12 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack Reviews in 2023


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In today’s modern environment, a high-quality laptop is a need. As a result, you must safeguard your laptop. A good waterproof backpack is one of the best options for keeping your electronics safe.

There are several things to keep in mind while purchasing a laptop backpack. The following sections will look at the features of the top models on the market to show how long they can keep your computer running at peak performance levels for years to come.

List of 12 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack Reviews in 2023

1. Business Travel Backpack, Matein Laptop Backpack Top Rated

This laptop may be used by students, those who work in workplaces, and those who travel. It's worth noting that this bag may be used for various reasons. Every single one of them will benefit from it. The bag's vast storage capacity allows the laptop to be carried together with other goods, such as books, clothes, and documents. To use it, you must have a device with a screen of at least 15.6 inches. The backpack comes with a key holder and other pockets for your cards, pencils, phone, and other necessities. With this, you won't have to sift through the clutter of other necessities to find your keys. The design of this bag is simple and appealing, with an emphasis on practicality. It is quite comfortable to wear since it features a back panel that allows airflow. Cushioning has been added to both the handles and the shoulder straps for your convenience. Also included in the design is a USB port built into the device itself. As far as product durability and the substance it is built of go; you don't need to be concerned about any of them. It includes metal zippers and a polyester fabric that's stain and weather-resistant.

Pros Cons
  • USB port for charging.
  • The rear panel has an anti-theft pocket.
  • Strap for your bag.
  • Intuitive and breathable back panel and straps.
  • High-quality fabric.
  • Only those that are water-resistant are allowed.
  • It's time to upgrade the cushioning.

2. FENRUIEN Laptop Backpack


It measures 17.7 x 12.6 x 4.78.7 inches and has a volume of 20L–35L. The laptop compartment is 13.8 x 9.8 x 1.2 inches and can fit laptops with a 15.6-inch screen or less. Men and women alike prefer to be thin and light.

Hardshell & Waterproof:

Surface materials include PC and ABS. Scratch-resistant and highly durable. Not easily bent or twisted in any way. Internal things can be kept dry. Rain is not a problem. As an everyday bag or Laptop backpack, this bag is versatile.


The TSA anti-theft lock design, the secret pocket on the back, and the covert cardholder on the shoulder strap help keep your possessions safe from thievery. It features a luggage strap that can be attached to a suitcase, making it ideal for international flights and day trips.

3. Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Waterproof Top Rated

Functional Design: The laptop bag has a USB charging connector and a built-in charging cord for on-the-go power. Great for charging smartphones while walking. (This USB laptop backpack doesn't have a power bank.) The headphone interface simplifies earphone use. And lay-flat design opens up to 180 degrees for easy organization and airport security. Large Capacity & Multiple Pockets: L*W*H: 14.1*8.3*18.5 45L. 2 padded compartments fit 15.6, 17 and 17.3-inch laptops. More than 15 pockets help you organize and access your items. This bag fits most 17.3-inch laptops, but if they're too huge, it may not. Durable Material: The 17-inch laptop backpack is constructed of waterproof polyester. This college backpack has a double-sided closure and reinforced stitching. The breathable mesh back makes carrying easy. Durable men's travel backpack. Comfortable Carryon: This business backpack slides easily through the trunk's handle tube. Travelling with 1 smart luggage sleeve frees your hands and back. The back anti-theft zipper compartment protects valuables—an accessible card zipper pocket for keys, cards, and cash. A rucksack's shoulder strap has a little pocket for sunglasses. Multipurpose Backpack: This men's backpack can be utilized as a laptop backpack, 17-inch portable backpack, college backpack, travel backpack, weekend bag, overnight trip backpack, business laptop, and adult carry-on. This extra-large laptop backpack is versatile.

Pros Cons
  • Lay down.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Port for connecting a pair of headphones.
  • USB charging requires a separate power bank.

4. MARK RYDEN Business Backpack

Large Capacity:

17.3 inches Laptop, 15.6 inches, 14-inch, and 13-inch laptops all fit in a single laptop compartment. Books, light clothing, and other travel necessities fit comfortably in the main compartment. In addition, the travel bag has many separate compartments for storing and organizing small goods and hidden zipper pockets on the rear of the backpack for added anti-theft security.

USB Charging Port Design:

The laptop bag comes with a USB connector that you can use to charge your phone while on the go. Connect your phone to the external port on the bag’s power bank (built-in charging cable inside). Please be aware that the USB charging port on this backpack is merely there to make charging more convenient for you.

5. SHRRADOO Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Cheapest

Lots Of Storage Space&pockets:

One laptop compartment may accommodate a 15-inch laptop as well as a Macbook/Laptop that is 15 inches, 14 inches, or 13 inches in size. One large packing area for everyday essentials and modern electronic devices and travel documents. There are various pockets in the front compartment, including pen pockets and an attached key fob.


The upright handle tube of the luggage may be slipped over the travel laptop bag using a luggage strap, making it easier to carry. The backpack’s center of gravity can be stabilized by tightening the breast strap. An anti-theft compartment on the lower back keeps your passport, wallet, and other valuables safe and accessible—an internal belt to keep your laptop and iPad from moving and banging against each other.

USB Port Design:

This USB backpack has a built-in USB charger and a built-in charging wire on the inside, allowing you to charge your phone while walking. Please be aware that the USB charging connector on this backpack only provides convenient access to charge.

6. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack Top Rated

Lots of Storage Space&pockets:

One spacious storage area may hold daily necessities and technology and technological equipment. One compartment can hold a 15.6-inch laptop and three 14-inch and 13-inch laptops. The pen pockets, key fob hook, and numerous sections in the front compartment let you keep your belongings organized and accessible.


A soft cushioned back with a hefty but soft multi-panel vented cushioning provides the best back support. Straps that are both breathable and adjustable relieve shoulder strain. For long-distance travel, the top handle is padded with foam.


To make it easier to carry, the upright handle tube of the luggage can be put over the luggage strap. You can keep your belongings safe from criminals with a secret anti-theft pocket in the back. This is a terrific option for international flights and day getaways as a travel gift for men.

USB Port Design:

This backpack features an external USB charger and an internal charging wire, allowing you to charge your phone while walking. It's a fantastic technological present from his wife, daughter, and son. It's worth noting that this backpack doesn't generate its power, and the USB charging port is only for convenience.

Durable Material&solid:

Metal zippers and water-resistant, long-lasting polyester fabric are used. Professional office work bags, compact USB charging backpacks, and large school backpacks for boys, girls, and teenagers are all great choices. Check that you can use it safely and for an extended time, including on weekends.


Pros Cons
  • Value-priced.
  • Pads.
  • Lots of pockets.
  • The 17-inch laptop lacks colour options.

7. Himawari Large Travel Backpack


Carry-on bag for vacationing. Waterproof, eco-friendly, soft, and trendy canvas is used to create this timeless and elegant backpack that is sure to turn heads. Large capacity backpack measuring 16.5 by 12 by 8 inches.


It's a multi-pocket backpack with two large zippered front pockets, two smaller zippered pockets inside, and two open side pockets. Quick and simple access, like that of a medicine cabinet. Large capacity backpack with vertical zipper closure on back for easy access to main compartment, steel frame in the main compartment to keep its form and reinforced bag edges for durability. Comfortable carrying is ensured by a padded back panel and shoulder strap.

USB port design:

You may easily charge your electronic gadgets by connecting them to the USB port and using your battery charger, which is included in the design. (Electricity adapter not included.)


The magazine, laptop, 15-inch tablet, glasses, wallet, keys, earbuds, battery charger, mobile phone, paperwork, and clothing all fit comfortably in the roomy backpack. Everyone from men and women to teenagers and young children can find a use for this backpack. Girls of all ages, from kindergarten through college. Himawari is indeed a relatively new brand. The backpack features our labelling and distinctive emblem.


Pros Cons
  • The built-in, detachable USB cord makes it easy to charge your device whenever necessary.
  • A large number of storage areas allow for lots of storage space.
  • The structure is watertight, so it won't get damaged if it rains.
  • Average zipper quality.

8. Laptop Backpack for Women,15.6 Inch

High-Quality Material:

Waterproof and sturdy polyester fabric and metal zippers make this laptop backpack extremely long-lasting. The main compartment’s steel frame and reinforced edges help the bag maintain its shape and function over time. 17″ x 11.8″ x 7.5″ are the external dimensions. 1.82-pound weight

Multi-function Laptop Backpack:

The main area is divided into multiple compartments and pockets, allowing you to store your laptop, tablet, power bank, A4 paperwork, wallet, and more. Umbrellas, water bottles, and other items can be stored in the elastic pockets on either side.

USB Port Design:

To charge your phone while traveling, a USB port has been extended on the side of the bag, and a charging cable has been included inside (POWER BANK is not included)

9. Handmade World Vintage laptop Backpack Most Expensive


With a huge laptop pocket and plenty of room for books, this premium leather bag is perfect for school, university, or the office. A travel bag, hiking rucksack, or even a significant day pack are all used for this bag.

Special Features:

Comfort and style are provided with the padded top closure and the adjustable buckles. An internal compartment holds valuables and small stuff, so you won’t worry about running out of room inside.

Size & Materials:

  • The leather is vegetable-tanned.
  • The interior is the canvas.
  • The Push Clip makes it simple to open and close the bag.

With an inside volume of 14 liters, this bag may be used as hand luggage on most airlines. It measures 43″x 33″ x”10cm (17x13x4in) and weighs 1.2 kg/2.6lbs.

10. AMA DABLAM Canvas Laptop Backpack

For Daily, Heavy-duty Use:

Produced solely from long-lasting Cotton. Whether you’re going to school, college, or on a trip, the travel bag will be there for you. There is enough room for all of your gear in the main compartment, and there are plenty of storage compartments for your clothes and other accessories.

Laptop Sleeve & Mesh Ventilation Backing:

The dimensions are 18x12x7 inches (L*H*W). The laptop sleeve is removable and can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches in size. The back and straps include a Breathable Mesh Ventilation System for improved airflow and comfort. With the ergonomic Mesh Ventilation, you will be able to carry a large load easily while keeping your back cool.

11. Refutuna Hard Shell Laptop Backpack

Meet Daily Needs: 17.7″x 12.3″x3.1″ backpack with laptop compartment fits laptops up to 17″. The valuables are protected by a watertight hard case and a unique lock. There are numerous storage pockets within the case to keep everything neat. Classic Backpack Material: Waterproof and scratch-resistant front PC&ABS hardshell. These two pieces of equipment work together to safeguard your computer in a fall or accident. Using polyester lining prevents the fabric from fraying and protects your PC from scratches. To reduce the strain on your shoulders, use back shock-absorbing pearl cotton. Convenient USB Port: Two distinct USB charging ports, one for type A and one for type C, suit your varying requirements. Charging your phone and other mobile devices has never been easier. As for connecting various mobile devices, you won’t have to worry about it.



The bag’s construction components must be completely waterproof. Backpack fabrics typically have pores. Most water cannot travel through the tiny pores in some high-end textiles. This aids the fabric’s ability to “breathe.” Waterproof backpacks should be made from materials with no pores at all. As a result, there will be no water seeping into the backpack when it comes into touch with water. No matter how long you keep it in the water.

Many laptop bags on the market are waterproof, but they will not shield your computer from a heavy downpour. Although they can withstand some rain better than your average backpack, all they have going for them is about. It’s not the same as building a laptop bag with 100% waterproof materials like tarpaulin, PVC, or TPU.



The waterproof textiles must first be cut into panels before stitching together to form the backpack. A bag is then constructed from the individual panels. When you stitch these panels together, you create gaps that allow water to enter the backpack, which is a problem. If the rain is light or you have to leave your backpack out in the rain for an extended amount of time, these holes may not allow water to enter your pack.

Even if your bag is accidentally submerged in water, these holes will let water seep out. Some manufacturers utilize silicone as a temporary fix for needle holes; however, this is not a permanent remedy. The silicone will degrade over time, allowing water to leak in.

Ultrasonic Welding

The best waterproof laptop backpacks are made without sewing for college students, ensuring no holes are generated when bag sections are linked together. Instead of sewing, the materials are bonded together using ultrasonic welding (a technology that melts and connects separate panels of a backpack) (a method that melts and bonds different backpack panels).

Using this construction method for things that need to be completely watertight is quite rare. Equipment that trained professionals must operate is required for this procedure. Ultrasonic waves are aimed at the aligned sections of the bag after two distinct panels have been squeezed together.

The energy transforms the two components into one by heating them and creating a lasting bond. When the entire procedure is complete, the backpack should have no perforations. Until then, you can’t claim to have a waterproof laptop backpack.

Quick Waterproof Check

Look for the stitches to see if your laptop backpack is indeed waterproof. The backpack is not waterproof if they get inside the main compartment, no matter what the labels state.


You should expect to spend a premium for a waterproof backpack because of the complexity of the production process. Waterproof materials must be used to be more expensive than other materials. A second need is the use of ultrasonic welding. The devices that can do this and the humans who operate them are pricey. As a result, a waterproof backpack is more expensive than a normal one.


In general, waterproof backpacks don’t resemble conventional backpacks in design. The materials and construction constraints make them appear less fashion-forward and more “outdoor” than they are.

Most bags don’t have many such features because it’s expensive and difficult to manufacture additional pockets and features using this construction process. So some people find them a little strange-looking. They also have a nice appearance. The market offers a wide variety of options for a waterproof laptop backpack.


Buying guide


Your bag must be easy to carry about. Carrying it for long periods will not fatigue you. Those with padded shoulder straps and backs are also preferable because they make carrying the bag more bearable.

The comfort of your backpack is mainly determined by its weight. In general, lightweight backpacks are more pleasant to wear. And you’ll notice that all of the backpacks on the list are modest in weight.

Built-in USB Port

This is a feature that will come in helpful at some point. A USB cable can connect the power banks to backpacks within a designated area. Charge your phone or GPS with this handy accessory while out and about. Charge while you’re out and about. All you have to do is keep going.


Your waterproof backpack can serve various useful functions when you’re not out in the rain or snow. Because of this, you have a lot of options. A wide range of activities can be undertaken with backpacks. These backpacks are ideal for vacation, everyday use, academic pursuits, and fashion. This backpack is ideal for a wide range of activities.


You need a backpack that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. All of this is included in the backpacks, as well. All backpacks are built to last due to their construction’s high-quality materials and meticulous stitching.

Ease of Accessibility

This has more to do with how the bag is organized. In general, laptop backpacks are well-designed to keep your belongings well-organized and accessible. This allows you to assess your belongings without unloading the backpack quickly.

The quality of zippers is also a consideration. You’ll be able to inspect your bag if its zippers slide open effortlessly easily.

Size, Pockets, and Compartments

Before making a purchase, make sure the laptop compartment is large enough for your laptop. A laptop backpack that doesn’t fit your laptop is a waste of time and money. Choosing the correct backpack is easy once you know how big your laptop is.

When shopping for a laptop backpack, it can be exhausting to think about these things. And that’s why we’ve compiled a selection of backpacks with substantial storage space. Check the other compartments to see if they have enough room for your equipment.

You’ll also find a variety of pockets on the exterior of the backpacks. They can also be used to store small and regularly used items.



These are the best waterproof laptop backpacks on the market and a shopping guide to help you find the right one for you. Water and electronics are a bad match for obvious reasons. And you never know when it’s going to start raining out. Now that you’ve got one bag, you’ll be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your valuables are secure.


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