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Rummy is one of the games that even ancient Indians played and has been around for, like, centuries now. Every second person is aware of the rules and is very capable of winning games with ease. When the internet became an essential part of human life, they began to search for new games and for those which they can play and relate.

One such game to take everyone by storm is Rummy and there are different portals that offer the game. Apart from portals, a lot of industries have come up with apps in the Google Play store, so that people can play the game from anywhere.

In fact, the popularity of the game is manifold that a few state Governments had to come up with new laws to impose a ban on betting at this game. Still, it is active in most of the country, and here are the golden rules one must know before getting into the game. These golden rules are not the basic or primary lessons on how to play the game but are those which are unspoken and are penned by the expert professional of the game.

Work On The Pure Sequences:

You must keep an eye on the pure sequence and building them must be your primary goal since you cannot declare or win without a pure sequence. Now, a pure sequence is the formation of three or four consecutive cards of the same suit without the help of the joker (for example 1,2,3 or 1,2,3,4 of hearts).

Using Jokers:

This is the most important card. While your primary goal is to form a pure sequence first, you cannot keep waiting to form pure sequences. In order to declare or fold, one needs only one pure sequence and they can have as many impure sequences as they want. Including a joker in your sequence makes it an impure sequence. Joker is more of a wild card that can be used instead of any number that is missing in your sequence. So, one must be careful while they are using jokers.

Watching Your Opponent’s Behavior:

While you must put the energy into making your cards work, you can get yourself some time to work on it by trying not to help your opponent, well, unintentionally. You are not allowed to see your opponent’s cards but you can make a guess based on the way they are picking up cards and discarding them. Based on this, you can make sure not to drop cards that might be useful for your opponent. In that way, you not only stop them from winning but also buy you the extra time you need to build your cards.

Discarding High-Value Cards:

When you are focusing on winning, you must keep in mind that having high-value cards will make you lose more points. The high cards are Ace, King, Queen, Jack. These cards are of 10 points and when your opponent declares or folds, you will end up losing more points than other cards. Thus, your first work is to discard these unless you are sure of forming a sequence out of them, and if you are confident that you have cards that would help you declare sooner.

Drop Game:

Safety is sometimes the best policy when it comes to online rummy tournament. When all pray for good cards, sometimes, you might end up having none of them. When you are confident that you cannot work on your card, you can use the drop option. For the first drop, when you drop as soon as you receive the card, you end up losing 20 points while for the second and later attempt, you will lose 40 points.

Usually, drop happens when you have high cards, no sequence, and no joker or when you simply have high cards, and your opponent has way better cards than you. When you are very sure that you cannot win the game, you can opt for the safest option, any day. However, the drop option is not available in a 2-player game.

Rearrange Your Cards:

Sometimes, our eyes see what they want to see. You might end up missing out on a proper sequence at times. So, it is very essential to keep shuffling your card until you get an idea or perspective about your card. This works most of the time when you have trouble coming up with the proper sequence.


All these tips, apart from rules, are simply basic and one must keep these in mind before playing the game as they can come in handy during your difficult time with the cards.

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