 2020 model has output support for a 6K display, unlike the previous model that could only handle up to 5K.

The bigger change is in the keyboard, the new model has the Magic Keyboard. This is an upgrade from the Butterfly Keyboard and the new scissor mechanism works a lot better. There are lesser chances for phantom typing and also the keys are snappier.

Internal spec differences can be found first with the hard drive, in 2019 the MacBook had 128GB of storage and the 2020 version has 256GB. The RAM is at 8GB for both. The processor options in 2019 were limited to just the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and for 2020 the standard is a 10th Gen Intel Core i3. These internal options can be upgraded as a separate option, but that takes the cost up by a very substantial amount.

The market price for the 2019 MacBook Air is higher. The brand has managed to retain all the goodness of the previous model, upgrade it with a better keyboard, more storage, and be able to sell it for a lesser price. This in itself is a great move.

Apple MacBook Pro

Coming to the workhorse. Again at a surface level, there isn’t much of a difference, the changes, however, are internal. With a better processor, the 2020 MacBook Pro has a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 while the 2019 model had an 8th Gen Intel Core i5. This means that it will perform better overall and also consume lesser power, increasing the battery time. For RAM one can find that the base level option is double in 2020, it was 8GB and now is 16GB. Storage has also doubled from 128GB to 256GB.

The larger change again is the upgradation from the Butterfly Keyboard to the improved Magic Keyboard. The rest of the features are the same as the previous model, again retaining the good parts with some new upgrades to make the machine perform better at a base level.

The price difference is not a lot between the two models despite the large difference in performance specs.

Where one can buy Apple MacBooks in Pakistan

There are a lot of options online to peruse, but cutting to the chase one can use This will allow you to check all the various options with their prices listed as well. With this kind of overview, it can be a lot simpler to decide fast. The search can be refined with many filters to get to the exact model regarding the specs you are looking for. Other than this, sites commonly used include or

Why opt for a MacBook

This is a question often asked given that compared to many other laptops the Apple MacBook range is a lot more costly, as are the spare parts. There is but one reason, a stable machine that is naturally more reliable. How many times has one lost their work to a laptop that crashed or froze, just this instance alone is rarer with the Apple OS. There is a reason why so many people who have heavy workloads or work that requires more powerful performance go for the MacBook line. A machine with similar specs in any other brand will probably fall short of the performance of a MacBook can put out. This is where the price makes it worth it, reliability.

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