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Most of you are very familiar with the working of Dell devices. They are commonly used nowadays. There are a lot of things that you may not know you can try with your Dell device. The fact is that with the passage of time, these devices also become old. This reduces their performance level to a great extent. Thus, comes the need of taking steps to maintain their consistency.

It is important to note that certain things should be tried with the Dell devices for their optimum performance. Otherwise, you will lose them forever. So, what can you try to keep them intact? How do make the best use of them? To learn about it, do read the article.

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that always download the device drivers. It will result in the smooth functioning of your computer or the laptop. For example, if you have a Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 laptop, then you should download the Dell Inspiron N5010 driversIt is also very important to update these drivers on a timely basis.

The drivers can be updated manually or automatically. Like by going to the official website, etc. You can also download and update the device drivers by using the free driver updater Windows 10 software toolsFor example, the Bit Driver Updater software. It will help you in downloading the latest version of the device drivers.

List Of Things To Try In Your Dell Device

1. You Can Select The Dark Mode:

You can easily select the dark mode. It is very much preferred these days. If you are using the MacOS Mojave, you can select the dark mode manually. You have to open the Apple menu first. Go to the System Preferences then. Finally, you can select the General option and click on the Dark option.

If you are a user of Windows, open the Start menu. You can open the Settings cog there. You have to select the Personalization option. Then click on the colors option. Finally, choose the Dark option.

2. You Can Run Games:

You can also play games on your Dell devices. If you like playing PS4, you need to install an app called PS4 Remote Play app that you can install in your macOS or Windows. In case you play Xbox, you will need an Xbox app to be installed.

So, you can enjoy playing your favorite games anytime here.

3. You Can Also Pin The Websites As Per Your Choice:

You cannot only pin the applications to the Dock or the Taskbar, but also you can pin the websites. You can select the websites that you visit frequently. It will give you faster access to such websites.

4. You Can Also Send Messages By Using The Phone:

You can also send messages through your phone to your Dell device. You have to just use the Android Messages Web interfaces. Similarly, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, etc. comes with web or desktop applications.

5. Multiple Desktops:

You can also add multiple desktops instead of buying a new monitor in the Dell device. In other words, if you are a macOS user, you have to just press the Ctrl+Up key on your keyboard. Or on the trackpad, you can use your four fingers to swipe up. You can then move to the top right corner of the screen and click on the Plus icon.

Windows users can add another desktop by going on the Task view option. You will find this option in the Taskbar, on the right-hand side of the Search box. You have to just click on the New Desktop option. That’s it.

6. You Can Also Install Interesting Wallpapers:

You will be glad to know that you can use both the still, static, and moving wallpapers in your Dell device. Though making use of moving wallpapers is not that easy these days. It is better that you take the help of a third party also. For example, Desktop Live Wallpapers, DeskScapes, etc. You can get them for free as well as in paid versions.

7. You Can Also Set ‘Do Not Disturb’:

You can set the Do not disturb in your Dell devices also. For that, you need to open the Start menu first. Then you can click on the System and Focus Assist options there. This is done to know the configuration of the notifications and the working of the notifications rule. You can also launch the mode from the Action center.

8. You Can Also Take The Screenshots:

Most of you know that you can take screenshots of the entire screen on your Dell devices. But now, along with the screenshots, you will also be able to add the annotations with it. When you capture an image, you add the Snip & Sketch tool with it. This can be done by pressing the Win+Shift+S keys on your keyboard.

9. You Can Try Out Copying Between The Devices:

You can also copy and paste between more than two devices. This you can do by opening the Start menu. You have to just click on the System and Clipboard options. That’s it. To keep in mind the more than two devices, you can switch on the Clipboard option.

10. You Can Use Wireless Screen:

To mirror the laptop screen wirelessly, you can follow the steps below:

  • On the right side of the Taskbar, you will see a notification icon. Click on the Action Center.
  • Then you will see the Connect option. When you click on it, you will see all the wireless devices.
  • In Chrome, you can see a built-in feature called the Cast feature. You can click on this feature to cast the overall desktop in Windows.

11. You Can Also Talk To Your Laptop:

Sometimes, you just want to save your time and do not wish to type on your laptop. In that case, you can even speak out the text to your laptop.

For example, you are a MacOS user. You can follow the steps below.

  • You have to open the Apple menu first.
  • Then, you have to select the System Preferences, Keyboard, and Dictation option. You are done.

12. You Can Also Remove The Bloatware:

Bloatware is a kind of built-in software in the operating system. This software is of no use. It only occupies a large space in the disk. This reduces the performance level of your Dell device. Thus, you can remove this software and get some free space.

13. You Can Optimize The Power Settings:

You can also optimize the power settings of your Dell device. You can increase the lifespan of your laptop by saving more battery. Like, you can reduce the display brightness (but not too dim also). You can use browsers like Safari, Edge, Opera, etc. instead of Chrome.

14. You Can Minimize The Heat Damage:

You can minimize the heat damage to your Dell device with some simple hacks. Like, keep them away from dust, by keeping them on the hard and flat surface. If the Dell device gets too hot, you can close the unwanted applications.

15. You Can Install Your Favourite Apps:

When your Dell device is free of space, you can easily install all your favorite apps. You can install them from Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, Chrome Web store, etc. The choice will depend on the type of operating system you are working on. Ninite is also a very good option.



Hope after reading this article, you are clear about certain things you can try on your Dell device. It will not only improve the performance level of your Dell device but also help in increasing its lifespan. Good Luck!

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