10 Best Cleaners for Laptop Keyboards


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You won't believe what you're seeing. If you use a laptop, make sure the keyboard is always clean. Vacuuming your laptop's keyboard regularly is a brilliant idea. You may use the upholstery attachment or the little (toothbrush-sized) brush on the portable vacuums. This will altogether remove the dust and filth from the keyboard.


Before conducting any maintenance, ensure the computer is turned off. Cleaning keyboards with compressed air is a common practice. It's not a good idea to blow air through your laptop's vents since it might spread the dirt on your keyboard. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner.


To clean the keys' surfaces: it's critical to keep your keyboard clean, but it's also crucial to keep your hands clean. 

  1. Use isopropyl alcohol.

  2. Soak a soft, dust-free cloth or use a cotton swab soaked in the solution to massage the tops of the keys.

  3. Use a spray cleaner on the keyboard only if necessary, and avoid leaking alcohol within the keyboard at all costs.


1. Screen Cleaner Laptop Computer PC Screen Cleaning kit 10 in 1

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit:

A professional camera cleaning kit can remove fingerprints, stains, and dirt from camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, cleaning grease, glasses, and other precision optical lenses.

Excellent Kit for Cleaning Electronics and Keyboards:

This 10-in-1 cleaning kit includes various essential tools for cleaning your keyboard and other electrical equipment. The sticky cleaning solution is no match for the crumbs on the keyboard.

Multi-Use Products:

The cleaning fluid in these multifunctional solutions is safe to use on most electronic device displays. The solution cleans the screen nicely and restores it to a like-new state. The putty in the package is excellent for cleaning keyboards, and the brushes, wipes, and towels are great for cleaning cameras, Airpods, and GoPros, among other things.

Wide Compatibility:

This multi-purpose portable detailing kit may be stored at home, the office, or even in the car. Bring it with you everywhere you go. Everything is made simple by the lovely cylindrical container.

Compact-size Tech Cleaning Kit:

Everything is carefully housed in its container in this compact tech cleaning kit. In a tidy and ordered manner, perfect for filing away at a desk. All the functions are simple—a great gift idea for friends, family, and neighbors.


2. 10 Pcs Keyboard Cleaner kit, Cleaning Gel with Cleaning Kit


To remove the dust, just pull off a little piece of the keyboard cleaner, roll it into a ball, and then insert the ball into the keyboard, car vent, or another rough surface.

Wide Use:

Cleaning gel is an essential cleaning package for electronics like keyboards, vents, phones, calculators, speakers, cameras, printers, air conditioners, televisions, and more at home or in the office.

Safe & Skin-Friendly:

Detailing Cleaning Gel is made of biodegradable gel, has a pleasant aroma, is non-toxic, skin-friendly, and ecologically beneficial. Mud may be used to clean up mistakes pretty much anywhere.


The keyboard cleaner can be used several times. When the gel gets too black to use, it should not be cleaned with water but instead thrown (it biodegrades). After usage, return the gel to the box and store it in an excellent, dry location.

4pack gels + 6 Keyboard Cleaning kit:

Package for cleaning keyboards and mice (4 packs of gels). A dust blower, Swiffer cloth, stiff brush, soft brush, keycap puller, and dust blower all fit into a waterproof drawstring bag that can be taken anywhere.


3. Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner for PC Keyboard Cleaning Cheapest

Universal Fit:

ColorCoral cleaning gel may be used on keyboards, cameras, printers, phones, calculators, instruments, speakers, air conditioners, televisions, and other gadgets. It also comes in convenient cleaning packages that are both easy and effective.

Safe Cleaning Gel:

His all-purpose cleanser's biodegradable gel doesn't leave hands sticky and has a lovely citrus aroma without overstimulating the skin.

Easy Dust Cleaning:

Wash your hands thoroughly before kneading the cleaning gel into a ball and pushing it down into the keyboard, vehicle vent, or rough surface until it reaches the bottom. The dust, as well as the gel, will be eliminated.


You can reuse the keyboard cleaning gel until the color fades or it gets sticky, at which time you should discard it and replace it. (Do not wash the gel in the dishwasher.) after using the cleaning gel, keep it in a cool place.

In the package:

We guarantee your complete happiness with the quality of our 1* universal cleaning gel; if you have any issues with the product (such as a malfunctioning box or soiled cleaning gel), simply send us a message, and we'll take care of it for you, no questions asked.


4. iDuster Disposable Compressed Duster

Aid with:

It aids with the cleaning of those hard-to-reach corners! With the connected plastic nozzle, create precise air blasts.

Ozon layer:

There is no threat to the ozone layer. The inclusion of a bitter flavoring compound is indicated as a deterrent to inhalant usage.


Effectively expels 99.99 percent of airborne particles; powerful dust-busting capabilities.


Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing items such as keyboards, mice, laptops, desks, vehicles, and more!


Non-toxic and astringent, with no remaining odor or film on surfaces.


5. OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner


Cleaning tool with two sides for thorough cleaning of electrical equipment.

Microfiber pad:

This microfiber pad makes removing fingerprints and smudges off screens, and other surfaces a snap.


Using a gentle brush, clean the floor. The retractable brush and storage cover keep the tool's two ends safe while not in use.


6. The Keyboard Cleaner Universal Dust Cleaner for PC Keyboard


Cleaning is quite effective without creating any health dangers. It goes in between the keys to clean the entire keyboard.

Easy to Use:

You can resume your tasks in under two minutes if you are quick and efficient.

Multiple Uses:

Any device with a keyboard, gamepad, smartphone, calculator, phone, office, laptop, mouse, remote, dashboard, or camera may utilize it. This is a simple, all-natural, very effective, and risk-free method.


It may be used repeatedly for up to a hundred washes before needing to be replaced.


It presents no risk to the human, animal, or environmental health when used as directed.


7. CLEAN SCREEN WIZARD Microfiber Liner Cleaning Cloths 16”, 15”, 14”, 13”,

Superior Microfibers:

Simply dampen our towels with a tiny amount of water and wipe them down with the supplied screen cleaning sticker to clean and protect your electronic displays, laptops, and lenses. Excellent present.

%-pack bundle:

Grey 5-Pack Bundle for MacBooks 16, 15, 13, New MacBook 14, Newest Mac Air 13, Old Mac Air 13, and iPad Pro 12 (4 Multi-Size Lint-Free Cloth Keyboard Covers + 1 Sticker Screen Cleaner) (Also available in Black).


Removes dust, grime, grease, sweat, moisture, dirt, fingerprints, and other contaminants from computer screens and other smooth surfaces. While the lid is closed, it protects the laptop screen from fingerprints and other marks caused by the keyboard.


Keyboard cover, screen cover, dust cover, palm rest cover, keyboard trackpad cover/touchpad, and screen cleaner all in one package. You should safeguard the trackpad as well as the entire keyboard. Make sure your laptop doesn't come in the way of the Touch Bar or Touch ID when you close it.

Ultra-plush and screen-safe: 

Cleaning and reusing Clean Screen Wizard microfiber screen clean clothes is as simple as soaking the cloth with clean water and wiping the screen dry with a second, dry Clean Screen Wizard towel from the set. It's suitable for both preventing and repairing laptop damage. Ultra-thin, lint-free, anti-static, scratch- and abrasion-free, oil- and streak-free, quick-drying, lint-free cloth.


8. SIN SHINE 7-in-1 Electronics Cleaner Kit

Mega Value Laptop Cleaner Kit:

This Sin Shine, 7-in-1 cleaning kit, comes with everything you need to clean your devices at home, including a storage brush, a tiny gap cleaning brush, 4 cleaning wipes, 2 screen cleaning cloths, a key puller, and cleansing gel, a spray bottle, and a phone holder.

Multi-Functional Gadget Cleaning Supplies:

This cleaning kit has seven functions, including removing fingerprints from your headset, airpods, or camera lens and cleaning your computer screen of oil and grime.

Extra-Durable Screen Cleaner Set:

With this computer cleaner kit, you can keep your electrical gadgets gleaming for years. The kit includes:

  • A powerful magnetic storage brush.

  • A flexible silicone pen.

  • Soft, changeable cleaning cloth with Velcro.

Thoughtful Gift Idea For Students, Professionals, and Office Workers:

This quality cleaning kit would be ideal for teachers, students, artists, and photographers, and it would also make an excellent gift for any occasion.


9. EasyGo Product Compucleaner 2.0 – Electric High Compressed Air Duster Most Expensive

High pressure:

To quickly and efficiently remove dust, dirt, and filth from any electronic equipment at home or work, use the easy-go computer cleaner 2.0. The gadget is powered by a momentary on/off switch, which turns off when the button is released.


The computer cleaner 2.0 may be used on your expensive computer equipment, such as your keyboard, laptop, photocopier, medical devices, cameras, and so forth, as an alternative to compressed air gas. It might also mean less costly repairs and maintenance visits.

Strong and effective:

This electric air Duster uses 500 watts of power, requires 4.0 amps, and moves 70 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Our computer blower is 120V powered, making it significantly more efficient than compressed air options.

Lightweight and easy to use:

Our computer cleaner 2. 0 is compact and lightweight, weighing only 1. 8 pounds, and has a 9-foot cord for optimum flexibility and convenience. You can clean various surfaces using attachments, including those that are difficult to reach.


Given the quantity of non-biodegradable rubbish in landfills, such as compressed air cans, it's comforting to know that our computer cleaner is safe for the environment and that a compucleaner 2.0 can be purchased for less than the cost of 8-12 compressed air cans.


10. Laptop Cleaning kit for PC Computer Keyboard Screen Cleaner

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit:

To keep a camera lens in tip-top shape, follow these steps: Fantastic tools for restoring your camera's natural shine and cleanliness after usage. Fingerprints, stains, and filth are removed from grease, glasses, microscope objectives, telescope mirrors, and other precision optical lenses. Assist in increasing photo and video resolution.

Widely Used:

Our cleaning package not only removes dirt, grease, and fingerprints from your camera's optical lens but also cleans the screen. It may also be used to clean PCs, laptops, headsets, keyboards, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, USB ports, watches, and other electronic devices.

A Multipurpose Screen Cleaning Kit You Must Have:

It's a 10-in-1 kit that can be used on a keyboard, laptop, TV, computer, phone, and camera, among other things. Cleaning electronic gadgets using wet wipes and screen cleaners are a convenient accessory.

Portable and Practical Screen Cleaner Set:

All of the accompanying accessories are kept in a beautiful box. Simply take what you need from the storage box when you need it and return it when you're through. It's easy to use and take with you on the road. Please organize your items to save space.

24-hour Customer Service:

Please contact us if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.



The keys on your laptop keyboard are significantly more prone to become clogged with grit and dust than those on a desktop keyboard. A spill-resistant keyboard on a new laptop is an option worth thinking about. Specific keyboard kits include a cleaning cloth, which is a nice touch. Always use a dry cloth to wipe off your keyboard. If you're feeling very daring, you can even collect the dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Carefully clean each key with a microfiber cloth wet with isopropyl alcohol. Inaccessible locations can be cleaned using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

Answer: A baby wipe may be used to clean dirt and grime off your keyboard. You'll need to remove the keycaps and clean between the keys to giving the keyboard a thorough cleaning. A short wipe-down will remove most grease and dust from the keyboard and case.

Answer: No liquid detergents or cleansers should be used. Instead, use a cotton swab or a lint-free cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the keyboard. Make sure it's scorched to avoid further harm.

Answer: To thoroughly clean your keyboard, you'll need a strong cleaner. The best remedy for disinfecting your keyboard is rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to give it its full name. Choose an option that contains at least 70% alcohol to kill microorganisms effectively.

Answer: In a nutshell, these products help you tidy up quickly: Cleaning the outside of a laptop may be done in a variety of ways, but we recommend wiping it down with white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, or water (don't mix them) and a microfiber cloth (paper towels leave dust). Apply a little cleaning solution on a cloth and wipe the outside of the laptop clean.

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